1. Who else out there just CAN'T GET ENOUGH of Chris's videos ?! LIKE (Not my comment: the video!!) if you're addicted to his content!!!

  2. I actually disagree with the idea that they aren't assholes, they are just skeptical.

    There is something insanely asshole-ish in not caring if you ruin an experience for other spectators. The fact is, if a crowd is all staring at someone performing, that is who people are there to hear and see. Not some idiot yelling things out.

    It takes a bit of an asshole to not realize or care about that. So I say typically handle it nicely the first time, after that, I think it is perfectly fine to embarrass the heckler.

  3. It must feel great to have good spectator, i'm vietnamese and for some fcking reason a lots of my vietnamese friends loves to heck:(

  4. Bloody Greg!
    Some that came in handy as a juggler many years ago…
    "Can I borrow your brain after the show? I'm building an idiot."
    "Wow. Out of 22 million sperm you got there first."
    "Don't give me a hard time, dude, I'm a pro… Like your mother."

  5. When a magician stops you in the middle of a road is not only presenting you a trick..
    He offers you pure freaking entertainment!!
    So shut the f*ck up and "enjoy the journey" by letting him do his job!!!
    I personally don't care at all about how, I just enjoy and appreciate what a magician gives me and that's all..
    If you don't like being fooled (by the good way) then don't stand there to see the trick and move on… Don't waste the magician's time by trying to figure out anything, you won't! Because that's why it's called "magic"! ❤️
    Keep it up Chris!! ✌️💪👊

  6. Love the double lift and sloppy second con!

    For the force, I think just giving them the Joker should be enough. Especially if you display it roundly to the audience first.

  7. These are great! One of mine, given my flair for darker theatrics: Video with your smart phone a friend/volunteer mimicking that they are being butchered or screaming bound up in a dismal location. As the heckler interrupts address them. Retrieve your phone during your playful nervous laugh ("oh man you got me") and with volume at full blast queue the vid for spectators. Over the screams smile widely while flashing the mobile device, "So did he. If you're a wise man let me finish." And slide phone casually back into your pocket. Act like it's perfectly normal. 😈

  8. really love your tuto's like all of 'em and btw this vid helped me a lot cause all of my friends are ASSH*LES xD!

  9. This could be weird, but I love that hat and would love to know how to get one?!? Also, I LOVE what you do with your cardistry!! The way you handle those cards is BEAUTIFUL!!

  10. tip 4 was the first trick i ever saw up close & in person and to this day it remains one of the funniest things to me.

  11. Great videos but curious about cap it defies reality for it does not exist and can not be found anywhere – that is a one of a kind hat

  12. Number 4 has made me a lot of money at parties. I always do it to someone being an asshole and make sure everyone sees especially any of the chicks the dude might be trying to impress. Tell him I'll bet you 20 bucks the next card I flip over is gonna be yours and they always pay up because they don't wanna look even more stupid by then not giving up the cash.

  13. Well dealing with an asshole at work, I had them shake a can of spray paint. And after a few mins they asked is this good enough. I said a little more. Then they started to wine and cry. Then I say, well the spray can was the closest thing I could find to a baby rattle. Never bothered me again

  14. I like the "your an asshole" card trick! If I ever was lucky enough to come and see a show of yours I'd kiss your ass, never never heckle you! I love your magic, I love your card handling, I love your mind hacks (I understand, a tightly guarded secret), I love your great videos and I love you

  15. I frequently use number 5 but not the way you think.

    I constantly keep control of the heckler's card throughout the trick (usually a mini ambitious card) and then at the end I say "wait a second guys, i think greg's right," and then I do a super visual card mucking move (i generally perform at nice restaurants with table cloths) and change out the other spectator's card for the heckler's. I like to perform it like this because it makes the heckler look like an ass, but it also gives him an element of power at the end. I usually get the heckler on my side.

  16. stay positive with people, involve them into the performance.
    My father is super salty (he's a musician) and he can litterally stop playing if people are not listening and react super negatively… He's been a professionnal performing artist for like 40years and he's a super salty/negative guy when he's unhappy about something, and it makes the performance super weird and cringy for the rest of it…
    Don't be this guy xD

  17. Tip 5 is really messed up if you never get around to tell Greg that you fooled him. That would probably make somebody think they had a small stroke or suffering onset Alzheimer’s…

  18. Randomly thought of something that might work for this.. acknowledge them.. say maybe they feel left out.. can totally let them help out with a trick.. here choose a card.. remember it.. ok.. I need you to watch for that card to come back up.. pay attention..
    and never come back to it.. just go on with your routine..

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