Here’s how to avoid credit card debt during the holidays

  1. Disney May be a ‘good stock’ but it’s values have wavered over the years…I don’t know if this will sustain them over time….

  2. i always follow fake news financial advice and i believe all their phony polls too. even if they always excercise their free speech & freedom of the press cia Right to lie. that's American!


  4. Easy morons, DON'T use your credit cards! Cut them up or burn them! I have not had one in over 20 years and have not missed it at all. Try lay by or lay away, no interest! The only thing they are good at is tempting you into buying things you cannot afford, don't need and through fees and interest, rob you blind each month.

  5. Meagan McDowell doesn't know what she's talking about. Americans are not paying down their credit card debt. She just throws stuff out there all the time that is simply untrue. 5 years ago Americans owed $854 billion in credit card debt, but today they owe over $1.04 Trillion. Millions of people are being crushed by credit card debt as the average household has 4 credit cards and a balance near $10,000, with the average interest rate at 17%. Eventually the system might go bust, but for now the economy is fairly strong. If Christmas retail isn't as strong as expected, it will be because too many Americans are tapped out

  6. I don't think its so much that the consumer is desperate to borrow money. I think the consumer is just so amazed that someone would send them a pre-approved credit card that they don't even bother to check the interest rates and a couple of quick emotional purchases put them in over their heads…

  7. Go ahead and max out your credit cards then don't pay them, then declare bankruptcy. Works for Trump. Don't you lemmings want to be like your messiah Trump?

  8. here`s how to avoid credit card dept. it`s simple,borrow one , steal one or run out of the store and don`t get caught. sorry about this, just trying to have a little humorous fun. happy holiday and hope you can pay your bills when they arrive.

  9. I have not had the inclination to even own a credit card for a very long time. I am 100% certain that I will have zero credit card debt this year. XD

  10. They got to be idiots if they're paying their children's credit card bills. What morons. And they're supposed to be specialist?!

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