Holiday Card Series 2018 – Day 14 – Snow Buddies

  1. You make the painting look so easy! Would love to have a video where you talk about some of the techniques you use! Lovely card and the stamp set is adorable! Thanks!

  2. Love, love, love the cute snowmen! Beautiful card! Have a question Kristina – what would be the difference between using a white gouache and white acrylic paint?

  3. The guys are adorable and really happy and represent the mood for Christmas…happy and go lucky….loved the painting of it too. Thanks Kristina………….loved the card , music and everything and your cheerful face. too………………………….pat LOL

  4. You are amazing! The snowmen are cute and I loved loved loved the way you water colored the sky! ♥ Wow!

  5. You make this look so effortless! I wish I could watercolor like you, I suck at it! What kind of paint brushes are you currently using? I can't seem to find any I like! Awesome card!!!

  6. wow, thanks so much. Love watching the seasonal cards you make every year. It must be so fun to do, and great to receive as so much work goes into them. Looking forward to the rest of the card series for the holidays this year and some decorative envelopes- which I also love to watch. Thank you 🙂

  7. I binge watch your videos , especially to watch your water coloring inspirations. This is a super example to add to my favorites! Have a wonderful holiday season, Kristina! You rock! Thanks for all the inspiration you give to me, a 70 something great grandma!

  8. Wonderful love the stamp set and your water coloring is awesome Thanks for sharing. What is the name of the music you played while you were painting if I may ask?

  9. A gorgeous cute card , really enjoyed watching you water colour the card , you are not afraid to use colours,,,Xxxx 🎄🌲👍💕

  10. What drives your change from the blues at the top of the card to black? I always feel like I'm going to create an unwelcome line across or something and it will screw up the watery sky effect.

  11. Luv this card. How did you lighten up the colors? When you colored the cheeks you went over it again and the color became lighter pink.

  12. Oh My Gosh Kristina! This card is soo soo stinking cute! I love the snowmen especially the one in the center! Great addition to this years Holiday card series! Thanks for sharing this video. sincerely, Katz Baugh

  13. that sky… the faint blush on each snowman’s cheeks… you make it look so easy! such a wonderful card! and what an adorable stamp set! ❤️❤️❤️

  14. What an adorable card, I just love those snowmen, their expressions are just too cute! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful creation with us.

  15. I love snowmen and love this card! That Christmas song is my type of Christmas song. I couldn’t find it on iTunes. Do you know where to find it? Thank you!

  16. With my misty tool I use a small paint roller and just rub over it a few times and I’ve been getting a good first stamp but I still do the second just to be safe

  17. Love snowmen! Your card is so cute! I love watching you watercolor , you make it look do easy! Thank you for sharing.

  18. I absolutely love this panel. I'm sorry but it is way too nice for a card! I would have to frame it and bring it out year after year!! Love it!!

  19. Cutest! When you were painting it I was thinking "oh no, too blue…she made the snowmen too blue" and it kept bothering until you started the background. Then with every addition it the guys got whiter and whiter and — perfect! How COULD I have doubted you! You're the best…

  20. Thank you! It turned out so cute! After watching it I created similar – drew the snowmen and colored it. So happy! Thank you for the inspiration

  21. I love this!! Im a newbie to watercolour so im just using water colour pencils and card. I can never get big areas to blend nicely, is this because of the tools and paper im using? I know i need watercolour paper, thats my next step and maybe a bigger brush for the larger areas? I just subscribed 😊

  22. I'm happy to be a subscriber cause you give me inspiration to create cards/envelopes each time I watch your videos. Tfs. Happy New Year 2019.

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