Fun Tabletop Games : How to Play Hangman

Are you ever looking for games to play at
home with your children? Hi, my name is Dean Hale and I got a fun game for you to play
called hangman. It will help your children learn spelling and help to decode different
variations of words and how to spell them. The basics of hangman are you play with two
players and one player picks out a word. They would then put dashes on the page to show
how many letters are in that word and in this example I have four. You would then want to
draw the hangman line at the bottom line coming up and a line down. As the player the other
player tries to guess what the letters are, if they guess O and there is no O on the word,
you will start off by drawing a head on the hangman. If they guess one of the letters
and let’s say the guess an A, then you would write the A there and nothing will go up on
the hangman. The play will continue until the player either guesses the word says all
the use one of turns to say what the word is or actually spell out the entire word and
then says what the word is. As the play goes along, you would then draw eyes, draw a mouth,
body, arms and legs and that would be the completion. If the player gets there entire
hangman drawn then the play will turn over to the other person and they will simply then
write out the word so they can see what the word was and how it was spelled. My name is
Dean Hale. It’s a fun game to play with your kids, hangman.

  1. not everyone knows how to play hangman =) especial how to do the drawing is mostly kind of different 😉

  2. @supertom123 Hangman is an easy game to play, still, this video was really helpful, I just sent it to a friend who didn't know how to play hangman! If you know how to do something doesn't necessarily mean everybody else does!

  3. I'm glad this is on here.  I just read where a teacher reported a child who did the doodle of the Hangman!  I remember playing the game almost seventy years ago!
    But, forgot how the questions were formed.  You know, we didn't have TV, now you have Vanna White filling in letters (or whomever is there).  This is a good game, and people are getting weird in the world and SUGGESTING things that are not there.  They should go to a shrink and take the "picture" test. 

  4. Hangman is a great game for kids to play. It really shows how saying the wrong things can lead to someone, well, you know…

  5. Seriously, you morons are going to get butt hurt over a kids learning game that is a hundred years old? Morons….utter morons.

  6. Just wanna say, LOVE the poster, LOL. Thanks for the video though, been decades since I played and needed a group game for the kiddos.

  7. Check this version of hangman featuring categories like game of thrones, pokemons, countries, cities, names, USA states, sports and if you like, suggest some more

  8. I was in my class playing hangman with my teacher and my class and I just realised … the game is about suicide idk why I never thought of it before the man is literally hanging by a noose! I feel like I’m the only one in my class who’s noticed that XD

  9. I play hangman with other friends and we saw a person committed suicide and it was pretty scary experience

  10. This game gives me the chills because this game is like playing something where you get to slowly recognise a a hanging man given up with life. I just wish that the person who actually made this game would choose something less frightening. And it’s even scary that little kids play this game. Wow.

  11. FUN?! U THINK ITS FUN DRAWING A DEAD PERSON BEING HANGED?! AND ON TOP OF THAT U DRAW A FUCKING SMILEY FACE ON IT!!! Yea right it’s fun game to play with ur kids 🙄 just turn that smile upside down ☹️

  12. I don't draw the hook at the start I just play it as if you say a wrong letter I just start drawing the hook for each letter and the man if a wrong letter is said one by one

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