How to Draw The Penrose Staircase: Endless Optical illusion

Hi, Tom here, welcome to my new video How to Draw the Penrose Stairs, the Penrose stairs is a variation on the impossible triangle made famous by the artist M.C. Escher, in this optical illusion developed by Roger Penrose, the stairs look like they continually rise! the first step is to draw a vertical line at an angle and then add another diagonal line from this going up towards the left next draw another diagonal line, this time going down towards the bottom of your page and then another diagonal line going left, which should make a sort of wedge shape, not be parallel to the first diagonal line at the top right, and now we need a shorter line at the back, next, add two more vertical lines and this completes the basic shape that we need for the endless stairs, now we need to add four more lines for each of the diagonal lines that we have on the top of the shape now each of these diagonal lines, that goes away from us need to get closer to the original diagonal line, so once your drawing looks a bit like this, you’ll find we’ve made four squares on each of the corners the next step is to draw some steps between each of these squares now the first line of steps that I’m going to draw, just go up in a normal way, a straightforward way towards the left, and then the second line of steps go up towards the middle again just rising steps, quite straightforward to do… but the third line of steps from the top center to the right, they’re going up, but to draw these we need to be careful to each of the squares of the steps and sort of shifted a little bit towards the right as they go up along the line, the guide line that we drew earlier on, now it is time to draw the last line of steps and for this I start my drawing from the first step at the bottom center of the drawing and then I draw the steps going to the right as if they’re going downwards, to work this out they just need to shift a little bit to the right as they go down and the way that I’ve drawn it didn’t quite touch the last step, so they do work, but they’re not quite straight enough, so I’ll just erase some of the lines and straighten them up a little bit, and at this stage also it’s really important to look carefully at how the steps overlap each other at the four corners of this block of stairs, because that’s where the illusion lies, in the four corners, how you can look at this stairs and that they’re continuously going up, which of course is an impossible thing for stairs to do! and it’s just a matter of how they link at corners now once the Penrose Steps are in place, I’ll add some tone to the drawing putting some shadows on the steps as well and putting some tone on the right-hand side of the block the steps are resting upon next I’ll add some windows to the thickness of the walls, and now I can add some other buildings in the background, just some simple block shape buildings which sort of funnel downwards, so the vertical lines going straight down don’t go straight down, they to go straight down but towards the center of the page as well as sort of funneling down to the center now for these drawings were looking down on all of the buildings, so I need to draw the tops of each of the buildings and i think I’ll add some windows too I’ve made all the other building smaller than the first buildings of the steps on top, which is in the foreground, so I want the foreground to be coming forward, so I just make everything else a little bit smaller and that will make it seem like it’s coming forward, again I can add some tone to the right-hand side of all of the buildings and maybe some tone in some of the windows as well, once the buildings in place you could add some people walking up the stairs I’d like to do this and I think I’ll try and keep it simple, so I’ll draw some stickmen, I work out where their feet are going to land on each step, so each person is of moving from one step to another so I need to draw the two shadows of where their feet go first and then just a really simple stick person and then I’ll just add some black pen to make them a little bit more realistic I hope you liked this video and I hope you find it useful for your own drawings! Please give a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe to my youtube channel Circle Line Art School, for a new How to Draw video every week, there now over 200 of my videos to watch! Thank you very much for watching and Happy New Year! (2017)

  1. Incredible! I love optical illusions! I also like ducks!
    (I do videos about contemporary Art! Watch them and may the Art be with you!)

  2. Parece imposible que algo tan complejo pueda ser enseñado con tal agilidad y sencillez!!. Gracias por compartir su talento.

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