the idea that I might be lying was the
only lie there this nervousness is great this is awesome this is what life is
about and the moment that that played in the
theater a red flag went up in my head hey there it’s Kostya Kimlat and today I’m
gonna be watching my second appearance on Penn & Teller foolís I’ll be talking
about what was going on in my head I’ll give you some behind-the-scenes
information I’ve been reading the comments I haven’t watched the video in
a long time so I’m gonna watch it again with you and and tell you about what was
happening so let’s do it let’s dive in so you know Alison g-strain I got to see
her briefly before walking onstage and she was very very nice and I thought she
was really friendly and very engaging interactive this time around the crew
that filmed the introduction video with me was very helpful they were really
cool we talked about different kinds of ideas they really wanted to talk about
what happened last time to remind the story now a question people ask me is do
do Penn & Teller’s see the video this introduction video when it plays and the
answer is yes and no. nerve wracking an amazing experience to
say I’m tell you about more about them just a second let me pause this because
this moment I make one mistake and I tell her a second time in magic there’s
a method and an effect the reason the guys got so angry is because I did an
effect they knew using a method they didn’t this time I’m performing the
trick that I created when I was 18 years old and I’ve been practicing ever since
so far only two there was my mistake right there I said this is a trick that
I’ve been practicing for since I was 18 years old and as many people commented
online that if I hadn’t said that then probably they would not have known that
it was a difficult skill that I was doing and it’s I think that’s a hundred
percent absolutely right so let me give you some background of this they usually
film four performers per episode and they will only show the background piece this
little introduction piece for one of those performers because they filmed
them right around the same time and they only have time to edit one right away
and then they show that to the audience and they get the shot of the audience
watching this introduction clip so the first time I was on the show they didn’t
show my actual introduction the second time around they wanted to show my
introduction because they wanted to remind Penn and Teller
of what happened last time and so they record a lot they ask you a lot of
questions they asked me about the trick and so I mentioned the thing about doing
this since I was 18 years old and the moment that that played in the theatre a
red flag went up in my hand and I said oh I wish I wouldn’t have recorded that
so everyone who commented that you are 100% correct that was a little tip-off for
them that this was more of a skill than a clever trick so so that was a little
fun thing but what I do love about this introduction is that I get to talk about
what I talk to business groups about which is method and effect and so I get
to mention this in a little introduction and throughout the presentation I get to
refer to that so I’ll come back to that later on now at this point there’s
several different editions of the food then twice now but at the time the
recording and we kiss so Alice introduces me and I’m standing there
middle of the stage of course the that image that you see the cartoon there
that was a big surprise to me when I walked down they showed me that that’s
what they did that was really cool you know I really didn’t want to push the
fact that like oh I’ve already fooled you I’m gonna try to fool you again I
really one of folks in the performance but of
course because the first ruler was so such a viral video and got such a great
reaction they really wanted to emphasize that so I went along with that so that’s
what you see the picture in the back and also at this moment I didn’t walk onto
the stage I’d actually been standing there for a good three minutes so I walk
on stage waiting for them to start recording everything then they played
the video and so I’m watching Penn & Teller watch the video and and as Penn
mentioned at the end this video we’re also friends now we’ve hung out many
times so I’m I just came out smiling beaming just like excited just happy to
be there with them and and feeling that energy so at that moment now like three
minutes have passed and I’m getting a little antsy I’m like let’s start the
trick let me start it’s amazing to be back here in Vegas I love it if you come
join me over here I’m so happy that you’re here long time guys things that a
magician can do and she said or me for a second it’s kind of a little confusing I
think she meant like for her confusing in and in my head I thought she meant
like performing for her is difficult and so right away you know I I had a script
like every word every gesture every movement here has been rehearsed and
polished over months and weeks and then you start off and it takes her a second
longer to walk across the stage then she says something that you don’t expect so
everything you just have to react and kind of go along with the flow while
trying to stay focused being aware that there’s all these cameras on you and and
everything else but I thought she was just delightful there would be no stress
I’ll show you look I’m gonna have you pick a card okay anytime you like just
say stop remember that card okay but the moment that you say it out loud yeah
your card will fly out of the deck and I will catch it at my fingertip has to
tell you that this is probably one of the least kind of things people pay
attention to in the trach but right there in the last few seconds I just did
some of the most advanced card control and card magic that I could do and it
was incredibly difficult but I went for more difficult techniques but yet the
irony of it and which is kind of my statement for this whole entire trick is
that people don’t know how hard magician work because our job is usually to hide
the method and that part right there now whenever comments no one talks about
only magicians can appreciate that I that I did certain advanced techniques
in order to control the card where I needed to and the way my hand drops the
way my shoulders are again every little detail is important in order to
communicate tension versus relaxation get people to relax when you’re doing
the move there’s a lot of really cool stuff about sight of hand it’s not just
about the cards in my hand but it’s about the whole body yes I also name
your card six accounts the six of clubs so I do I do
technique I let it breathe and you know and they’re kind of partly like golf
clap and that’s what I wanted the interesting thing is that the reason I
did this trick first is because it’s essentially a parallel to what I’m going
to do later they name their card out loud and the card appears at the
fingertips however I’m using two very different techniques this time and the
next time but if I were just to dribble and catch the card that trick would take
thirty seconds and that wouldn’t be great TV so you know I turn this into a
longer routine and and this idea of doing this one way which to me is
actually a much easier way to do it but the irony is that when I do this in the
real world it gets huge reactions because people don’t know that I may be
doing something that’s easier or more difficult if I’m gonna fool these guys
with the same trick I have to do more than just side of hand I have to be
clever I have to be sneaky I might even have to leverage now if you lied to rise
up to work on so so the thing about that line is that the only lie that my goal
my goal was to tell only one lie in the whole entire performance piece and now
was it right there the idea that I might be lying was the only lie there because
I am telling the truth throughout this whole entire process and now something
really to me I picked out a trick that I wanted
to do that I’d created myself and as I was preparing for this trick I thought
about just like the first time what’s the worst thing that can happen the
worst thing can happen is that I do trick and people online reveal the trick
and they talk about how it’s done and so I thought when I have to do is I have to
do the most difficult trick that I can so that the worst thing that might
happen is they might watch the performance at the end and go we know
exactly how you did it it was very difficult you practice that up in and so
that was my thinking behind it for selection you’re gonna stick with me at
least is my emotional support yes and I’d love it if the gentleman could join
us up here everyone please now I’m going to do again my script I’m interacting
with Allison but in my head I’m like okay are they looking are they reacting
they’re so far away – I can’t see your faces was the scene II was a little bit
different but again when I really wanted was I wanted them on my side I wanted
everyone to see their faces angles weren’t an issue here but I just like
kind of the setup that we have here and I wanted Allison to be a part of it and
now I say this line where I’m gonna do the same trick for you now that I just
did for Allison a second ago which from an effect perspective is 100% true if
you were not thinking about method on how I do this it would look identical
and then I will catch it at my fingertips but I have to use a different
method and I know that the moment I tell you that your brain starts thinking of
all the ways I could do this so right now is burning my house I also want to
point out this why the scissors and why all this extra stuff that I’m bringing
up I don’t know if that many people realize it but all of these things that
I’m about to bring out right now and mention our actual methods are ways that
I could accomplish the same exact effect and one of things that happened to me is
that I created this trick a long time ago and another magician at some point
decided to share his version and sell his version to magicians but it was a
much cheaper if you will version because it
used one of these little things it was something simple and so I remember it
kind of bothered me because Here I am doing the real work the very difficult
method but no one can know about it I have to hide it and so this was my
chance to to go on TV and have the method revealed and also to kind of
mention that I’m not using any of these easier ways of file down the edges in
order to make one card stand out from the others maybe maybe I use my fingers
in order to make it easier to catch so the glue on the fingertips that maybe is
the only thing that stretch that’s not really we don’t do this we can shape
cards we can cut cards sure that is a magnetic joke or I can throw away throw
them off I put away my pocket some people online are like oh you put the
card in your pocket it has nothing to do with anything is just what we call a SIM
card it’s got a metal inside of it and so I was able to pick it up with a
magnet and put it away again all of this is relevant but it’s making the
presentation more it’s giving them things to think about you can see how
they’re smiling right now because they’re thinking okay all this stuff is
genuinely possibilities are there for you to consider
maybe I’m telling you the truth and maybe I’m not and I was that line I
finally like here’s what I’m going to do this whole time I still haven’t really
gotten them to be as engaging and funny as we did the first time so finally when
they laughed on that line where hey you guys started this game I felt much
better the theater laughed I relaxed I was like ok cool we’re rolling along
here because at this point I’m going ok Penn is not as enthusiastic as he was
the first time and and they’re watching me and they were really bent I’m trying
to figure me out like you forget that you think this is all kind of fun and
it’s performance but authentically when they come out there they’re ready to
bust you I’m going to shuffle these cards but I won’t push them in all the
way leading some of these cards isolated and out of my control I’m so that was a
pharaoh shuffle but it was called perfect pharaoh shuffle and i have to
hit that and that’s one of the hardest moments in this whole entire performance
because i got to hit a perfect pharaoh shuffle which means essentially that i
have to cut the cards exactly at 26 and 26 and then I have to interlace them so
that they are alternating one after the other and magicians have competitions
where we sit down and we do this and we have to do this perfectly eight times in
a row and that was one of the most nerve-racking moments for me was to be
able to separate the cards perfectly Faro them perfectly and and get into the
position for the next part slowly so Penn knows I’m not influencing his
choice with Jedi Mind Tricks mind reference that’s Koko’s before he I went
through AI riffled through and then penn asked me to go one further which is
great because it’s a completely free choice and i’m glad he decided to do
that I wanted him to know that I’m not using any Jedi mind tricks about
influencing them so this was perfect i riffle down he said stop and let go of
one more and then he looked at it and then this is something that later on
they reference controlling the cards and they’re burning my hands right there I
thought I might be able to misdirect them a little bit very good so now at
this moment in time a couple of things here we have authentically there’s
different realities happening even you right now watching this whether you’re a
magician or you’re someone that just loves magic and loves the show fool us
and you want a little more background formation everyone has different
understandings of it I’m not trying to ruin magic for you I’m not trying to
explain how things are done but this is the one case where I think that knowing
how the trick is done really makes you appreciate magic more it’s very rare
that is a magician we get to talk about methods and you can see there’s two
other videos on my youtube channel where I show how I practiced it and I really
reveal how this trick is done so you can watch that to really understand the
mechanics of it but the interesting thing about this right now
is that I’m trying to create an alternate reality for Penn & Teller in
order to fool them and what I was trying to do right there was I did some
unnecessary things I cut cards in ways that I didn’t need to cut but those cuts
communicated something to Penn & Teller I spread the guards out on the table
face up for a long time what I’m trying to communicate to them is that I’m
member the deck now I’m not and a lot of people
who are commenting online think that that’s what I did that I have a
superpower memory I don’t but my goal was to get them to think that I
memorized the deck that I had to keep it in order and then I have to have them
name of the card in order for me to know exactly where to grab it that’s not
that’s not what I do I don’t have to remember the deck and more importantly I
don’t actually have to have name of the card which you will in a moment but that
was one of the mistakes that I made and I made this change a day or two before
going on camera I never have someone named the card I can always do it
without it but I thought that I could fool them if they believed it was a
memorized deck name your card and then I have to put it in there so it was a good
lesson for me to not change things up last minute but I did and that’s what I
ended up hurting me a lot of people online think like oh that’s that’s such
a simple trick you know like even a baby can can do this trick if you name the
card and they can just reach it and get and a child can do it and I guess the
child can so let’s let’s continue on there are multiple realities happening
here on stage see Penn & Teller they’re focused on the method of the trick and
trying to figure out what I lied to them about but you think about it so you’re
gonna haven’t lied at all but I wanted them to think that I’m lying about
something and then her joy my fingertips for you gentlemen my fingers are going
to shoot into the deck and I will capture your card
this is a technique I mentioned this in the first video of my first appearance
of clarifying what the effect is going to be David Blaine is a master of this
and what it really does is it sets up the idea of what’s going to happen in
people’s minds because I’ve done this trick before where I simply just dribble
the cards and I reach in and I get one card and it’s fine people are shocked
and surprised but it is so much more impressive when people know what’s gonna
happen so in my first appearance I would set the deck down and I’d say every card
is now face-up and then spread them in this case I also added this of letting
them know what’s about to happen I’m gonna reach in and grab that card so I
added that in there and I think that that clarifies the effect with people’s
minds now we’re at this moment let me let me tell you what is happening right
now because if you watch the other video of me practice
I’d spent over four months every day an hour a day filming the video time
lapsing it I had a small group of friends and I would send the videos to
they would keep me honest making sure that I was still practicing every single
day and and I’m doing this for real I I’m authentically catching the card
because I know where it is in the deck it’s exactly what Penn & Teller say
later on I know where the card is and then I reach in and grab it
so because of this I have spent those months practicing rehearsing the truth
is that I was up to no more than about a 70 72 percent hit rate no matter how
many times I practiced no matter what conditions were in I would do this ten
times and I would catch a single card seven out of ten times I started
practicing learning how to meditate listen to headspace every single day and
the moment that I’m there I thought I would be calm cool relaxed no not even
close all of that went out the window I mean the moment that I’m there it’s just
my heart is racing or something else happened here in a second
and people online comment they go wait a minute the bottom card changed and what
you’ll see here in a second is that as I’m cleaning there’s a two spades and
now there’s a king and the bottom card changed from that cut so let me explain
to you because is this a conspiracy is this are we in cahoots with Penn &
Teller here’s what actually happened and the reason why that bottom card changes
is I’m very nervous at this point and I knew that if I spend too much time and
what I need to do is I need to I need to quiet my head and dribble a few times to
get the same rhythm as I’m going through the count in my head so I know it takes
me exactly two seconds to go through the cards and I need to do this about two or
three times in order to get to the same consistency so I don’t want to do too
many times because I think that’ll get Penn & Teller to suspect that I’m doing
this for real and then what happened was I did it just once I did it twice and
then I decided to quickly go for it and as I did this I knocked some cards out
like that totally flustered myself and as I picked them up okay that’s when my
heart started racing that’s when everything went out the window so that’s
why the bottom car changed now they cut that part out because it’s a really
boring ten seconds of me collecting the cards and of me
frantically panicking in my head so when they were ending it I have no control
over this so when the editors made this that’s why you see the card change at
the bottom they just cut out one bad dribble there now my heart is racing I
I’m thinking okay now they know that I’m really doing this for real because I’m
taking too long and I’m really trying to calm my breath so now I made the
adjustment and I have a choice at this moment I could go for it and catch one
card and be the wrong card and then I’d have to do this again and then I figure
I’m done and that’s what I knew from the moment for the very first moment that if
I do some more than once they’re gonna know I did it for real so in my head I
wanted to do it only once one take so now in my head I’m going I’m so nervous
and I made this adjustment where instead of trying to catch one card which I have
to hold my fingers precisely equal I move my thumb back a little bit so that
the index finger is protruding a little more which means that I’m going to catch
multiple cards so I’m gonna reach in and the index finger allows me to grab a
bunch of cards rather than just one it was a decision I made on the spot I was
so nervous I didn’t want to do another try to mess up and pick it all up and do
it again I thought I have one take to do it so instead of trying to catch one
card I decided to go for a bunch not happy that decision I can tell you right
now and everybody who comments online is like oh but you’ve got multiple cards
you’re a failure yes I am I’m sorry I failed you I you know I practiced so
long to catch one card and I wish I would have done it right then in that
moment but with all the pressure and everything else I caught like four or
five cards that’s okay but I certainly wish that I could have been more relaxed
and calm I remember on the plane flight home flying home kicking myself over it
and struggling over it but at the end I was very happy because the end result
was well we’ll talk about that in the second the end result was that there ten
was revealed essentially King of Spades I don’t have to have the card so I mean I had to gab that really quick
and that’s the other part is at the moment that I grab and I realize I have
multiple cards here I very quickly had to fan them out grab the car turn it
over I had no need to name him have him name the card and it’s unfortunate that
people think that the method is that they name the card and then I find it
come see me live come to my show in Orlando bring me a deck of cards you see
me somewhere I’d love to do this trick for you I will do it for you with your
cards I’ll catch just one card if I can it’s always different every time and I
got to tell you that as I was getting ready to film I considered using me I
was so nervous I was like well maybe I should use the alternate methods maybe I
should I should use something else that’s more foolproof and I remember a
minute before going out there realizing no this is as close as I’m going to get
to walking a tightrope without a net you know all I’m risking is a paper cut I’m
not risking my life but but this nervousness is great this is awesome
this is what life is about about taking chances high-risk high-reward I’m gonna
go out there and whatever happens happens and so I’m happy that I did that
I’m happy that I didn’t have a fallback plan that I didn’t use gimmicks that I
didn’t use easy and cheap methods I went for the most difficult one and it could
have been better I could have caught just one card but that’s what life is
about and now would I do this trick in my show it makes me so immensely nervous
every single time and the audience feels it and it’s that’s why I love this trick
and I was gonna retire it and I hadn’t in a long time but I’m so glad the show
brought it back so let’s see this house is astonished face now at this moment
again I also I hand them the deck shouldn’t have done that
I should have hung on to the cards I should have made them think that the
deck was special but I was just like ah I’m done here you gonna take the cards
so so now this is the part where we get to talk to Alison and Alison talk to me
teach magician for maybe 5 to 10 minutes but they only show a minute or two
of the conversations and yeah of course she asked me they’re like you’ve been
practicing this a long time and again I’m like I wish I would have said that I
wish I would have said I made this up last week I’m always practicing I
created it to fool magicians but I showed it kind of underground didn’t
show to too many people and for three years now I’ve been thinking what I can
do to come back yeah and I thought this is difficult you know really because the
problem is that I’ve the guys and they know what I can do they know it’s inside
of here so the decision have to make if I’m gonna go back and really difficult
do I do something really really difficult where they know what I’m
capable inside of hand or do we do something that self working and a
gimmick and that’s easy and that would actually fool them because they wouldn’t
expect me to cheat that way but yet everybody online and you watching this
you wouldn’t be impressed by the trick because you know that it was a simple
method it was something that anybody can do so that’s the dilemma to either do
something really difficult and and not fool them do something easy and tricky
and fool them but then people online and everyone watching it afterwards is like
well that was an okay trick and even now as I’m thinking about what else I could
possibly do another time it’s very very difficult to think about this so this
moment they’re going through the cards I’m talking to Alison I’m trying to not
look at them I don’t know what they’re thinking but I had a feeling at that
point that they were gonna time you know figure out but ever since then it’s
changed my life because now people know oh you’re the guy that fooled Penn &
Teller let’s hire you it truly has I am so grateful Penn & Teller are the nicest
the most authentic kind giving people they are having just unbelievable and I
hung out with them so many times since the show in Vegas when they came to
Orlando on now with them after the show and this is what Penn is about to
mention is that I got a problem we’ve hung out in hotel rooms in Florida with
you but that moment and that’s the moment that Penn actually convinced
teller what you see that’s that frozen moment is Penn just told teller I think
he just does it okay and tell her just turns in series I think in this case and
the one that really I want you to think about this because
if we do this bust on you and if we’re wrong and if you fooled us again I’m
going to hurt you so that kind you know that little thing you did with the glue
stick and you did the little scissors you did this you did that I’m telling
you we have a little list I’ll hit you in the head and the moment in fact if we
do this but I was like yeah they got the moment he said that line he’s letting my
life again with you doing this stuff for us amazing stuff and there’s a kind of a
shortcut telling you again talking about juggling and magic because juggling you
say you’re gonna do something and you do it and in magic you say you’re gonna do
something yeah last time we hung out it was literally from I think from 12 to
like 2:30 or 3:00 in the morning we were hanging out and I was just busting out
because I didn’t think I was even gonna go back on a full loss this was a year
after the first one I was so I was just showing them all the extra cool set of
hand that I do so it is unfortunate that they knew what I was capable of kind of
a shortcut teller and I use talking about juggling and magic because
juggling you say do something and you do it did you see that you see that look
that changed on my face I took a deep breath for a moment and like the my face
changes it’s hilarious that’s the moment I knew now here’s what’s cool about it
in my in my corporate talks I talk about the difference between a juggler and a
magician and I talk to business people about how they want to be perceived and
so I’ve used this phrasing for years and of course Penn & Teller have they may
know this phrase and lots of magicians know about this the idea behind it is
that there’s a difference between a magician and a juggler and that while a
juggler will spend decades practicing to show off their skills as a magician I
have to spend decades to hide my skills so it’s incredibly not fair that we as
magicians have to work for a long long time and then not get the credit for
what we’re doing except form our peers and people who know our craft method and
effect are everything it’s the language that magicians use to
create to teach to communicate the way we do our magic we always talk about
effect first then we work backwards to create the method and it’s one of the
key topics that I talk about the business groups so I loved the fact that
they brought this up and the moment that he said we have an analogy of juggling
and magic that’s when you see my whole face change I have accepted my fate I
know I’m about to be busted so you see me take a deep breath and kind of a
little smile warms over my face because I know they have it a hundred percent
and I love the fact that they brought it up because this is the truth is that in
most magic magicians get credit for doing something they don’t do so magic
you say you’re gonna do something and you don’t we think we know you can
control a card in it we know 100 picked a card you can put it wherever you want
we know you could put that card where you want to be kind to sort of watched
you do it and then and this is the weirdest bust we’ve done we think you
actually did it we don’t think there was a trick if they need help I didn’t
already have you been practicing since you were 18 because you’re reached in
and grab the thing and let the person help you actually did what you said you
were going to do and therefore although you blew our minds and amazed us you did
not fool us we think you are that so go ahead tell me you’re not that good
so at this moment I had a choice and the producers tell you that once fed and
teller give you their explanation you have a choice you can try to get them to
tell you more and if you challenge them on something if you say well you know
can you swing this more then they may as well reveal your whole trick they tell
you that that if you don’t mind you should be revealed you can push them and
get them to tell you more and there’s been stories of magicians kind of like
haranguing them and going back and forth it doesn’t make her great TV and
sometimes the magician comes off rude so what I know and what most of my friends
were on the show know is that once they’re talking to you and they’re
telling you what they think they’ve already made their decision you don’t
need to fight them on this now I had the choice remember that one of the lies
that I that I wanted them to believe in their head was that it was a memorized
deck and so at this moment I could have been like well can you tell me more
details what do you mean I just did it and if they would have said well we
think you memorized the whole deck I named the card you pulled it out then
they would have been wrong that was not the method and so I could have pushed it
there but I thought you know he just said it so well what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna I’m going to reframe what he said because he didn’t really make it clear
so I wanted the audience the world to know that what you’re saying is that I’m
basically timing the cards as they fall and I can reach in and grab one so what
I tell all magicians that go on fooling us is you have to practice what you’re
going to say at the end whether they say you fooled them or not so I had this in
my head in the back up I said for 20 years practicing and I could precision
dribble and catch any card that I want from anywhere in the deck okay I’ll kind
of give that to you because if we were to really focus on that yes I can do
that like there are methods I have for magicians that are boring for television
but that are even more open and fair and it’s a short trick I do exactly what I
just said and I love that fact because I’m not hiding something here I’m
revealing it and magicians now come up to me and asked me to do this trick for
them with their deck of cards and I can and I do
and so his reaction was really funny there I just wanted to reframe that of
the precision driveling and he said yeah and then the most unexpected thing
happened which was at this moment they got up and they came onstage and I don’t
know I don’t know if they’ve done that for anyone else but I know it’s very
rare usually if you don’t fool them if you don’t fool them they send their
seats and they clap and the fact that they came up and they gave me a hug I
cannot tell you how like how emotional I felt about that later on and how
grateful I was in the moment because they truly are the greatest people and
they’ve created this show in order to give magicians like myself who would
never be on national television a chance to shine a chance to be seen by the
world and my first appearance really transformed my career after you know 15
years that became an overnight sensation and people are still calling me they see
the video they say all you do speaking for businesses come present for us so I
am forever grateful and when they team up there to give me a hug it was awesome
and there’s one more thing that I did not hear in the moment until I watched
the video and that’s the next thing that Penn says and a few people have picked
up on in the comments as he’s walking back into the audience
he says he’s better than you think now that could be kind of insulting but this
is like you know he’s better than you think like he’s really you guys think
he’s really terrible he’s better you think but what he’s really saying there
is that again magicians hide the secrets and so you don’t know what he’s really
actually doing that in the fact that he says this at this moment I’m telling you
that blew my mind and I saw that on video later on blew my mind so then
there’s the walk-off forget to wave get to get to do all that and I tell you
what thank you for watching I hope that you get to kind of see you know I put
out the first reaction video to my first performance and I got great feedback
people really enjoyed it it’s not too often that the actual performers get to
watch their own video I realized that I don’t get to put out that much content
on YouTube but I hope that this was an interesting thing for you to watch and
see some behind the scenes information and I definitely hope that more
magicians do this video as well who’ve been on the show because I know there’s
a lot of reaction videos that are fun to watch but I think it’s really cool to
hear from the performers point of view and there’s a lot of great mature
that have been on the show that I’d love to hear their thoughts I’d love to hear
what was going through their head and why they created it I’m truly grateful
if I haven’t said this 10 times already I’m grateful at Penn & Teller and I hope
that while in performing this trick I gave you an idea that magic can be
difficult it can be complex and that the effects that we create can also be done
in in many other ways that are simple and oftentimes magicians will use the
simpler method and unfairly we will get credit for powers we don’t have and
things that we do that we don’t really do and so by flipping this around and by
starting off with knowing that if this method was going to be revealed it would
be a positive and it positive for me and for magic I I’m really proud of this
moment I’m grateful at Penn & Teller and thank you so much for watching and and
come bring me your deck of cards I’ll do the trick for you I promise you you
bring me your cards and I will reach in and I will get your card alright thanks
for watching take care

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