Hearthstone Versus Magic: The Gathering

Hi, I’m Hearthstone And I’m MTG, the Magic: The Gathering Card Game. Hey MTG, I heard you just had a really successful pro-tour. Oh that’s right Hearthstone, our recent Magic pro-tour had record breaking Twitch viewership numbers for us. Wow, what were they? Our peak was a little over 40,000 active viewers for this one special event. How does that compare to you, Hearthstone? Oh 40,000 easily. Ok, well there we go, I guess you and I are not so different after all if we’re getting the same numbers for our special events. Oh, no, no, no, no, no….I meant daily,
our daily average is 40,0000. Average, not peak. Just, you know, any old day of the week watching streamers like Kripp, Firebat and Dog stream our game. Well we’ve got big name streamers too,
I mean, not regularly but we sometimes pay big name streamers to play Magic and when they do our numbers go… …up? But no big names streaming regularly? Err, we have Kenji, when he is streaming we get
2,000, 2,500 active viewers. But what about when he’s not streaming? Then it’s less. Much Less. We’re right down there with “Super Metroid.” Wow, thank goodness for Kenji. If he ever retires we are through. I mean, we used to have Brian Kibler but he only streams Hearthstone now. Hi, I’m Hearthstone. And I’m MTG, the Magic: The Gathering Trading Card Game. Erm…Hearthstone? Yeah, MTG? What, what are you doing? Sorry Bro, I just can’t get over how great I look. Yeah, you look very nice. Nice? Bro, I have it all. Amazing graphics, card animations, fun engaging sound effects. Have you seen my tournaments? I’m a pleasure to behold. Wow, I don’t really have any of those things. I’m just a card game, online and off. That must be rough MTG. I guess I’ll just have to keep getting by on what I do have. Intense strategy and complex gameplay. Complex gameplay? Sounds complicated. Oh it is, people are often comparing me to Poker but, you know, I get compared to Chess a lot too. I guess I’m kind of like if Chess and Poker were combined; a very advanced gameplay experience. You know, if you’re into gameplay and not just pretty lights and sounds. When you cast fireblast it throws a bigass fireball…it goes… [Vocalised explosion sound effect] That, that, that, that’s great Hearthstone. And Beetleberries dude, when you play it a funny voice says, “My favourite!” and I laugh, I laugh at that voice. Oh, but I forgot, I’m getting all that stuff in Magic Arena. Same complex strategy… emphasis on gameplay, but I’ll have graphics, animated cards, sounds. All that stuff. Wait, you’re calling it Arena?
That is literally what I call my draft mode. Huh, what a crazy coincidence? Yeah, I’ll have Standard and Draft and Brawl and, oh, Arena is programmed in Unity so it’ll be playable on just about any platform. Well since you’re copying me, maybe I’ll copy you. Imagine your friend Hearthstone here came out with paper trading cards just like you MTG. Didn’t you do that already, the World of Warcraft TCG, nobody played? Yeah, I’m not much without the animations or sounds. Well, people like shiny things. Thank Goodness. And with Arena I’m about to get a whole lot shinier.
What more could you want? Modern and Commander? And this video is brought to you by my and many other people’s local game store, Card Kingdom. A brick and mortar pillar of this community. As well as the Patreon support of viewers such as you. These are the people that keep Tolarian Community College going and growing strong, so thank you. [Outro Music Plays]

  1. Seems like a MTG sponsored video for Arena. Maybe you should disclose whether or not it is sponsored by WotC/MTG

  2. i like both HS and MTG I still think MTG arena does not look good enough to make a impact in hearthstone I hope im wrong but it sadly probley be like mtg duels

  3. Hearthstone is completely imbalanced, matchups are literally just "counter matchup wins". There's no way to prevent counter matchups from just auto-winning.
    The game is oversimplified, and has a lack of control over how abilities work and how you interact with it, most of the time cards just randomly pull stuff from outside the game, which is an awful mechanic and while it's possible to play around it, it would be much healthier for the game if it randomly pulled cards just from your deck instead.
    So many things wrong with Hearthstone's design, the only reason they get more viewers is because they're a purely online platform and they have blizzard's advertising engine behind them.

  4. There is right sentence – is going to have! At this moment, only chosen few can play it. I personally was fullfiling all three priority invitations. I was playing MtgO that week, I was playing MD, I was on Ixalan prerelease, so I should be in forward to get invitation to closed beta. I applied and I still can not even try it.
    What is than purpose of this ad, to make an expetation of a new game and be released when noone will even expect it and never know about this old thing again?

  5. Is that how cool people look this days? Also when arena does release is the profesor going to change his outfit to glases and and fur?

  6. Was expecting Artifact to pop up and show both Hearthstone and Arena that they don't deserve to be called a TCG.

  7. Still to subtle for company making it I think. They will watch this and it'll fly over their heads. The ones that made MTG duels anyway. Keep doing fantastic videos until they listen to you and MTG arena has legacy & EDH

  8. Magic Arena is god awful. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of hearthstone anymore either. Arena needs a major UI Over haul, PVE content like hearthstone had and a tutorial for people who don't know how to play magic. I'd say it needs a good year to a year and a half in added development time to be a contender to the online ccg market. The Elder Scrolls Legends and Eternal Card Game are FAR better options than Arena and Hearthstone. Hell, even HEX is a better choice than MTG Arena, Arena is that bad.

  9. This guy I used to work with played hearthstone, then he watched me playing a mtgo draft at work. His exact words were, “wow this makes hearthstone look like baby kiddie time.”

    Now wotc wants to water down their game to appeal to the twitch generation. No eternal formats on your new program? Way to alienate half of your player base.

    Saying mtg is dead forever is a dumb meme, but this could really hurt the game if they fuck it up.

  10. The WoWTCG was a great clone of MTG (and some might say a better game). Its a shame that they killed it off to make hearthstone.

  11. Helo was this a satire or was an interview? Please respond my PM me the info. Who that's guy an is Heathstone a magic game? Where please can i buy heathstonres cards.

  12. For now all Arena has are flashy card animations and sounds … there is a long route to go before it has all those things Hearthstone has … not that anyone in the community seems to care, it looks better than MtG:O is already something that has them stoked and excited. 🙁

  13. I feel like this video is very very biased. I’ve played mtg from og zendikar and I just recently quit because it was just way too expensive. Hearthstone on the other hand is much much more fair for smaller wallets. I’ve probably spent $40 on the game and can play a plethora of the many top tier decks. In addition the game still has many complicated decks and it limits the frustration of playing against a control deck in magic by allowing little interactivity on an opponent’s turn. Much more of the challenge in the game comes from playing against the meta and deck building as you don’t have to worry about managing a mana base, and rather can focus on crafting a deck that not only has good tech options but can curve out well. Sure it has borrowed many concepts from MTG but so has pretty much any card game ever. Also playing a game of hearthstone is so much easier: just pick up your phone and cue into a game. Magic on the other hand in limited to finding another player, in real life, and pulling out an expensive deck in a potentially hazardous setting. The accessibility of hearthstone is a big draw. Mtg player who bash on hearthstone are just fearful of its success.

  14. Really it's Artifact from Valve that we're all waiting for. Most of us just haven't realised it yet.

  15. Pick you poison: A card game that has been stale for a few years and is losing a player base but trying to revive itself with the newest set, or a card game with 'amazing graphics' and 'awesome sound effects' but you can only play one or two decks and if you try anything else, expect to constantly lose.

  16. Magic arena to be successful needs to mimic pokemon, packs should come with codes for free online packs

  17. A little hard to compare streaming magic vs hearth. Much easier to get hearth viewers because day to day playing is still climbing a comp ladder. Playing mtg (even online) is just casual. Just playing for tix and not really a ranking (for the most part) So it is more entertaining just in that aspect, let alone the ease of streaming.

  18. Got a beta key for arena back in January on the verge of switching to Hearthstone. Game was lacking so much I immediately made the switch. Haven't even picked up my old deck box since

  19. Hearthstone la way cheaper than Magic the gathering. Which means that you can play at high level even without spending thousand of dollars, this is something that it should be mentioned.

  20. Hey hearthstone what are you doing? Oh just randomly rolling dice and picking cards out of pools of hundreds at random. Why? To see who wins of course!

  21. Very one sided harth ston wont olay fluid in paper it needs the ai to resolve everything in game. And thay element has what magic can never achive in its game machanics i play both and tjere both good swining towards hartj stone more these days tbh… reason magic cost a bomb in paper… harth stone can be played for free and is enjoyable to do quests and earn boosters gives it more purpose rather than buying singles from a card distributor…

  22. HEY! To be fair, before JustinTV became Twitch, I was the #3 streamer in gaming on a regular basis with a WHOPPING 120 views, which at the time was massive. And what was I doing? SUPER METROID SPEED RUNS.

  23. I do wish Hearthstone had more/any interference gameplay – if it did MTG wouldn’t really have a leg to stand on in terms of gameplay improvements. As it stands, Hearthstone’s for when I’m on the train or the toilet, and Magic’s what I’m happy to sit down for a few hours and actually really dig into.

  24. Personally hearthstone sucks but that's my opinion like idk how but mtg is easier to understand for me hearthstone is confusing as hell I tried going against people in it and nonstop recked me so no point in playing it if your playing for casual fun so yea

  25. I love the professor, but don't love this quite as much. Yes it's meant to be a parody of the good ol' days of Mac vs PC commercials. So in this, MtG is the thinking man's strategic poker/chess game, and HS is children's card game with flashy lights and sounds. And once MtG Arenas comes out, MtG will simply have it all – both the good and none of the downsides.

    But I don't really see HS as a competitor to magic. They operate in different spaces. I see HS as the gateway to many players who are playing a CCG for the first time and getting them familiarized with the basic mechanics. If they love the CCG style enough, soon they yearn for something strategically deeper, that's when they migrate to MtG. That's a good thing.

    There's room for both, each caters to their own set of audiences and one doesn't have to lose for the other to win.

  26. If MTG Arena works out the clunkiness of gameplay, I'll definitely switch. I started playing Hearthstone because none of my friends played MTG lol.

  27. I know where this came from ; )

    Rejected "Get a Mac" Ads -LoadingReadyRun

  28. I'd say Hearthstone is easier to get into and has great graphics, but Magic has more dephth, strategy and is simply more fun to me.

  29. heartstone is just pay2win RNG shinny thing. MTGArena is…. it is AWESOME. Really. I abandoned playing MTGA halfyear ago, it was … lots of glitches, not optimized and stuff. Now added lots of mtg sets, play formats, effects, optimized graphics, less glitches, everything is smooth, tight, just about to be perfect.
    If comparing to MTG duels it LOTS LOTS better. Ofcourse glitches there are. But it's getting better i can see it and feel it. Awesome.

  30. Okay this isn't totally one sided at all.
    Actually just being a physical card game gives a lot of limitations it's awkward to buff or reduce the cost of minions in your hand or deck, shuffle copies of a card into your deck, copy a bunch of enchantments, generate unique tokens generate cards have multiple copies of a card be in a graveyard … etc

  31. Point 1) Aesthetics absolutely do matter. While this is obviously done tongue-in-cheek like those Apple & PC ads, having stuff happen from these cards and that being an appeal to the game is 100% valid. It's not always about the play experience. Yeah, you can be totally devoid of anything like that and still be enjoyable (see abstract games like Go), but flavor tends to make things taste better.
    Point 2) Although merely published by Activision and not actually designed by them, Skylanders Battlecast probably deserved a shout out here, as that uses physical cards for a digital game.

  32. Hearthstone is bigger because it's purely online and made by blizzard 😉 I like MTG more IMO but they both are fun and both have up and downs.

  33. Oh don't cut yourself so short on the complexity front Hearthstone, I just found out that your current meta involves a deck that can infinitely re-cast every etb trigger that you trigger during the game; as well as a deck who aims to reliably deck out and force your opponent to switch decks with you. And MtG's difficult-to-execute "Wish" cards, you do with ease. Hearthstone has leveraged its status as a "videogame that looks like a TCG" to push boundaries on mechanics and complexities that a TCG can achieve.

    And besides you don't have MtG's Land Mechanic, so it's almost even on the rng front.

    And I say all this as an entrenched MtG player.

  34. Haha as a hearthetone player i can happily admit the game is pretty simple. I may switch to magic the gathering if it is more complicated to pick up.

  35. I Have been playing HS for years, but once i tried TG, i knew that all CCG should be like this ! HS mechanics are totally SHIT compared to MTG depth and mechanics, really.. and don't let me get started with the HS RNG bullshit that you have absolutely NO power to control.. the main advantage of HS imo is that it can played on ALL platforms while MTG not..

  36. this looks like dota and league of legends discussion . one full of pose claiming be the original another one is popular interactive and double the number of active player….

  37. I used to play MTG regularly. I love the game. But I dated a girl at my LGS and it ended on bad terms, so I don't go there to avoid seeing her. So now I play Hearthstone. And the beauty of it is…I don't need to associate with anyone in person. Like my ex.

  38. magic > hearthstone.
    good, now you can watch the video knowing that what ever they say.

    Magic is less rng therefore more skill which makes it more consistent less frustrating and more fun

  39. Funny, magic still has to pay huge streamers just to keep viewership, whenever Thijs switches from hearthstone to a sponsored MTG stream his numbers go from 10k+ to less than 5k viewers. And even then the numbers are quite low compared to hearthstone. and when Savj decided to switch from hearthstone to MTG, he lost ALOT of viewership.

  40. HS is solid, but if you have played MTGA you will notice that MTGA is by far the better card game and has always been. not saying HS is bad but it just hasnt evolved enough over all this time.
    MtG is so superior to HS in terms of depth and strategy

  41. Very funny. I played Wow tcg a little back when it first came out and bought some boosters and a couple starter decks. Probably spent $100 on it to get a feel and liked it. It was fun, but my money was spent more on magic which I had been playing for a decade already at that point. When they released hearthstone, I thought it was just the same thing. When I found out it wasn't, I was extremely disappointed and never looked at it again. Still play magic, though.

  42. I have been playing mtg for 2 years and hearthstone for 3 months. Hearthstone is hands down more polished than mtg arena but hearthstone is just so simple of a card game to really have a bunch of fun with for me

  43. in my city, they don't allow players to use proxy cards so that only them who can afford expensive cards can play mtg. they made the game the game of the elite.lol

  44. I played hearthstone for a while, and imo Magic is the better game, one reason is with the choice to or not to attack or defend gives u a chance to build & complete ur planned strategy as u continue the game without ur opponent easily destroying ur creature early on the game if you have a bad draw at the start. I think this reason alone gives magic an edge on other card games out there. Magic is more of a chess game rather than a checker game.

  45. mtg paved the way for hearthstone just as d&d paved the way for both. mtg has an uphill fight to get market share from hearthstone. i will give it a shot but i aint quitting hearthstone anytime soon.

  46. Name a wow card worth more than $2500.00 that isn't a lottery card that becomes worthless after you scratch it off.

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