Fun games in the classroom for young kids – FLASHCARD GAMES FOR 4-5 YEAR OLDS

Today I’m going to be talking about a
fun and easy ESL game called Switch Hi I’m Jema Perry and welcome to Mooncake.
For the past eight years I’ve been working and living in China as a teacher,
manager, and recruiter. So if you’re teaching ESL abroad make sure you
subscribe below for weekly ESL teaching tips. Today I want to talk about Switch, a
fun and easy ESL game that I’ll help your students practice vocabulary and
sentence structures. I personally like to use this game as a warm-up to get
started before we start our main lesson. In today’s example I’ll be using self
introduction questions such as “What’s your name?” and “How old are you?” as an
example. But don’t forget you can adjust this to suit any sentence structure or
vocabulary that you might want to teach. To play this game all we’re gonna
need is three or four chairs and depending on the vocabulary that you’re
teaching you may also want to prepare some visual prompts such as flash cards.
So to get started we’re gonna position the class in a semi-circle with you the
teacher in the middle. We’re gonna take three chairs and we’re gonna place them in the
middle and ask four students to come up to play. three students are gonna sit down
on those chairs where as the fourth student is gonna stand in the middle. So
explain to the students that when they hear the word “Switch” those sat down on
chairs need to stand up and switch places. However, as they’re doing that that
fourth student that is stood in the middle needs to try and steal a chair by sitting
on it by themselves. The student then left in the middle is asked the question
“What’s your name?” So it’s really important that you ask the class as a
whole group to ask the questions with you, rather than you just asking the
question by yourself. This helps to keep students engaged whilst they’re waiting
to play whilst at the same time giving them an opportunity to practice asking
questions. Once that student in the middle has answered the question they
then sit down, whilst the next student will stand up to play and we
go again. To help keep students engaged to keep it fun and also to help practice
students phonological awareness, you can use rhyming words or words that have the
same beginning sounds the words switch. So instead of just saying “Switch” you
might say a word like ssssssspiderman and watch is the class bursts into fits of laughter. There
is a reason that I’m only asking a few students to play at any one time and
that’s safety. If I have 25 kids all standing up and trying to switch places
at the same time, it’s really easy for them to bump into each other and get
hurt. So judge by the numbers in your classes and how many students you think
can safely play at one time. And don’t forget the space that you’re teaching in
should be big enough to move around in. So three you have it. “Switch” a fun and easy
ESL game will help your students speak English faster. Give it a go in your
class and let me know in the comments below how it goes. That’s it for this
video, thanks so much for watching. If you liked it, don’t forget to give it a
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  1. Thanks for watching! What subjects are you teaching in your class right now? Let me know below if this game helped to make your lessons more fun and engaging.

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