GWENT: The Witcher Card Game – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

MAN: Gwent is a game about
armies clashing where the
players are commanders and the cards are their forces. SOLDIER: Attack! MAN: Place a unit on the
battlefield to add its value to your total score. The player with the
highest score wins the round, and your goal is to win two
rounds against your opponent. Simple, right? Here’s the catch: Your opponent
and you each get only ten cards at the start of the game. And you’ll draw only a very
limited number of cards as play progresses. That means you
have to play smart. You have to bluff. And in some cases, you may want
to lose a battle in order to win the war. There are three types of forces
in Gwent: Melee units to engage in close combat. SOLDIER: No mercy! MAN: Ranged units that
include archers and mages. MAGE: Enough! MAN: And heavy hitter siege
weapons like ballistas and catapults. Apart from unit cards, you
can also play special cards. Use magic potions to boost
the power of your own units. Play weather effects that
weaken forces on the row of your choice. Or sling cards like Epidemic to spread a deadly plague
among enemy ranks. Recruit your army from
among five factions. Each faction features unique
cards which only it can use and thus offers a different
play style and favors different tactics. The seafaring warlords of
Skellige are brutal and never rest. They exploit their ability to
bring fallen brothers back into play. NORTHERNER: Close ranks. MAN: Within the Northern Realms, knighthood and chivalry
reign supreme. The faction’s charismatic
commanders boost the power of soldiers already
on the battlefield. SCOIA’TAEL: We do
what must be done. MAN: The Scoia’tael are
nonhuman freedom fighters. Their gorilla tactics include
striking from the shadows and using all sorts of
traps and ambushes. The Monster faction is all about
the unspeakable horrors that inhabit the world
of the Witcher. Monsters breed which
involve card duplication. NILFGAARDIAN: Long
live the emperor. MAN: The game’s fifth faction,
the empire of Nilfgaard, makes expert use of spies
who work behind enemy lines. COMMANDER: Proceed
according to plan. MAN: As you fight more battles,
you’ll gather the experiences and resources you need to
explore new and original tactics. You’ll build your own decks. Unlock new cards either by crafting them or by
buying kegs from Shoop, a card dealing troll. Each keg contains
four random cards, and a fifth one guaranteed
to be of higher value. You’ll be able to
choose one out of three. SHOOP: Wow. MAN: With battling players from
around the world and the game’s competitive modes is not
the only way to enjoy Gwent. STORYTELLER: It was a
day like any other. MAN: Those looking for a
story-driven experience will feel right at home in our
single-player campaigns. In these adventures you’ll
explore the world of the Witcher, expand
your card resources, train your army, and forge
your path through a branching storyline created by the
writers of the Witcher 3. But that’s a tale
for another time. See you around the Gwent table.

  1. I remember when this was originally supposed to be a Microsoft exclusive lol that was short lived. Happy to have more Witcher on PS4.

  2. Wasn't excited when i heard about it a while ago, but now..i'm willing to spend money one this free game

  3. look so nice when i heard about gwent game never thougth it would be so cool and free. cd projekt red never ceases to surprise me

  4. I never played any witcher game, but it would be neat if gwent from witcher 3 could be synced here, I think people will appreciate that 🙂


  6. They could have just kept it multiplayer only and honestly i would be satisfied with that. But leave it to Cd project red to add single player as well. These guys are the hero`s of gaming development!

  7. i have one question are the card animations shown here gonna be in game because if they are this is gonna be BADASS

  8. Я играл в нее на компе . Просто мне дали ключ н бета тестирование

  9. Never even play Gwent on TW3 aside from the tutorial. Welp, time to check some how to play video I guess.

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  11. The game itself is amazing, but has its flaws. Especially on PS4. Interface is terribly small, with all text being too small, so playing on a 40" TV from 2 meter distance is completely awful. Well, that and the fact I am not able to challenge my friend for a match, since the game is choosing opponents for you, not allowing you to choose who you want to play with… so I guess I am going to wait for an update that for the xes that. The same too small interface problem had Wild Hunt on PS4, they should have take this fact into consideration making Gwent…

  12. I loved it as a mini game in main game not t sure how I feel about the standalone but if its done well and is cheap enough Ill give it a try.

  13. So this is basically a video for people who haven't played the single best rpg game ever made and don't know how to play one of the best card games ever made?

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