How to: Activate your PRESTO card

[Music] You can buy a PRESTO card in person, at a customer service outlet, at participating transit stations, and some retailers. When you do, your card is activated and ready to use. Keep in mind the card is not registered, but you can register it online at any time. You can also order a card online and
have it mailed to you. When you order it, you can register your
card or leave it unregistered. Registering your card will protect your balance if it’s lost or stolen and will allow you to set up helpful features, such as autoload and autorenew. Let’s say you order a registered card. You’ll select the amount you want to load and create a PIN, username and password. For security, we require that the card be
activated before you start to use it. Once you receive your registered card in the mail, you can activate it by visiting the PRESTO
website and entering the personal identification
number you chose when you ordered the card. You can also activate by calling the
PRESTO call centre and entering your PIN. Keep that PIN handy as you will use it to identify yourself whenever you call the PRESTO call centre. The card activation is then communicated to all of the devices in the system, thousands of them, on buses, streetcars and at stations, before you can start using your card to travel. The devices at stations and on streetcars may communicate with our system every few hours, but devices on some
buses may only communicate once a day. That’s why you have to wait 24 hours after activation to make sure your information is synced to all devices and your card is ready to use. When you tap, your card is activated and ready to use and your fare deducted. For more information on how to load your
card, visit the PRESTO website ( PRESTO. Tap into an easier commute. [Music]

  1. TTC IS FOR EVERYONE and PRESTO RUINS THE SOCIAL purpose of the TTC.1. NO all the people has a computer 2.-NO all the people understand computer registration 3. NO all the people have banck informations open or want to link it to payment. 4. No all the people can see letters to load 5. No all the people can easily remember paswords. 6. Some people are in Toronto eventually and do not have address. THIS PRESTO SEGREGATES AND IS UNCONSIDERED. Meanwhile the rest of us are dealing with the desire of a FUTURISTIC crazy guy who closed all entrances and leave just one for tokens( which are more social accepted) for masses of the poor,unliterated, needed, newcomers, with special needs and old. THIS PRESTO IS AN IMPOSITION by leaving all entrances just for the card.

  2. so i just bought a presto card in person, and I bought it as a college student ,and i created my account through presto website, when I tried to add an existing card , it says "The card number provided is inactive. Please activate your card."

  3. Cards take up to 48 to "Activate", bought a card at a machine, used it immediately with no problem. But when you go online to register it it you will get an error "The card number provided is not activated. Please activate your card." you need to wait 24-48 hours to be able to do anything with the card online.

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