How to Do Coin through a Table Trick | Coin Tricks

Hello, this is the “Coin through table” trick. Take a look. It’s a real fun trick to do when you’re out
at a restaurant. Just take a coin and find the soft spot in
the table by knocking around. Did you know that every table has a soft spot? Bet you didn’t know that. Right there, that’s the soft spot. Ready on the count of three. That’s one, two, three. Did you hear that? Yep. That coin actually went through the table. Let’s take a look. I think we did pretty good. Some versions use just one coin. This particular effect is going to use two
coins. Now, there’s a coin that I have secretly hidden
under the table on my left knee. I’m going to put that back on my left knee,
so we have that extra coin there. This coin is going to be placed near the edge
of the table. Now, like I said, you can do this trick at
a restaurant. And at a restaurant, it would make perfect
sense for you to have a napkin in your lap, I hope. So, right here, I have my little net. This net, or your napkin, is going to be able
to catch the fall of this coin. Because what you’re going to do is you’re
going to take your empty hand and you’re going to move the coin close to the edge. The coin will fall into your lap. At the same time, when that coin falls, you’re
going to pick up your hands as if you’re holding that coin. You’re then going to tell your friends that
you’re going to find the soft spot in the table by banging your fist against the table. Looking and searching for that soft spot,
but really, you have an empty hand. You’re going to take your empty hand, your
left hand, show it completely empty. Go down underneath the table, grabbing the
coin on your knee that you placed there before the trick even started. At the same time, above surface and above
the table, you’re searching for that soft spot. Say that you found a soft spot right here. You’re going to count to three. One, two, three. When you get to three, you’re going to make
a sound underneath the table by slapping the coin to the top of the table underneath. That sound is the effect of the coin going
through the table. At the same time, when you make that sound,
you’re going to slap your hand down flat against the top of the table. So, it’s a little bit to work out, but watch. That’s one, two, three. Pause. Then slowly, turn over your hand like a book. Show that the coin has vanished and then seemingly
gone through that soft spot you found in the table. Slowly bring your hand back out to reveal
the coin on top of your palm and you have a coin miracle.

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  2. If you don't do the napkin on lap thing then keep the napkin on the table close to you, and slide the coin under the napkin and use your fingers to cover

  3. …I know another trick where you need a napkin and you keep a hand under the table… but you don't need a coin here.

  4. All you did was put the coin in you other hand when you went to grab it but its still a good trick

  5. Is it just me or did anyone else see the coin in his hand when he slapped the table at the beginning before he revealed the trick??

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