[JORDAN]:V Oh, yes, [DAVID]:this really is a new deck guys [MEGAN]: WOW…. [DAVID]:Just like my new deck of Pokemon cards [MAGICIAN]: Shuffle is fair, RIGHT? [MATT BERMAN to WAITRESS]: You are a life saver, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! [MAGICIAN]:So, The cards are in a… uhh… new [different] order Okay… um…. the last two times I did this
I was the one doing all the MAGIC. This time, I’m going to make all you guys do the magic. I’m going to try and incorporate as many of you in this, as possible [DAVID]:Wait, wait… Question, I don’t like performing black magic [ANNA]: SHUT UP DAVID!!! [MAGICIAN]:Okay, so, umm… Alex, you said you wanted to be part of this [ALEX]: (expressing interest) YES I DO! [MAGICIAN]:Uhh… Can you just touch any card? Take a look at it. Take it off the bottom of the deck Make sure you’re the only one who can see that card [CHRIS & MEGAN]: Oh. I saw It. [MAGICIAN]: It’s okay if a couple people see it. Usually, I’m the one who guesses the card, but… NOLAN! Can you name a number between 1 and 10? [JORDAN]: He’s not going to get this. [IDK WHO?]: JORDAN! [NOLAN]: FOUR! [MAGICIAN]: FOUR! and… WILL! Can you name a number… no… can you name a SUIT?! [WILL]: HEARTS! [ALEX]: [GASPS][SCARED SHITLESS] [CHRIS]: oh my gosh! [SPECTATOR CHEER] [MATT]: SHH…. I SWEAR TO GOD, IF I GET KICKED OUT OF THIS LaRosa’s….. [MAGICIAN]: Now we’re gonna transfer it TO LEAH! [LEAH]: [SQUEALS] I’m PART OF ONE OF YOUR CARD TRICKS! Can you sign the card? [CHARLES]: WHAT IS THIS?! [ANNA]: If he makes you throw up your card, it’s an experience! As to be worth a lot of money one day, [MAGICIAN]: this is her card! and, generally, People ask me, “How do I make the card disappear from the deck?”
It’s quite simple. I put it in the deck, When you guys aren’t looking I take it I? Tear it up [MATT]: Why would you do that? [LAUGHTER] [MAGICIAN]: And, I EAT it! [GASPS FROM SPECTATORS] [VIDISHA]: ARNAV! [ANNA]: Are you gonna swallow it? [MAGICIAN]: This is still a piece of your signature, right? [LEAH]: Yeah?! [MAGICIAN]: YEAH? [MATT]: [JOKINGLY] If he doesn’t swallow it, it’s not real! [MAGICIAN]: MATT! I’M DOING THE BEST I CAN! [DAVID]: Matt just can’t digest the situation [COLLIN]: Now, we wait 8 hours. Oh [ANNA]: OH MY GOD! ARNAV! [VIDISHA]: ARNAV! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? [MAGICIAN]: THIS IS HOW I MAKE CARDS DISAPPEAR FROM THE DECK! [NOLAN]: PEOPLE! Seven Hours Later. [IDK WHO]: ARNAV! [MAGICIAN]: Some people like to say, Oh you don’t really make the [card] disappear, I see you do the sleight of hand. NO! This is how I do it! [VIDISHA]: chew faster! [MAGICIAN]: IT’S NOT LIKE EATING PIZZA! [cough cough cough] [COLLIN]: I’m actually gonna throw up! [MAGICIAN]: IT’S GONE! But It’s not gone! Leah, that card belongs to you now… [LEAH]: [JOKINGLY] I HAVE IT! [COLLIN]: OH MY GOD!!! [CHARLES]: That sounds like some sorta weird fetish. Like, i just ate this card, with your signature, and now it belongs to you! [MAGICIAN]: Do you feel something that’s not supposed to be there, like, anywhere? [ANNA to COLLIN]: Stop [KARA]: WHAT? I WAS FIGURING OUT, WHAT? WHERE IS IT? [MAGICIAN]:I feel like it’s somewhere there, but I don’t know [OH MY!] [CLAPPING & ROARING] [EXTRA SHOUTING] [MATT]: Shhh…. HEY! STOP! [MAGICIAN]: Thank You.

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