Handmade pop up card | Handmade pop up card for Christmas

Handmade pop up card | Handmade pop up card for Christmas

  1. Going to try and teach our students how to do this! Great (easy) math project and they will have a card to take home to family!

  2. love this card ive made all my Christmas cards  for this year but will be making this same card for every one next year.ive got 3 special birthday cards to make for next year so going to change it for a birthday card

  3. AMAZING! There is an inter section competition in my school so I have to make a Christmas Or New Years card. I chose this one

  4. ohhh my goodness. Craft videos… you just blew my mind with these amazing creations. are u a machine? you have done things i didn't think existed. your super creative and imaginative. good work

  5. Amazing and Beautiful Christmas Card Video ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_HKSjZCjdc&list=PLb6Gl7YXMmirqWhWqtp7fTrMjnjAWs0H3

  6. I made one yesterday for a three year old girl for her birthday; I am making one for her brother today. (Their birthdays are a month apart.)

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