Holiday Card Series 2019 – Day 18 – Watercolor Scene with Stamps

  1. So pretty thank you. I love that you do 5×7 cards because I really don’t like the A2 size they seem like thank you cards to me

  2. This is just gorgeous, Kristina! And it feels like something that a non-painter type like moi could do, and I fully plan to give it a whirl. LOVE!

  3. Oh my goodness, this card is gorgeous! It’s PERFECT, u totally blow me away with such amazing cards! Thank you soooo much! Would you mind telling me the colors you used for the background? I have these paints, but haven’t really used them yet!🤭 PS I’m definitely going to try making this card for someone special!!! Thank you so much! Liz 😊❤️🎄 I know this sounds selfish, but I REALLY wish u made multiple cards a day!! Lol I could just binge watch forever with ur videos!!!😀

  4. Gorgeous card! And thank you for the snow painting tips. We don't get much snow here in East Texas, so direct observation is kind of difficult. I love that sky, and thank you also for the tips on restamping the trees after doing the sky. Hope you have a fantastic day! 🙂

  5. You made this look easy 'nuf even for me. May try this as my first card this year, and if it turns out, I'll try a version for each of my families.🙂

  6. Kristina, your landscape card is gorgeous! Thank you for explaining how you would stamp the scene differently. It helps to understand your creative process.

  7. Gorgeous Kristina! My daughter wants to start painting with acrylic paint what brushes should I buy her for Christmas to paint with? ❤😘

  8. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! I believe you could have painted this scene without the stamp! The stamp is a good reference, but I love the freehand watercolor you did! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  9. I wish I could have met you…I live just 30 minutes away from Greendale where Village Paper & Ink is located. As always, such a beautiful card!

  10. That is unbelievably lovely. It’s …perfect. I love how you never overdo your cards. You never go too far, add too much.

  11. I also love, love, love this card! For a Utah girl, you painted the snow on the trees perfectly (a NY girl myself, looking outside at a lot of snow).I so appreciate your watercolored cards. I've learned SO much from you. Thank you, thank you Kristina!!!

  12. Gorgeous! This is a card that expresses peace. Love the subtle details. Thanks so much for sharing, great tutorial.

  13. Absolutely LOVE this one! I'm new to watercoloring but I think I could do this! Gorgeous! Can't wait to give this a try!

  14. So very wonderful! I love this idea to use a stamp for a guideline for where to paint! So helpful for anyone who might not feel confident enough to paint a scene on a blank piece of paper! Thank you so much for your encouragement and sharing your ideas and art!!!!

  15. Beautiful. I love it. I think it would be great to just paint the trees with out a stamp guide (even though yours was washed away) I love your card and thanks for sharing your awesome card idea.

  16. I tried this yesterday… it was a big fail. I tried again today… yup, Fail #2 LOL!
    You made this look too easy 😉

  17. Stunning card/painting Kristina…absolutely gorgeous. 🙌🏼🎄🎶 That stampset reminds me of Stampscapes, one of my favorite stamp companies that’s been in business since the early 90’s! Check it out!

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