(calm music) – [Narrator] Hi,
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to day five of the
Holiday Card Series for 2016. Today, I’m going to be
creating some gift card holders using wrapping paper. This is a little bit different. We’re not going to be
doing a traditional card but I thought it was
a really fun idea. I got the measurements
and the basic instruction for this gift card holder
from a fellow YouTuber. Her name is Happypuppytruffles and I’ll have a link to
her video down below. So you’re going to start
out with some wrapping paper that is cut to 25
centimeters squared. That’s roughly about
nine and 7/8 inches so that’s what I’ve done and I fold it in half vertically and then now I’m kind of
just getting a measurement from that bottom corner and bringing it up
to that fold line. I’m gonna make a little mark
and then I’ll cut off the top. Now, after I cut off the top, the actual measurement
of the piece I’m using is nine and 7/8 by eight and 5/8 so you could actually
skip that whole step where you have to cut
off additional paper and just go ahead and start
with the size nine and 7/8 by eight and 5/8. So I’m folding in the two
sides into the center fold that I did earlier
and if you fold over and you find that it’s
not quite right like mine, mine was a little skewed
off to one side, no worries. You can fudge it a little bit. Just go ahead and put it
back to where it should be and then go ahead and
crease that fold once again. Wrapping paper especially
if it has a pattern on it like this will
hide any strange folding or creasing that you
accidentally create. So now I’m going to
fold in the four corners and I’m folding these
in and lining them up with those vertical
folds that I just created and I’m making sure
that I’m leaving just a little tiny
space before that fold so that when I fold in
these two panels on the side that there’s not any problems getting passed these
triangle corners. So I’ll go ahead and
keep folding these in and this is going to
create the basic shape of this gift card holder and this gift card
holder will fit kind of your standard
gift card size, kind of like credit card size. So I folded in those two sides and now I’m going
to turn it over and I’ll be folding
up the two ends and the way you know how
far it needs to be folded is that it’s keeping directly
to where those two points are and you’ll also be
able to sort of feel where those triangles were
folded over from the corners so it’s really easy to figure
out where to fold this over. So I’ll fold it over and
crease that pretty well and after we’ve done this, we’ve pretty much created
the gift card holder. I’m gonna go ahead and
tuck in the one side so that it’s nice and secure and then we have our
little gift card holder. So you can fold it down and it’s just the perfect
size for a gift card. You can decorate the
front if you want. I’m gonna leave
mine fairly plain just because I like
this wrapping paper but you could do
whatever you’d like. So I’m gonna slip in this
amazon.com gift card. You can see how well
that fits the gift card. So if you want to disguise
that paper on the inside, you can cut an additional
piece of wrapping paper or any other pattern
paper, anything like that and just slide that inside. I’m using one of the other
wrapping paper pieces that I showed you at the
beginning of the video and I’m just measuring that
and marking that with a pencil and I made it a
little bit smaller than the actual size
of the gift card holder when it’s unfolded. Now, I did fold this
in half right here because it’s going to meet
up with the fold right there. You don’t have to. You can slide it in and
then just fold it closed and it will fold it
after you have it inside. The hardest part about this is slipping this additional
piece of paper inside but it’s not too bad. You can actually kind of open
up those triangle corners if you need a little bit so
you have a little more give but just use your fingertips and kind of slide your paper
in as best that you can. So now I have an interior piece. I think that looks really pretty especially if it’s a
contrasting pattern paper. So to finish this off and
make sure it stays closed, I’m going to add a
really simple ribbon. You can make a belly
band out of card stock or use some string or
anything like that. I just though it’d be nice
to have some ribbon on it so it looks a little
bit like a present. So this gift card holder
is basically finished. Super simple and easy. I think it took me three
or four minutes to create. I think these would look
really really pretty if you use contrasting
gift wrap patterns and then put it on
top of another gift. I think that would be
really really pretty. So I’m gonna walk you through the creation of this gift
card holder one more time before I end the video and you’ll see how fast
this comes together. So like I said before,
you can go ahead and start with a piece that’s
nine and 7/8 by eight and 5/8. That’s what I did here. I just went ahead and
cut off that top edge and I folded in the two
sides into the center fold. After I have that
creased and nice and flat then open it up and fold in
those four corners once again. I’m taking my time and
making sure each corner is evenly folded down. The more precise you
are with these folds, the better your gift
card holder will look. So go ahead and take your time. Don’t speed through it too much. It’s very quick to do as it is so there’s no need to go
too quickly or to rush it. So fold in those four corners and then I’ll fold
in the two flaps and now I’m going to turn the
whole gift card holder over and I’ll fold up the
bottom and the top as well. You can see how quickly
this comes together and the more you make them, the
faster you become at it too. So I’ll go ahead and fold
this one up as best I can making sure those
corners are nice and neat and then I’ll go ahead and
tuck in that other side so it holds everything closed. So I did want to add
some contrasting patterns to the inside of
this one as well so I will go ahead and
add a contrasting pattern here in a minute. Did wanna show you that
there are a couple places you can actually
put your gift card if you wanna kind
of hide it in there. You can put it on the
inside of the card in those two little areas or you can slide it in to
right up there by the fold. So I finished another
gift card holder as well and put in some
contrasting gift wrapping. Hope you guys enjoyed. This is a super simple idea. I really wanted to
share it with you guys. It’s a little different
for the Holiday Card Series but I hope you guys
enjoyed it nonetheless. Thanks for watching and
I will be back very soon with day six. (calm music)

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