Hallmark’s Mother’s Day Cards for Dog Moms

-Mother’s Day is this Sunday,
and while many of us celebrate by buying sentimental
cards for the mothers in our life, it seems Hallmark
is looking to cash in on a new type of mother. Take a look.
♪♪ -This Mother’s Day,
we here at Hallmark understand that many Millennial women are
choosing not to become mothers, unless it’s to a dog. And we think that should be
celebrated, too. Introducing dog Mother’s Day
cards from Hallmark, cards you buy for yourself from
your dog on Mother’s Day. -Thanks to zero support for
working mothers in this country, having a human baby is
financially impossible for me. But I do take care of
my little fur baby. And I think that counts
for something. -I didn’t have kids, because
I wanted to focus on my career. But now I spend four hours a day running this
little dude’s Instagram. So, yeah, a card would be nice. -Whatever your reason
for not having kids, it’s none of our business. We just care about
getting your business. Just pick from one of our many
personalized dog-mother cards. Choose from categories like
Dog Mother, Funny Dog Mother, Dog Mother From Daughter,
Dog Mother From Son, Dog Mother From Everyone,
Dog Mother From Both of Us, Religious Dog Mother,
Dog Mother Sympathy, and Dog Mother Blank Inside. Sign your dog’s name with
your non-dominant hand so it looks like
the dog wrote it. And, hey, maybe even draw
a little paw print. Finally, give it to yourself
in front of your dog. Don’t forget to act surprised. -Winston, you shouldn’t have.
Oh! I love you fur-ever, too. [ Laughs ]
It’s so funny. Take after your mom. -Dog Mother’s Day cards
from Hallmark — cards you buy for yourself from
your dog on Mother’s Day. And coming soon,
cards for dog aunts. -I love my sister’s dog,
but to actually own a dog? In this economy?
[ Laughs ] No.

  1. Isnt a suprise that 10% of the entire female peopulation are hot on the heels to do this thing. and remmeber the heels were also given to them from a dog purchased for them.

  2. I know a lady that would buy one of these and act like her dog bought it just like in the video.I hate that little ankle biting fucker .😡😂🤣

  3. Where have Amber and Jenny been all this time??? Did Seth lock them up in a dungeon??? Free Amber and Jenny!!!

  4. Dog babies are the best. I have a mug that says 'Dogs are God's way of Apologizing for Your Relatives '. Wouldn't want to procreate after that experience.

  5. Um, so…okay this…
    It's just this dream that's bothering me
    And I need…
    I need your
    Help with…
    It was our…
    The baby that I had was a dog
    And it was our
    It was…I mean our
    Child an-
    But it was a dog
    And then we were very proud
    Because it started talking right away
    And so…
    Even though it was a dog
    And it had
    Fur and everything it-
    We thought it was so
    But it had teeth
    Human teeth
    Which was not…very nice
    But very soft, sort of velvety fur
    And then right away it was speaking
    And so we were very…proud
    Until we realized like…
    Then there was another…
    Then we were walking down a hallway
    And then we were in a park
    And there were other people
    With their children
    And they were normal children
    And then we realized
    Uh…you know that we…

    That I had given birth to a dog

  6. This is very sad. I don't know, but just yesterday I saw an "I love my grand dog" bumper sticker and I wanted to self implode. Anyway, happy "mother's" day.

  7. i wish that amber girl at the end actually sounded just like that for real, not like the shrill original voice

  8. Not the same. Not even a mother (or a woman), but that is blasphemous. You don’t have to send your dog to school, you can leave them at your house alone for 6 hours without the police being called. This is ridiculous, just some jerks trying to get a slice of attention.
    I get this vid is a bit, but people are actually doing it.

  9. So, guess, Hallmark or Seth is trying to be “satirical” and to make people think about “the joys of motherhood”… like getting cards for Mother’s Day, right… The problem with children is not about economy… it’s just that having children doesn’t make any sense if you are not REALLY into it.

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  11. 1:45 that's actually me! I guess I'm a "dog uncle", because my brother's dog, a gray Miniature Schnauzer, was the best dog I've ever met. I loved him so much, more than any other living thing I've ever met including people. I wouldn't hesitate to run in front of a speeding truck for him if I thought it would save him. He was unbelievably gentle and docile, virtually silent, actually hilariously gentle and silent! He would have to CAREFULLY set down his favorite toys on his dog bed before he could go outside. He was super determined, even if you got a treat, he would nervously but carefully walk fast to place his toy down gently — and then SPRINT at absolute top speed to get the treat 😂😂 I shot a couple videos of that and it's so hilariously adorable.

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