– [Narrator] This video was
paid for by Spin Master. – Three, two, one, Bakugon brawl! Yeah, you go Fangzor! – I love super speed! What you playin’ Eden? – They’re the new Bakugan
Battle Planet Brawlers! I have the new battle pack. – Whoa, Bakugan! I wanna play! – Absolutely not, these are
my new special edition sets. – Please? – No. – Please? – No! – Please? No! – Please? – No! – Please? – Please? – No! – No! One, two, three, no! You’re gonna have to do something absolutely crazy and magical, for me to let you play with these. – Hmm, magical. Hypo directions. Pft, I don’t need no directions! Oh yeah, it’s showtime! Eden! – Noah! I’m right here. – Oh. You are getting very sleepy. (suspenseful music) Ooh. – What are you doing? – I’m hypnotizing you. Are you hypnotized yet? Sleepy, sleepy, now let me play Bakugan! Anything? – No. – At all? – No and I’m still not
gonna let you play Bakugan. – Ugh, this thing must be broken. (suspenseful music) – Did Noah even read the directions? Ugh, whatever. – Huh? (suspenseful music) The hypno mystery ovum? Finally, I have a way to
beat the SuperHeroKids! (bouncy music) (suspenseful music) – Quite as a mouse. It’s sneaking time, I sneak, and then I sneak and I sneak. (evil laughing) (suspenseful music) – Wow, these figures look exactly like the ones in the Cartoon Network show! – What’s up SuperHeroKids, it’s, (stomach growling) Woo-wee, I am hungry! Cereal time! – There’s so many to collect! Including rare, and
super rare chase figures! – All right, let me just
check the instructions, I uh, uh, oh, I point it
at her okay, and then I say the rhyme, ooh, the
rhyme, okay, here we go. (clearing throat) Oh how fun, I point the light, just a glare into your eyes. – What? – While you’re awake, but unaware, after I’m done with this rhyme, see white hats everywhere! (evil laughing) Now I run, here we go. I run, away, I run. – Huh? That was weird. Back to the battle game that’s so fun and easy to play! – Have fun I point the light, just a glare into your eyes, while you’re awake, but unaware, after I’m done with this rhyme, see white hats everywhere! (evil laughing) Oh, time for me to run. (suspenseful music) – Huh? (suspenseful music) (snoring) (suspenseful music) – Oh have fun I point the light– – Oh! – Ah! (snoring) – I love how every pack has
so many cards to collect! – Hey Eden, what are you doing? – [Eden] Oh I’m just playing Bakugan, you should come check it out! – So how do you play? – [Eden] Here, let me show you! Oh no! – I got it! Ah, there it is! Got it! – [Hope] White hat! – [Eden] White hat! – [Together] White hat! (suspenseful music) – What’s happening? What is going on? – [Eden] Noah, quick! Help us beat the white hat! – [Hope] Noah, don’t
listen to the white hat! Help me beat the white hat! – Wait, Eden, you think
Hope is the white hat, but Hope thinks Eden is the white hat? My brain hurts! (evil laughing) – I love when the SuperHeroKids fight! Munch munch munch munch munch. Wait, how am I eating popcorn? I can’t eat through a mask. – It’s gonna be harder than I thought. (evil laughing) – I need that hypnotizer! – Uh oh, gotta go! (suspenseful music) – Wait, come back here! (suspenseful music) There you are, white hat! – Who? Uh, hello. – [Eden] Two white hats? Oh, no. – [Hope] Come on, I’ll take
both of you white hats! – What? – [Eden] Noah, you take
down that white hat, I’ll take down that one! – No, don’t listen to white hat! We’ll take them both down together! – Wait, guys, I figured it out! Look in the mirror! – [Hope] Huh? – [Eden] Huh? – Which one is you, and which one is me? Which one’s a friend
and which is an enemy? (laughing) I love dancing. (laughing) Huh, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you fighting each other? Get back to that. – [Eden] We’re both SuperHeroKids, so that means. – Sorry about that. – [Together] SuperHeroKids, blast! – Yes, you got him! – Huh, what? Oh no, they broke the hypnotizer! I’m outta here. – We’re back! I’m sorry for blasting you, Hope. – I’m sorry too, Eden. – Is somebody gonna
say, “Thank you Noah,”? – No. But, we will play Bakugan with you! – Yeah! (doorbell ringing) Huh? – What is it? – [Noah] It’s my own
limited edition Bakugan set! – [Together] Whoa! – It’s so cool, yeah! There are two awesome
ways to play Bakugan! – It’s all about transforming,
battling, and collecting! – There’s over 200 Bakugan
season ones to collect. – These are brand new wave three! – Bakugan ultra leap open when activated! – Each wave includes a
super rare diamond edition. – Battling is even better with friends. – Be sure to follow Bakugan
on Instagram and YouTube. – Check them out in the link below! – [Together] Three,
two, one, Bakugan brawl! – I got plus 550! – I got plus one. (laughing) – Yeah, 2,000. – Who won? – Noah! (cheering) (upbeat rock music)

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