How to Become a Professional Magician | Coin & Card Magic

Everything I’m showing you today is stuff
you could pick up a deck of cards and start practicing right now. There’s no substitute for going online, looking
up your local magic store and heading over there. You’ll find tons of books there, great resources,
DVDs and most importantly, you’ll find other magicians who’ll be willing to maybe watch
you, tell you what you’re doing wrong and help you along the way. There’s no substitute for that. Some great places to start are Joshua Jay”s
Complete Course to Magic, which is a fantastic book if you’re interested in learning about
maybe different kinds of magic and you’re just starting out. Some other great resources on card magic are
Royal Road to Card Magic, which is a bible of basic sleights and shuffles. If you’re here in New York City, head over
to Tannen’s Magic shop on 34th Street and Broadway. Go up and tell them you’re interested in maybe
learning a little but more. There are tons of people there that will be
happy to help. There is no better way to learn than by talking
to other people who’ve spent their lives mastering this craft.

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