HISHE Horror Compilation

  1. Vaping can lead to trying cigarettes commercial: starts as the zombies become zombieish
    Me: vaping can lead to becoming a lonly zombie

    Also me: vaping is actually just as bad as cigarettes, but not as bad as drunk drivivng. Which will make you a undead- the un

  2. That’s the male actors to dark meat collage’
    Ryan potty – dark soup
    T.j Miller – bloody barney
    Robort england – Freddy Krueger
    Patton oswalt – ghostface
    Scott menville – the hunter
    Eric Bauza – Jeff the killer
    Shane Richie – Ben drowned
    Peter sohn – eyeless jack
    Timothy spall – laughing jack

  3. Ciara bravo – drowning girl
    Monica keena – lonely girl
    Rie kuwana – kuchinsake san
    Katharine Isabelle – ghost girl
    Angela bettis – scary girl
    Rena sofer – nurse
    Amanda righetti – dark chan from Roblox’ Sophia lillis – running away girl
    America olivo – ballerina
    Juilanna guill- walking girl
    Hynden walch – nina the killer
    Alison Brie – Bloody Mary
    Kate Micucci – tightrope walker
    Donna Murphy – tightrope walker’s mom’ Mandy Moore – loner
    Deedee magno- Jane the killer
    Rachel Wilson – eyeless girl
    Grey deLisle – chara
    Rooney mara – the spirit girl
    Jessica diCicco – huntress girl
    Spencer grammer – spirit girl’s sister
    Dakota fanning – the doctress
    Katie crown – mask girl
    Catherine taber. – blood eye girl
    Christina ricci- Lizzie Borden
    Bryn mcAulcy. – dark chan
    Tara strong – samara Morgan
    Megan fahlenbock. – Carrie white
    Liliana mumy. – girl from the song hide and side by vocaloid’ Jeanette Miller. – Gladys’

  4. Wait isnet the world war Z one just the walking dead cuz there is Rick Grimes so I thinking it is just the walking dead (TV show)

  5. So, in Minecraft videos, “creeper” is never in the subtitles, but in so many others, “creeper is mentioned, like 20 times!

    This is a rant sorry

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