Hello everyone, I am G.E.M. It’s been a while since I’ve posted any videos so today I’ve uploaded this video in hopes that I’ll have something new to play with you all recently, I’ve been working hard on practicing magic tricks I know how to do cotton swab tricks, dice tricks, coin tricks, metal ring tricks, or card tricks, like these Well today I’d like to show you a very short and simple card trick Here is a pack of cards, and you can randomly tell me to stop anytime you want now I’ll assume you told me to stop here here the deck of cards is cut into two, and on top of the bottom pile Here, remember this card, memorize it Now I’ll put this card back on top of the bottom pile And I’ll put the top pile back on top of the bottom pile The card, the card which I’ve just showed you, should now be in the middle of the deck of cards I think I am speaking a bit too vaguely(didn’t quite understand the two words), but I think you can understand what I’m saying Now when I flick the pile of cards, magically the card will be on top of the deck Am I right? This magic trick may seem short and simple but I actually spent some time perfecting it so I hope when you see this trick, all of you will be happy and be entertained, that’s it Bye Bye!

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