1. It takes just three items will make your ho-hum wallet and SO-FUN wallet and we’re giving them away this week in our free giveaway—it’s the Badassify Your Wallet Bundle! A folding knife hidden in the shape of a credit card, an all access multitool card, and our original “Get Out Of Jail Free” card. They fit it any wallet and make you hyper-prepared.
    We’re giving away the Badassify Your Wallet to seven winners of our free giveaway at (no purchase necessary, giveaway ends 9/26/2019).
    Congrats to the winners of last week’s Trick Deck 3-Way giveaway: Charlie Kingsley, Brian Rashty, and Adam Bell (we will contract you via email within the next two weeks)

  2. bruh the ring magicli returning to hes finger is clearly a jump cut, in the first one 1:40 you can see the motion blur changed a little bit its hard to spot tho. his finger has a lot of motion blur on the frame right before the ring apears and on the one after that a diffrent finger has it and on the third frame there is no motion blur at all. oh yeah and the blur of his face starts at the third frame so i think they needed to add 1 frame between the 2 clips cus they didnt align perfecly. OH YEAH AND HIS OTHER HAND ON THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN IS A STOCK PHOTO THAT MOVES UP FOR 4 FRAMES AND DISAPEARS no blur, animation or color correcting. also notice the frequent cuts between cameras they hide a lot of the so called "tricks"

  3. Solved the issue: Haven't owned a watch in 30 years 😀 I use my cell phone which is equipped with a teaser mousetrap… CLAP wzzzzzzzit !! MooooWHAAaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa

  4. How to murder someone before the NSA notices your list of quite "reasonable" groceries

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