How to Craft a Card in PVZ Heroes

He knows welcome to cheeto land I’m your host Cheeto finger and we’re gonna need us some gizmo today some gizmo. That’s right We’re gonna need some gizmo. Why do we need some gizmo? Because we need to learn how to craft in pvz heroes, that’s kind of funny because I Was looking around on the internet Googling Doing some DuckDuckGo if you will and I couldn’t find a single thing out there on how to craft now If you know one put the link in the comments, right? I saw plenty of videos on Well, you should you should craft this guy because of this Or you should craft this card because of this Which is all fine and good but if you don’t know how to craft a card Then you’re kind of screwed right? You don’t know what’s going on. So Today we’re gonna do just a you know, kind of a quick one Nothing, nothing too fancy, but we are gonna just take take take a you know a quick look at At how exactly can you if you will Craft a card That’s what we’re looking at So we want to know how hard it is to craft a card now in order to craft a card You are going to need some of those and Those are called sparks One may wonder well, how do you get sparks? Well, there’s a couple ways you Guys, probably all figured out gems Gems already now. You probably probably know how to do that Then here we got packs right you can go in if you want and you can purchase different different packs Using your gems. I think I’ve got 765 gems so I could buy some packs They’re really the the main way that you get sparks is by recycling cards, right? recycling the concept being Let’s say you have nine of one car Well, you don’t necessarily need 9a one card and they’re all taking up space so you could recycle say three of them right and get Get some sparks so you could get some sparks. Now. What sparks do is they’re used to? make other Cards more more powerful if you will, right? So to get started to craft a card and this isn’t gonna be some kind of earth-shattering Tutorial video it’s actually gonna be very short Which I hope you enjoy by the way. If you enjoy short videos live streams pvz make sure that you Subscribe now that way, you know where to find the cheeto finger, right? So we won’t we decided we want to craft a card. We’re gonna go to our collection which is at the bottom Sorry, I did that a little fast. I’ll go back See down there at the very bottom. There’s a book that says collection All right So in here are all the different cards that I have and all the different cards that I do not yet have right so these are you know, maybe cards that I would hope to get out of a pack or Or or something like that So let’s just say I wanted to craft of this card here, right? We’ll take a look at the info on it It’s the three Peter, right? This attacks here and next door now. I am not currently able to craft of that card. Right? Let’s take a look at another one Four thousand to craft that one four thousand sparks And I’ve only got 1200 but that’s because it’s a legendary a premium legendary. Let’s look over here Mmm, just can’t craft that one Let’s see here. Can’t craft that one. I want I want to say I saw one earlier that I could craft right here so if I wanted to the rescue radish if I wanted to either a get rid of it recycle it so I could recycle it for 15 sparks or I Could craft it and make it more powerful For 50 sparks. I’m not going to do that right now. I’m kind of in a Right now where I’m saving. I’m kind of saving up my sparks if you if you will, but hopefully that short video tutorial might help you in the future on exactly how to Craft things not which ones to do. It’s pretty simple once again down at the bottom collection Then we’re gonna go to a card. We want to craft we hit info and then down at the bottom We’ll know whether or not we can craft it. Alright. Hey, make sure you check out tonight’s live stream


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