How to Do Appearing Half Dollars Trick | Coin Tricks

Here’s a great way of making a coin appear
out of thin air. This is thin air and I think I see a coin. Oh, it’s right in front of me. Oh, there we go. That’s a coin from thin air. All you have to do is have a half dollar secretly
concealed in a finger clip position in your right hand. It looks like this. From the front, if I was to put the coin in
that clip, it’ll look like this. Now, hopefully, you cannot see that coin. But from the back, in the exposed view, you
can see the coin as clear as day. To make the coin appear, from the exposed
view, all you do is you take your thumb, you go underneath the coin, and you push up. See how I’m pushing up? That coin, from the audience view, will look
like it pops up. So that’s how you can produce a coin from
thin air. And remember, this trick has multiple uses. You can produce it from someone’s ear. You can produce it from someone’s nose. You can produce it from… Well, the possibilities are endless. I’ll let you come up with that. Enjoy.

  1. @NubMagicPlus
    I prefer your "dollar munchin" too 😛

    Seriously though, this guy sucks. Some 5 year old kid could do better than that. That won't fool no one!

  2. Great I can pull a coin out of my ear, my hand, someone else's, ear, and my hand. All I gotta do now is learn how to shit golden bricks. 🙂

  3. If you pause the video at 0:05 you can see the coin in his hand. But seriously, this trick couldn't possibly be more easy or obvious.

  4. I don't like any of the howcast magicians.
    Jason Duran
    Matt Wayne
    Ben Nemzer
    Mike Patrick.
    They all do baby tricks.

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