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– Hello and welcome to our one-of-a-kind
spy show. I’m agent in training Double-O Izzy and
with me as always is Caden codename: Honor roll. – This is a show where we show
you how to craft your very own gadgets for all your spy needs. – The assignment is
to decode these two secret messages but this page is blank and this one doesn’t
make any sense. – Wait let me see this. Yeah it’s just a
bunch of random letters and this one says “D” equals “A”. Well… maybe we have to
make a spy gadget to help us decode these. – First up we’re making invisible ink with
ingredients you can find in your desk. You’ll need the following items: A white crayon, a colored marker, a piece of paper. This one’s pretty straightforward. You just need to get out a piece of paper and use your white crayon to write the
message. The toughest part of this is remembering where you wrote it. You don’t want to scribble all over
your message after all Once you’re satisfied with
your message you can hand it to a friend. Anyone else will think you handed your
friend a blank piece of paper but if your friend draws over the paper with
the colored marker, your message will be revealed. This is because the ink in the
marker won’t stick to the waxy crayon. It’s the perfect invisible ink. – Now this requires drawing a lot of lines but don’t worry we already did the hard
work for you. For this you’ll need: Card stock, a pen, paper fasteners, glue,
scissors, templates that you can download from the description box in the link
below. There should be two of them. One slightly bigger than the other. Once you’ve printed the templates cut them out with the card stock. Now glue them to the card stock. This will make the cipher wheel rigid so last longer. Next, make a small hole in the center of
each circle. You can use the scissors to get started. Now lay the small circle on
top of the big one. Use the paper fastener to connect the two. If you’ve done this right the small circle to spin Now, write the alphabet on the edge
of each circle, but wait, you’re thinking there’s 26 letters in the alphabet. Don’t worry, I hear you… not literally, but see the wheel works better with 24 boxes so
that’s why we left out X and Z. Those letters aren’t very common so let’s hope
you don’t have to send any messages of zebras playing the xylophone. To create a secret message all you have
to do is turn the small circle. For instance if you turn it three spaces the
smaller circle will line up the letter D with the letter A. Write your message from
what they would be on the big circle to what they are on the small circle. So in this case the word “Hello” becomes EBIIL Tell your friend only two letters that
match for example D equals A. Then you can pass secret messages back and forth
that no one else can read. And that’s how you make your very own secret messages. – What’s the secret message say? – Well if I told you oh and be very secret would it? – I suppose not Still getting used to this spy
lifestyle, but now we can figure out what the messages from headquarters say! – Well if D equals A and I can find the secret code P equals s and B equals E equals E
again U equals Y and V equals A. See Ya!

  1. this encryption with the rotating circle is the first ever invented encryption
    it was invented and used by julius ceaser (therefor cryptographers refer to it as the ceaser cypher)
    he shifted 3 letters to the right
    while his nephew, nero shifted one letter to the left
    it is not clear if the encryption stayed secure for long
    but it did the job for many years
    later they used a cypher key meaning a sequence of numbers like 23534
    the receiver got the key before the message
    he then knew to shift the first letter 2 spots to the right
    the second letter 3 spots
    the third letter 5 spots… and so on
    more recent encryption use more mathematical methods
    but the ceaser cypher is the one that started it all
    im happy to see that you guys teach this to our children

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