How I Make TRADING CARDS! + Creature Re-Design

  1. Omg fucking Bella Sara was the shit!!!
    BTW my favourite ones were the underwater horses, because they were the prettiest (no objections)

  2. wauw this have been very helpfull thank you so much !!
    I have one question tho, What if you want some cards be printed as shiny's ?
    So with glitter on them like those legendary pokemon cards 🙂 Is there also a option on the website for that?

    Thanks again for these great advices <3 was looking for a good tutorial some time <3

  3. I would buy a whole deck of trading cards from you Dina, I love how you design your creators and I sadly can't afford the monthly membership on Patreon…
    But, if you ever make your recent book called Snowcat Prince into a trading card deck i would buy it in a heartbeat!

  4. Hey, Dina! Love your stuff! Thought i'd give you some information on trading cards that may help you help those that get them! Okay here goes!
    -The size you prefer is typically referred to as "standard size".
    -For those that want to keep these in good condition you should look for a local card shop. Just ask for standard size penny sleeves, top loaders, or a binder.

    This one is for you more specifically Dina! You could easily market or sell these as tokens to tcg players! They love these things! As always your art is great, keep it up!

    I hope this helps everyone!

  5. Yes! I love Bella Sara I collected so much when I was younger. I still have them. I was so mad when I no longer found them in Wal-Mart

  6. OMG, this tutorial is something I've waited for someone to make! Bella Sara was my addiction when i was younger. I loved it so much! AHHHHHH! thank you for inspiring me again on this project!

  7. Bella Sara was my life, we traded with friends at school and played the game online 😭😂😂 I still have these cards somewhere, I had too many to throw them out😂

  8. I've been wanting to do some sort of trading card with the art I make on my channel, thank you for showing us your process!

  9. I have everything except art. I don’t have the time of day in my life to do the art. I have all the logistics and world design/story.

  10. So i created a spongebob card, but ever so often i always get beaten by my friend , because he use the mail man in spongebob , its stat are 100000² armor, 10000²damage , weakness air.

  11. Im gonna find these helpful. Im also wanting to make a tcg ever since playing pokemon, mtg, and cardfight vanguard. I took abm to help me with the business lol and still planning what the mechanics will be

  12. Ok this is pulling hair out of my head. Your using a size of 600 DPI 63mm by 88mm and yet at 300 DPI I am seeing a 8.5inch x 11inches fitting your small square in it. Why do you use 600DPI vs 300? If the canvas is this small at 300DPI at 8.5x 11

  13. Use or these two websites are great for printing any card game that you design. – the prices are reasonable

    Also using Gimp and Krita are good and free illustration software programs to use

  14. Bella Sara… I had the Nintendo DS game, one full album, and as many horses on the website (*sighs* damn my horse obsessed younger self)

    I miss childhood…

  15. I mostly watched this because I wanted to make tarot cards, but now I'm wondering what kind of pen you use with your iPad.
    Your art is beautiful, and I will for sure continue watching your vids. =D

  16. You deserve way more subs than you have you are positive helpful and really cool keep doing what you’re doing and good things will come your way 👍🏾

  17. If your “broke” you can do all of this transport it to your computer print it off (you need card not paper) then laminate in the real world the card for a shiny effect and boom it doesn’t really matter what colour the card is but it’s better if it’s white and there ya go if you want you can gloss it over with see through nail varnish so it glimmers and then boom a Pokemon card on a budget

  18. Really awesome and informative! At 14:15 you got me thinking though. Something MtG, and probably some others, does that I like, are "full art" cards. But it's usually not so simple as it just filling the entire card with the illustration, sometimes it's just that the text area is a bit transparent, probably at 60% opacity or something. Would clipping masks like you use here work for something like that? Or would you instead have the borders and things be layers above with holes in them (where you "look through" to see the art)?

  19. Hello dina.! I know this may never happen but i was wondering if you'd like to collab i love the way you draw creatures and you actually inspire me to make creatures.! I know this may never happen but i wanted to get myself out there in the art community more.!

  20. Standard business cards are 3.5 inches by 2 inches. Standard trading cards are 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches. No odd millimeter sizes. It’s weird that a print company wouldn’t offer such standardized sizes. The ones I use do. And you can add multiple iterations in the same order rather than having to order a song;e design for each order.

  21. "aka" is pronounced by individual letters, A.K.A., because it stands for "also known as." Or you can pronounce it the same if you wanna be quirky I guess.

  22. I must be a dinosaur. I'm still doing steps on computer paper. you wacky kids and your techco doodles. You'll never know the challenge of finishing up a jumbo eraser

  23. This is great! So good to see that some big youtube channels are looking to make Trading card games! Very exciting Dina! Thanks for doing this!!!

  24. Hi, Dina. May I know how did you cut the round corners uniformly perfect in those cards?
    Do you have machines or tools on that? ^_^

  25. So, I have literally no idea why this was recommended to me as I have never watched anything by you before, nor have I engaged with much related to this channel, but…

    This video (and art) is dope and you're an adorable person, so consider me interested. 😀

  26. Do you know a good place to get a hard tip stylus like you have??

    The only ones I ever find are those weird squishy ones which I don’t like to draw with cause they move too much

  27. Found it today. Amazing video and very helpfull.

    I'm going to buy an ipad by the end of the year and was planning on doing a card game. You helped me a loooooooot o/

  28. If you ever have free time lol and are into it, I think tarot cards would be a fun design thing and you could sell them in a full deck 💜💜💜💜💜💜 just an idea love you

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