1. Gorgeous cards. This is a fun fold, one that I had done years ago. So glad to see you brining it back. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I never realized you could stamp over the foil mates, that is awesome. The cards you created are just gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful design with us. I’m wondering, do you still use the Minc machine? Or do you prefer the regular laminator?

  3. This is beautiful Jennifer. Question I know you love your misty. But have you try the Tim Holtz stamp machine? is there a way that you can make a video for comparison? I wanted to get one of them…..

  4. MAGNIFICENT Jennifer!!! These stamp/foil/die sets are gorgeous & innovative to foiling!!! Gina K is amazing!!! I love the cards you made, as usual, I’m grateful for your time and sharing of your talent with us, HUGS!!!

  5. I so need to purchase a foiling machine. I love the elegance of all three cards and also enjoyed the technique of making the folded card. Thanks so much, Jennifer!

  6. What beautiful cards. I think I need to replicate this idea for my Mother's Day cards! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love, love, LOVE this technique! I don't have the Gina K pre-printed sheets but I have a laser printer and similar stamp sets (solid and detail stamps). I'm hoping I can stamp the detail stamp, scan it, then print it with toner allowing me to foil. Spot on, Jennifer!

  8. Lovely. I've never been a fan of foil but this example is head turning! You're great Jennifer. Thanks for all your sharing.

  9. What a wonderful idea! I love this card. I just want to mention that I purchased that laminator from Amazon recently so it's probably still available. Also, Sizzix has some wonderful two sides adhesive sheets that Would work well with that die. Thank you for all your videos. I look forward to each one. Take care.

  10. Beautiful cards Jennifer! I love the foil, and thanks for showing how to use the stamps and foil! Wonderful instructions!

  11. Very cute. I bought Gina K. foils and some of her toner designs at Christmas for the first time. I LOVE them. The Periodot Green color is gorgeous. Now I will look at her stamps, toner sheets and dies that all match. Thanks Jennifer. Love everything you do.


  13. I love foiling. Thanks for demonstrating how to make this card and for showing us the Gina K stamps and toner sheets. I wasn't aware she had them.

  14. I’m just wondering if there is a reason you used your laminator instead of your Minc? Does one give better results?

  15. Hello Jennifer! Your cards are gorgeous, as always. Just a suggestion, could I use an iron instead of a laminator. Thank you in advance for your answer.

  16. Such beautiful cards! Thanks so much for sharing all the incredible ways to use our Gina K. Designs StampnFoil collection! The possibilities are endless!

  17. Wow I didn’t know you could stamp on top of the toner. That’s great to know. I just bought that model of laminator and I got it from Michaels I think, or maybe Amazon. I haven’t had it very long, maybe a month and it was cheap and it works great. I love those black lined butterflies ❤️❤️

  18. Great Gina K kit is so wonderful. The toner printed sheets are awesome. Your use of them is as usual legendary. Thank you.

  19. Love your videos! On your favorite crafty things video you mentioned you would be doing a video on the Gemini. Have you done that? If so, I must have missed it, could you please share a link to it. Thanks.

  20. Awesome video, very helpful and the cards are STUNNING!!!!I really love the foiling on these cards. It just always amazes me how the foil works wonders. tfs

  21. Thank you so much for this really easy but stunning card technique. And of course for the laser printing-laminator-foil explanation. This kind of card seem to be perfect for my next project (outside and inside together telling a story). So I was wondering, how do you prevent the outside from automatically open (because I don't want the inside to be revealed immediately?) Did the scoring need to be stronger? Temporary glue dots between the doors? What did you do to have them stay together like on 12:17 without holding them down?

  22. Great video and idea's, I fine it great that you bring us the latest products available and give us tons of ideas of how to get amazing results, thank you.

  23. This card design is awesome. I love it!! I love how you placed the images so they "lock" together. The goilmated are so ingenious and foil makes an elegant vard

  24. Just love these cards! I’m addicted to foil and can’t wait to get the Gina K. stamps, dies and laser prints. I also really love the fold with elegant die cuts on front. Just beautiful. Can’t wait to make them!

  25. I really like your cards. Gina K is how I started out with watching all of you. These are beautifiul cards and I love the folders cards too. Thank very much

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