How to Do the Three-Card Monte. Just follow the Ace. Easy, right? These steps will prove it’s actually impossible. You will need Ace of Spades Scissors Clear
tape 4 of Hearts 4 of Diamonds Queen of Clubs Spectator and red queen (optional). Step 1. Create a trick card, also known as the money
card, by cutting off the corner of the Ace of Spades at a forty-five degree angle so
you have about one quarter of the card. A red Queen is often used as the money card,
in which case you would tell an audience to “follow the lady.” Step 2. Tape the corner of the ace onto the Four of
Hearts a half inch from the top left edge at a slight angle. Make sure you tape the back of the Ace to
the front of the Four so you can flip the corner of the Ace up and down. Step 3. Place the Four of Diamonds in front of the
trick card and hide the Queen of Clubs behind the trick Ace. When you fan the cards, the spectator will
see the two Fours with the Ace of Spades in the middle. Step 4. Ask the spectator to remember where the Ace
is. Lay the cards face down and tell the spectator
to pull out the Ace, face down. Practice flipping the ace down so that it’s
not peeking out when you lay it down. Step 5. Pick up the other two cards and position them
close together so the sliver of Ace is hidden. Show them to the spectator, who’ll see just
two Fours. Step 6. Tell the spectator to turn over the Ace they
picked out. They’ll be shocked to see it’s actually
the Queen of Clubs. Did you know Three Card Monte swindlers were
once such a big problem in New York that local magicians waged a campaign to alert the public.

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