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Hey everyone! Welcome back to Cool Magic ForUm! We’ve got a really exciting video to do here
today! I’ve got this really cool, very visual ring,
headphones and a chopstick trick that I want to share with you guys! I’ve got a few shout outs to do and then of
course we’ve got the May contest winners to be announced! You guys stick around! don’t go nowhere! Let’s get this started!
…kick ass music playing… I’ve got some chopsticks here. A buddy of mine was asking if there were tricks
I can do with a chopstick and I said, yea I think I can figure out something to do. Got my ring and my head phones. See the headphones actually going into the
ring. This is truly an old thing that jewelers used
to do. They used to put a piece of colored string
through a ring. If they were showing off a real nice ring. They did that so no one could get to the ring. I’m gonna wrap up my hand. Make it real nice and tight there . You hold
on to one end. John you hold onto the other. Grab an end of the chopstick. everyone got an end? I hope this works! Let’s try it! 1 2 3 There you go! That’s crazy! That’s the shit! THAT’S GOOD SHIT! Fuckin’AWesome! It actually worked! OMG!
..more kick ass music… Oh my god! You guys I have had this trick laying around
for quite awhile. that I wanted to share with you guys. But, I could never really find the right time
or the right audience and have a camera around. I show this trick to people all the time!
and Never in the conditions where I could have a camera around and have a few people
that are open to being on video at the time. It’s very imprmptu! which is a great thing
about this trick! and The beauty of it! It is done with a ring, set of headphones,
could be a string and a chopstick. could be a straw. so obviously any of these items can be borrowed. This is a really great strong trick! This is how it works. Now you just saw the performance of it. You see some of the reactions that you get. I’ve got some amazing reactions from this
trick! It’s one of my favorite things to do! It is now my favorite thing to do besides
a card trick, is this! I wanna show you, the head phones are actually
going into the ring. no doubt about that. It is very true the thing i was saying about
how a jewelers used to show off a ring and they would put a piece of colored string through
the ring, hold it in their hand so when they displayed the ring no one could take off with
it. You saw what I did in the performance. I’m gonna take it and wrap my hand up. i don’t know if any of you caught what i just
did here. I’m gonna tell you what I just did. See the ring is here. Put the headphones thru the ring. Old headphones I’ve had around forever. Real cheapies! Get it on
to the head phones and then like I said you would just lay that in the palm of your hand
like that. Now when you turn over your hand, this is
what is happening here. When I turn over my hand the ring is dropping
into my hand. close it an d immediately wrap it around your
hand. Very quickly! Then I can even have a spectator hold onto
the other end. now normally I would take the chopstick and
stick it in my pocket. I don’t if you guys will be able to see it. What I would do is reach down and have this
palmed in your hand. it’s gonna be in the perfect spot. You’ll see what I’m saying. When you pull it off there, your in a perfect
spot to just reach back to go get the chopstick and it’s just that easy. You’re just sliding your hand down there and
you’ve got it! It’s loaded on the chopstick! The effect is really done! You would have some one grab an end of that
and also grab an end of the chopstick. same thing over here, they grab an end. Make sure it’s tight enough I can’t get the
ring out of there. They’ve got a hold of it. and Then it’s all
acting from here. 1 2 3! When I pull it off I give it a little spin. So when it’s first seen it’s in motion! It looks like it just dropped on there! i
wish the camera would’ve caught it, the time i just did it, the ring was literally spinning
around that thing like that! That’s a really good effect when they see
that and it’s in motion like it just appeared there! Very simple handling. This is an old handling I believe from Jay
Sankey years ago. Used to take a key off of a piece of string,
I believe. Real simple thing. you put it there. Drop it down into your hand and then, see
just wrapping up your hand with it. ring coming out. I don’t even need a chopstick from this point. It pops right on! Oh there it is!

  1. I believe that a ventriloquist and a hypnotist can be considered magicians because of the skill that it takes to become one of those and they both could be considered a magic act for some

  2. ventriloquists are definantly magicians In my opinion. Who that is not a magician can speak without moving their lips? it is literally impossible. how the frock are you supposed to say anything with a solid 'p' in it "I'm going to hang out with peter" sounds like "'i'ng going to hang out with heeeter"' it is impossible, try it you have to be a magician to be able to do that! as for hypnotists, I don't believe that they are magicians, because I simply believe they use actors or drugs. they might drug the people before they go on stage lol

  3. I can't do ventriloquism therefore you have to be a wizard to be able to do it, hypnotists are fake, great video BTW, amazing trick

  4. I went to see a ventriloquist the other day and I was amazed at what you can pronounce without moving your mouth, it is amazing and I believe that they can be classed as magicians also I'm a bit sceptical about hypnotists, but if they are real and legit they are super magicians

  5. the skill required to be a hypnotist or a ventriloquist really makes me believe that they should be classed as a magician, also is this video technically a face reveal?

  6. I am bad at spelling, So one is V, one is H. V i thnk could not really consider as a magician, more like comedy performer. Because most of V carry a funny doll and tell jokes.
    But I think H could be a type of magician, early days of magic, many mentalism effects involve Hepotize people. 🙂

  7. a hypnotist or a ventriloquist should be classed as a magician bcuz magic is doing things that science cannot explain

  8. I don't know ventriloquism, because I'm 11, but a magician is just a magician, pretty blunt. Also, I think there's a real fine line between hypnotism and magic. Hypnotism is mind tricks and 'psychological telepathy' stuff. Also, I think an illusionist is classified as a magician because they performs tricks just as illusions.

  9. I don't know too much about that type of magic but i've heard some magician about performing hypnotism. but i don't really believe in that. but i have seen some video about people performing hypnotism. Have a nice day Cuz

  10. i dont consider ventriloquists magicians cause they dont consider themseleves magicians either . But in my opinion hypnotists are a part of magic

  11. you are getting livelier each video and I love it! congrats to all winners. btw, just a quick suggestion/idea: do a more special/ massive giveaway when you're at 500 subs. I'm sure you'll get there soon. really happy that your channel is growing too.
    Also, I think that you should not put your question in the description box. I honestly feel that this will allow people to easily come here for the giveaway and not care about your video. just some suggestions that I feel you should do to make your giveaways just a little better. looking forward to you getting 200 subs and then 300, 400, 500, and perhaps one day a million subs!

  12. I guess a ventriloquist can be magician if he teaches his dummy to do some tricks! A hypnotist could be a magician in the eyes of the audience.

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