Holiday Card Series 2019 – Day 2 – Simple Masked Ink Blending

(gentle music) – Hi everyone, Kristina
here, welcome to day two of the holiday card series for 2019. The holiday card series is a
series of 25 holiday cards, all uploaded on Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 8:00 a.m. Mountain time,
through December 20th. So make sure you check back
on Wednesday for day three. Today’s card uses a stamp
set from Concord & 9th. It’s called Silent Night, and this stamp set is really versatile. There’s a lot of different images on it. Different ways you can take your card. Today I’m gonna keep it
really, really simple with some ink blending,
and some heat embossing, and let’s get into it. I love the look of this stamp set. I think it’s so cute. There’s a lot of different things you can do with this. You can do the foliage, you
can do, like the little cradle. You could do oh come let us adore him, or you could do the silent night. There’s a lotta different things you could do with this stamp set. I’m going to create a
very small scene here with sort of like a sky background behind the lettering
and the little cradle. And then I’m going to have
some stars off to the side. Because I’m making a five by seven card, and I am going to put
this through the mail, I’m going to be very conscious of the fact that I want this to be a flat card. I don’t want it to be too bulky. So in order to eliminate too many layers, I’ve decided to mask off the outer, kind of the outer border,
about an inch off each side, using some Post-it
tape, and then I’m using some different colors
of Distress Oxide ink, as well as a blending
brush from Honey Bee. So I started out with Tumbled Glass, and I’m now using Broken China. And I’m actually blending
from the bottom up. On the finished card it’s
actually going to be flipped, so that it fades toward the bottom, but I found that it was
just a little bit easier to blend and getting a nice, soft fadeout if I blended from the bottom up. So after I had Broken China,
I used some Chipped Sapphire, and this is going to intensify that color on the very bottom. And I’m just trying to make sure that I don’t have too
much of a saturated color, so that I can’t really
fade it out near the top. So I’m being very cautious of how much color I have near the top. I then decided to grab some Black Soot, and even further intensify
that color down at the bottom, just because after I had it
kind of blended on there, there was so much of that
Chipped Sapphire on the one end, I decided, you know, it really needs to blend
even more than that. So I brought in some Black Soot. And then I kinda worked
backwards from there, I went back to Chipped Sapphire, and added a little bit of
that color in, blended it up, and then I brought in some Broken China, brought that color across, trying to get as much of
that color blended out in a seamless soft fade as possible. And then I grabbed Tumbled Glass, and did just a tiny bit of blending right up there near the
top so it blends out to that really pretty pale blue, and then into the white shade. I wanted it to be a really
soft, gradient background. So now I’m gonna peel up the Post-It tape, and this really is the
best part of masking when doing blending, is when
you have a nice clean blend, and you have that crisp line. So I’m gonna flip this back around, this is how it’s actually
going to be on the card. And then I actually set this aside, and I worked on a different card. It’s one you’ll see coming up. I worked on a different
card for about an hour. So this was drying for about an hour. I wanted to make sure that this
Distress Oxide ink blending was completely dry, before
I moved on to any stamping. Because I am going to
be doing heat embossing, and any heat embossing powder,
like it will stick to areas that the ink isn’t completely dry. Thankfully this was completely dry. I also took a very cautioned
step, a cautionary step, using an anti-static powder tool. And then I placed the O
Come Let Us Adore Him stamp right over the top. I’m using my MISTI stamp tool for this, so that I can get really nice impression. And I stamped this
greeting in VersaMark ink. VersaMark’s great for heat embossing, since it remains sticky
for quite some time after you initially stamp it. Sprinkled on some Brutus Monroe
Alabaster embossing powder. Tapped off the excess, and
then Hit that with my heat tool until it was smooth and melted. It just give me a nice
bright white greeting. I then took some VersaMark
ink and I stamped the cradle down at the bottom. And this time I coated it with some gilded embossing powder
from Brutus Monroe. This is a nice gold shade. And I hit that with my heat
tool to melt that once again. And then I moved away
from my MISTI stamp tool since I was going to stamp some stars of little individual shapes. So I stamped some little outline stars, and also solid stars, up
in the top right corner, and the bottom left corners. And then I used some
gilded embossing powder. It’s the same gold shade
I used on the cradle. And I wanted to add quite
a few of those stars, kind of giving a line of sight going from that bottom
corner up to the top corner. And I wanted even more detail. So then I brought in
a uni-ball signal pen, this is one of the thinner pens. This is the gold shade. And I added some little dots
of stars, and I also drew some actual star shapes,
just some little tiny ones, since the stamp set didn’t
have even smaller stars that could be stamped separately. At this point I realized that my cardstock was cut to the wrong size. I don’t know how I didn’t
notice ’til just now. But I ended up having to trim
off 1/4 inch off each side, and each side only, keeping the height. And that makes it so it’s the perfect size to go on a five by seven card. So I put some foam tape on back, and then pressed it down
onto the card front. Just so you know, the
white cardstock I used for both the blending and the card base is Neenah CLASSIC CREST Solar
White, 110 pound cardstock. And that completely
finishes the card for today. Thanks for watching the video. Let me know down in the comments what you think of this card,
(gentle music) and if you would recreate it, I think it would be really fun, you can change up the
colors of the blending, and if you wanted to duplicate
this card over and over, for all of your holiday cards, like a large amount of holiday cards, you definitely could do that. I would recommend doing
everything in batches, so do all of your ink
blending, all at the same time, and then go back and do
all of your stamping, and embossing at the same time. Do it in sections, do it in batches, and it will work up so fast,
it will really surprise you. On screen, I’ve got the
three previous years of the holiday card series,
these are all day two videos. And like I’ve done in the past, I will list all 10 previous years of the holiday card series. I’ll have links to all those
videos for day two down below, in the video description,
so you can check those out. Thanks so much for watching today. I will be back on Wednesday for day three.

  1. I was really looking forward to your card series and I have not been disappointed! Very cute and not too complicated!

  2. Another simply beautiful card!! And, yes, I was just thinking how I could do something similar. I already have a die with those words and a manger stamp that I could use. I just hope I can achieve a fairly decent ink-blended background for it. 😊

  3. I love the variety of cards you create. There’s something for everyone! Have you seen the new stencils from Taylored Expressions? I think they will save us a lot of post-it note tape in future (for A2 cards, anyway).

  4. Kristina, you have got some wicked ink blending skills! I do pretty well with blending regular Distress inks, but the Oxides are still a challenge. Of course, maybe if I actually used & practiced with them more…! LOL I love how this card came out. Just so crisp & clean looking. The fade in the background is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this. Take care, & have an awesome day! 🙂

  5. This is a lovely simple card. Love it. Every year I say that I'm going to make duplicates of the same design for my Christmas cards and every year there are so many new stamps, dies and designs that I want to use that I end up making 65 different designs. LOL. I am loving your 25 days of Christmas cards. You are my favorite designer.

  6. Simplicity is so elegant! This card is a perfect example of that, Kristina! I LOVE that the “message” is the focal point of this card! And is indeed “the reason for the season”! :-). I LOVE to watch you “blend”~~you are amazing with it! I’m still “practicing” at trying to keep “a light hand”~~~so this design will be a great one for me to try! TFS n’ HAPPY STAMPIN’ n’ CREATIN’! Once again, thank you for bringing back this series again this year! LOVE IT! :-))

  7. Very sweet card! Love how you ink blended the distress oxides! I will try that from blending from the bottom up technique!

  8. Such a lovely card! Your ink blending is superb, and just highlights the stamped word & crib. I would certainly try this card!

  9. Lovely and simple. I am so happy to see a card celebrating our Savior's birth. Thank you for your wonderful card series!

  10. Lovely card. I would add a narrow trim of metallic gold between the embellished card and the note card, but really doesn't need anything.

  11. Love it, and love seeing your happy face. I am going to give the masked ink blending a try, love how it creates a focal area.

  12. That is a beautiful card! I can't wait to see the rest of your cards in this series! Thanks for a wonderful tutorial! God bless!!!!

  13. I love everything about this card. Never did masked ink blending. Now that I see how it's done, I may have to give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. It's beautiful – would definitely make a card like this. Curious – how do you create the 5×7 card base.? Do you buy larger paper? Connect two pieces? Or buy 5×7 card bases already made? Thanks.

  15. Lovely card and sentiment. However, how can you come and adore Him if the manger is empty? They forgot the most important part of the stamp set.

  16. love the simplicity and message of this card! perfect for reproducing. look forward to your christmas card series every year! …and you look amazing!

  17. This card is adorable.  Love how you ink blend.  I am so glad you continue with this series each year.  I go back and watch your previous Christmas series each year.  Thank you for being such an inspiration and motivator for us card makers out here.

  18. Kristina, are you going to try the Taylored Expressions masking stencils? When I saw all your taping, I thought of it. Would like to see them in action by a true creative. thanks as always for sharing.

  19. Yes I will be making this as I have the stamp and I love the star addition. I love the holiday card series. I follow it every year.

  20. This is so beautiful Kristina and as I was watching this I was thinking about my older Christmas stamps that I could use with this background. It is definitely a design that I will be making using what I have on hand. Simply beautiful.

  21. Love the card. I would be interested in seeing the ink blending done with the sponge dauber. Not everyone has the brushes.

  22. It's interesting to re-watch your old videos and see techniques you used before tools were created. You folded perfect card bases with no scoring board. A dryer sheet before anti-static tools. Small circle punches to make scalloped boarders. The circle cutter (I had to buy, never could get the hang of, and sliced my finger on!). Cricut. Silhouette. Fiskars stamp press. Boarder punches. Pattern papers. And always the dotted lines in white gel pen. So many tools I had to buy after watching your videos. Lol. I've been sick the last couple of days, so I've got to watch several old videos.

  23. Kristina, a sweet card about the real meaning of Christmas! I have that sentiment in a different don't and a cute baby Jesus in a manger, and never thought of doing a night sky! So I may try this! (I have broken China and chapped sapphire…)

  24. This is the type of card I would make for my personal card list. Beautiful job To me Christmas has to focus around Christ birth.

  25. How nice is it to see how so many has changed in 10 years, from style to materials,… I have loved looking back and see things changing year after year.

  26. So excited for this time…it eases my brain into the holiday season! I add color from the bottom up also bcos it's the only way it looks decent lol. Thanks for continuing this tradition!

  27. I want to try the blending with these colors. I seem to have more trouble with the darker blending. Can’t wait until the next one.

  28. I loved this card! This is definitely one that I would recreate & send out to family & friends. Loved the ink blending! Thanks for the inspiration.

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