1. @easton1187 I didn't think it is actually "Illegal" in the eyes of the law itself. Just "Illegal" according to the casinos rules and intimidation tactics…???

  2. it's not illegal to count cards.. but it is frowned upon seriously. This is the reason they invented 6 card chutes, and why you'll seldom see single deck blackjack games. However, the method is still fun to practice at home, and to show off to friends.

  3. @totisrolls Well I plan on doing alot of masturbating on planes and no one is going to stop me, and in "masturbating" I mean counting and in "plane" I mean In casinos.

  4. oh that last trivia thing is like in mercenaries the deck people with the faces and you have to kill them then you get money for it sorta like that right am i right cus in mercenaries all of the people have cards that are theirs well not really theirs but instead of using their name they use the card name and you have to kill all the cards and get to the ace of spades he is the most important one to kill and ya that trivia thing reminded me of that cus i was just playing that before i watched

  5. @jaibbx
    +2 or +3 is a "hot streak" or you will most likly do better while a -2 or -3 is a "cold streak" or you will not do so good

  6. now im new to this lmao what does it mean when u say decks in his shoe or box or something…. is that how many other decks are being used?

  7. @45codkid45 yes some casinos have 3 decks or 4 decks in blackjack to make it harder for counters to count cards

  8. It isn't illegal. You can't be arrested for it. The casinos frown upon it and if you are suspected/caught, you will be asked to play other games or leave. You may be banned

  9. You will also need a good lawyer if you get kicked out of the casino for card counting. REMEMBER, CARD COUNTING IS NOW A CLASS A FELONY IN NEVADA!

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  11. it's literally you figuring out what they have with the info you seen-.- this isn't again the law to count so yah

  12. it's literally you figuring out what they have with the info you seen-.- this isn't again the law to count so yah

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