How to Do Rope Magic Tricks : Double Cut Rope in Half Magic Trick Revealed

Okay everybody, here is how you do the double
cut and restore rope and this is one that I did for years in my show. I don’t think
this is a trick you could do in your show and be proud of if you ask me. It is going
to work kind of similarly to the other one but we are going to do things a little differently.
This time instead of tying the ropes in a square knot, what you do is you wrap this
rope around like this and you tie it in a knot this way cause you want to have a single
knot that slides like that. It is just a single knot, not a double knot, a square knot. Then
we are going to take this one, we are going to wrap it around. We are going to tie that
in a loop just like that. Now, the only part of this that is going to confuse you is if
you do it wrong you will end up cutting in the wrong place but what you want to do is
there is the part of the rope that is continuous and then there is the part of the rope that
is near the end that makes the knot and you can tell which one is which. We want to cut
here, we don’t want to cut the continuous part of rope we want to cut you see how this
goes into the knot here, we want to cut the piece of rope that goes into the knot. So
we are going to cut right here and then we are going to come down to this end and we
are going to do the same thing, we are going to cut right here. See this is the continuous
piece here. If you practice this a couple of times you will see what I am talking about.
So now we have created two of those sliding knots just like in the 3 to 1 ropes except
that we kind of made them on the fly. So once again we are going to wrap the rope around
our hands like this. We are going to take the scissors, give it a wave, stick them in
the pocket just like this, try not to stab yourself in the leg and then you can unwrap
the rope and show that it is completely restored. That is the double cut and restored rope.

  1. Thanks for uploading this! Your explanation was so clear that after a little practice I had my children amazed when the rope was restored! Wow! This is the first rope trick that I've been able to do.

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