How to Do the Mental Photo Card Trick

How to Do the Mental Photo Card Trick. Learn to engage audiences through the artful
maneuvering of card choices while participants make mental pictures of cards. You will need A deck of cards A table and
a participant. Step 1. Glimpse at the bottom card, and then shuffle
the deck several times, keeping the same card at the bottom. Remember the bottom card – this is your
pick, but don’t tell the audience. Step 2. Ask the participant to name two of the four
suits, and eliminate suits until the suit of the bottom card is chosen. Make the participant believe they are in control
while you lead them to their choices. If they say Spades and your card is Clubs,
eliminate Spades and continue until your suit is selected. Step 3. Have the participant select a low, middle,
or high card. Eliminate groups and numbers until the bottom
card’s rank is arrived at, giving the participant no choice but to select it. Step 4. Tell the participant to remember their card,
which is the bottom card. Arrange the cards into six piles on the table. Remember where your card is, and eliminate
all of the other piles. Step 5. Have the participant select two card piles,
and begin the elimination process – eliminate piles that do not contain the selected card. If that pile is selected, eliminate the others. Continue to remind the participant to picture
their card. Step 6. Turn over the last card after the rest of
the deck has been eliminated and remind them that this was their choice with no card manipulation
or interference from you. Did you know Almost half of American adults
believe in the existence of ESP.

  1. People who have ESP are people who claim to read minds, know the future and can predict what will happen to people. In other words; Minipulating Fakers Who Trick Gullible People Into Believing Their Bullshit To Get Money.

  2. I figured out not everyone makes the same face that guy did. . . My friend was impressed w/ the trick, but i was sad about his reaction.

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