GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 29.11.2019

Hey everyone, Paweł Burza here, I’m the Community Manager for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game and this is TWIG, or This Week in GWENT — a weekly show in which we talk everything GWENT! The Mahakam Seasonal Arena is here and will last till December 10th at noon CET! The rules are the same as in the seasonal mode, meaning that each unit gains resilience after being played. Want to brush up on your GWENT skills? Then Hit up Spyro ZA on YouTube and check out his Common Mistakes video series, where you’ll learn how to become a better GWENT player! We’ll link the channel below this video! You can get awesome GWENT merch from our CDPRED store for a discounted price! Selected items will be available 20% off during our Black Friday sale, so don’t miss out! Speaking of sale, Displate is holding a Black Friday sale today! If you want a metal poster with your favorite GWENT art from the base set as well as the expansions be sure to hit them up! That’s it for this weeks TWiG, see you again next week!

  1. By any chance will gwent mobile be compatible in the future with iphone 6 or ipad air 1 in the future ? Or will i need to upgrade instead?

  2. We've asking this since "this week in gwent" started, for the love of god, speak a bit slower, i can't make a word of what you're saying most of the time

  3. Music now is really boring. We want to hear enjoyable music from beta while playing gwent. CDPR please add old music to this game.

  4. Need to say you thanks for being every week making this, that makes us feel like you really love this game, even in holidays, and please continue being one of the best on Game developtment

  5. Hello.
    So, speaking of which, that reminds me: how about you lovely fellows at CDPR give gwent a chance and roll it back a few patches, like to pre HC patch? You know just the card mechanics. Rest is fine. 😇
    I know you guys keep it tight inside that box.
    The little brown one, with the Witcher symbol and humming with power.
    It's time to let it out. 😎

  6. Needs more rewards… I'm literally winning 3-4 sometimes 5 matches in a row. Not even one Key or anything at all. What's the point? Maybe you guys need to add like a mandatory reward for a win or something like that otherwise what is the point of playing it and staying engaged when all it does is seem like a complete waste of time when you come back to the home screen expecting to get some kind of reward for a job well done. And you literally see nothing at all. Makes me just want to sign out.

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