How to Do the Coin Change-Over Pass | Coin Tricks

Not everything that you see or learn in magic
is going to be used to fool someone. Some things are known as utility moves. Now, the Change-Over Pass, for instance, is
one of those moves. Where I take a coin and I toss it to the left
hand. But, what you see as one coin is really two
coins. The Change-Over Pass. Not necessarily a magic trick, but a utility
move that you’re going to have to learn in order to continue on with your coin magic. You secretly have an extra coin in your left
hand. This is the coin that’s going to be exchanged
for the one in your right hand. But, the audience will only ever really perceive
it as one coin. So, with the coin in the left hand hidden,
you’re going to show the coin in the right hand. Now, as your right hand turns over, it’s going
to be flipped at the base of the three fingers in your right hand. Like that. At the same time, the left hand, which conceals
the second coin, is going to turn over, revealing its palm coin. So, essentially, it’s a switch. Like I said, not necessarily a magic trick. But, a useful utility. Now, I told you that the utility pass couldn’t
be used as a magic trick. Not necessarily true. You could then, after you do the pass of one
coin to the other. You could, then, take that coin and turn it
into two by splitting them in half. But, in my opinion and my experience, the
Change-Over Pass is best used as a utility and not a magic trick. But, that’s why magic is great because you
get to be as creative as you want as magicians. Enjoy the Change-Over Pass.

  1. @ElectroShockHD

    Use misdirection, as he said "This is a utility move", it's used in conjunction with other moves. an experienced magician will have that hand clean at the end of the routine.

  2. they teach, but then again they don't. they just make it harder for magicians to be really good since everybody will know a little..

  3. That is a shuttle pass, not a change over pass. The change over pass allows you to show both hands empty after the vanish of a coin whereas your sleight (shuttle pass) allows you to get one ahead via the use of 2 identical coins being manipulated via the false transfer of one of them that is in actually retained.

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