Holiday Card Series 2017 – Day 9 – Easy DIY Card with Minimal Supplies

(upbeat music) – [Kristina] Hi
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to day nine of the
Holiday Card Series for 2017. Today I’m gonna be doing one
of my minimal supplies cards, where I’m just going to
watercolor and use pens to create a whole card design. So I’m starting out with some
Canson XL Watercolor Paper and I’ve cut and folded this
to be a standard sized card. So, before I folded it
it was four and 1/4 wide by 11 inches tall and
then I folded it in half. And now I’m taking a cap
from an embossing container, really you could use
anything that’s circular. You could use a small
cup or a shot glass or even the lid to some
sort of cosmetic makeup or something like that. You just want something
that’s a little bit smaller. And I’m tracing three circles
onto the front of this card. My idea is that
I’m going to have three Christmas tree ornaments
that are hanging in a group. And I thought that be kind
of fun to watercolor them and have kind of a different
mix of colors on each one. So the watercolors I’m using
today are from Joy Art. These are the ones that
I used a few days ago or a few videos ago. And all I did was I squeezed
those tube paints into a pallet and I let them dry
overnight or a couple days and then you can
reactivate them with water, just like any other
pan watercolor set. I did notice, after they dried, that they dried with a
very cracked surface, but that doesn’t
affect how they work. You can still just get
them wet and use them as regular watercolors. So I used a yellow ochre shade and then I brought in
some of this rose color. And I’m just letting it kind
of bleed in from the bottom. And then I brought in a violet
shade at the very bottom. Now these colors, I was kind
of worried they would look good mixed together, but in
the end they turned out really, really great once I
had the other two ornaments painted as well. So I’m using my heat tool just to speed up
the drying process, but you could definitely
let it dry just in the air. And then I moved on to
the other two ornaments. I’m starting with
that same rose shade and I am painting
this entire circle. I wanna make sure that
the entire surface is kind of colored
enough with wet paint, so I’m bringing in some
purple along the bottom. And I’m going to make sure
that those two colors meet a little bit higher than
the middle of this ornament. I want the colors to really mix and have a nice
variation in color. I’m gonna move onto
the other ornament while the second one dries. And this one I’m
starting with purple. I’m gonna paint most of this and then I’m going to
bring in a blue shade. And this blue shade is going
to darken up the bottom of this last ornament
and just give it a nice transition of color. So I mostly used yellow
on the first one, and then I used pinks, purples
and blues on the other two. I’m gonna let this
dry for a little bit and then use my heat tool
to speed up the process. Just because I’m impatient, but you definitely could
just let this air dry without any problems or
having it affect anything. So after these were dried, I took a white Posca Paint Pen, and this is the smaller
fine tip version, and I drew on some snowflakes,
just freehand snowflakes. And I actually opened up
Google Images on my phone and googled some
snowflake images just to give me an idea
of some different things that I could do when I
created these snowflakes. You could also
reference a stamp set or any other illustration
where there’s snowflakes, if you wanted to. I just took some elements
from different snowflakes that I saw online and
kind of created my own. And a thing that I like
to do is to add dots on the ends of the
arms of the snowflake and also dots in the center. It just gives it a little
bit more of a delicate look. So I added snowflakes to the
other two ornaments as well. And I did different
variations on the same design. And I thought they turned
out really, really well. And using this white
Posca Paint Pen worked extremely well for
painting over this water color. I did try it with a regular
Uni-Ball Signo Broad White Gel Pen and I could
get it to flow very evenly over the textured surface
of this watercolored paper. So if you’re having trouble with getting a white
gel pen to work, you might switch to a paint pen. And speaking of paint pens, I’m gonna take this metallic
silver Sharpie Paint Pen and I’m gonna draw on the
little hanging attachments on the top of these ornaments. I did that by drawing a
really simple rectangle at the very top of each circle, and then drawing
an outline circle for the little metal loop
on the top of the ornaments. So, having a little bit
of this metallic texture is going to give a little
bit of a different look and it really makes these
ornaments look like ornaments, instead of just three circles. I think it really lends
itself to that whole idea of having three three
ornaments hanging on the card. So then I took my ruler and
I drew in some black lines coming from the tops
of these ornaments. I just used this black Pilot
Envelope Addressing Pen, but you could use whatever
black marker you have on hand, or even if you wanted
to use a metallic pen or something like that, I think that would
look really lovely. And speaking of
switching things up, you could have
done the snowflakes in that silver
paint pen as well. I think that would
look really great. So I’m adding on some
bows and strings, showing that these are looped
and tied onto the ornaments. And then as far as the
greeting goes for this card, I decided to do a very
fancy lettered word and the word I’m using is cheer. And then I’m using my ruler and I’m going to move a line, I had some lines
on there earlier and it wasn’t quite
the right placement. So I did end up moving it. But then I wrote on the
words sending holiday, so the entire phrase is
sending holiday cheer. And I wanted the sending
holiday to be in very simple, all capitalized letters. And then I brought in a
gray brush tip marker, and this is a Pentel, oh gosh, this is a Pentel Sign Pen. And this is a great color, just a little bit
lighter than black. And I thought it would work well for letting the black
writing of sending holiday kind of look like
it’s sitting on top, but still have the very
loopy and fancy word cheer on the card. So I used a pencil
eraser just to clean up all of those pencil lines. And then the card was complete. So I hope you guys
love this card today. It was really fun to create. And you could definitely
switch this up and change what types of
ornaments or shapes of ornaments that you paint. Thanks so much for watching,
I will be back tomorrow with day 10 of the
Holiday Card Series. (soft music)

  1. Very creative! It shows your beautiful art skills and lovely writing! I’d have to stick with stamps because I can’t draw a circle! Thanks for sharing your creativity!✌🏼

  2. Love the homemade look of this card! Just so classic. I may even try my hand at watercoloring though my success rate is not good. Thanks so much for sharing this card!

  3. If I tried to do a card freestyle like that, it would be one hot mess. But I love seeing you create something so beautiful!

  4. Love the simplicity and elegance of this card. The colors are very pleasing. And the lettering…well do I really have to put it is fabulous we all know it is. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is so beautiful! Could you maybe do a cheap/dollar store card video, please? It would be so awesome to see what you are able to do with some cheap stuff cause it oftens is the source of a blockage for some ppl, and every one can't obviously afford the same supplies 😀 thank you so much for all your inspirational videos! :*

  6. I love your natural flare! Brilliant card especially as it's such limited supplies… I just wish I could make my letters all the same size but I just can't .. I'm almost 40 and I have practiced writing relentlessly alas .. it's a 0 improvement and trust me I have tried so so hard but I can't do it .. my handwriting does what it likes when it likes lol .. anyhow I'm rambling … I have a bauble to paint 🎨.. off I pop 🙂 thx for all your wonderful ideas 💡 xx

  7. You've gotten me in such a mood to watercolor now. Thanks for the inspiration! Lovely card. I need to learn how to hand letter like you.

  8. Really gorgeous! I wasn't sure about the bloom at the bottom of the first ornament you painted, but when you painted the other 2, it kind of masked it. Love the way this card came out! 🙂

  9. Wow,  Love this card and your printing and script writing are unbelievable!!!!  I don't suppose you'd like to just write a dozen pages of sentiments for me, would you PLEASE?  hehehehehe.  Just lovely – you're so talented.   Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  10. 1 drop of glycerin mixed into that amount of paint in each well will stop it from cracking when it dries out and won't affect the paint. I do that with my Windsor & Newton Cotman tubes which are well known to crack and fall out 😉

  11. This is wonderful. I love it. Not sure if I would try all the freehand greeting myself, but the rest looks OK to try. Thanks!

  12. I'm in a fan of minimal supplies projects. I think it shows a whole different level of artistic ability and creativity. Your freehand snowflakes are beautiful and the finished product really is gorgeous.

  13. I absolutely LOVE your minimal supplies videos! They're not only great for not having much of a budget for other supplies but also because I feel like using basic tools really pushes you to find your creativity that much more! You're amazing! Xo

  14. Kristina your writing just amazes me with how beautiful it is and so easy for you.  What a gift you have!!! Beautiful as always!

  15. This is so great beautiful and georgous! This inspired me to make my own Christmas cards for friends (I alyways draw something but I was running out of ideas) So thank you! 😀

  16. Love this. Question for you please. I heard you say that you dried out your Tube paints, I didn't know that you could do that. I have an assortment of tube watercolors that don't get used nearly as much as I would like because of having to drag all that out. But doing that is a great idea. Do they need to be covered or can they just be left in a tray and reactivated with water? If I am able to do this I will be doing much more painting. And does this work with all brands? But this is just for watercolors? Thank You for any input!

  17. If you add a small amount of glycerine in your spray, it stops the paint from cracking and doesn't effect the character of this technique.

  18. Watercoloring, got that covered. The lettering OMG magnanimously beautiful! I could never ever do that as artistic as yours! I'll use a stamp. Thanks for sharing. 💜

  19. Another inspiration for painting with watercolor. Beautifully hand lettered. Will definitely use a stamp for greeting.

  20. If you do not have a paint pen, I suggest using a chalkboard MARKER! It works great and has the same texture as a paint pen.

  21. LOVE your Christmas bauble card….your lettering is perfect and really added that finishing touch. Thank you for the inspiration!!

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