Golf Solitaire Card Game : Golf Solitaire: Planning Ahead

Now one of the techniques you can use to get
a lower score in the solitaire game golf is to plan ahead. As you are dealing out your
board, your thirty-five up cards in seven columns, you can look at what comes out, know
that there are four of every value card in the deck, and think about how you want to
strategize. We’ve already had three of the four eights come out. We’ve already had two
of the four queens come out, a couple of sixes, there’s another queen, we’ve had two aces
come out, we’ve got three queens in a row and the fourth queen is over here. So what
that means is that we’re going to have to look for opportunities to clear queens where
we can, but we’re probably going to have to assume that this six up here is dead because
you can’t play easily a sequence that goes up the line here. So what do I know from looking
at this board? Well only two aces are out, so of these seventeen down cards in this packet,
I know that I have a maximum of fifteen that can be played. There are two cases where an
ace will come off and I’ll have to stop, stop play right there. So if you plan ahead and
say, “okay, I’ve only got two aces on the board”, then that means that if you have a
situation where you get down to a deuce and you can play an ace or you can play a three,
it’s okay to choose the three because you’re only going to have to pull off two aces during
the game.

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