Fruit ON the Loom Charms – Banana made on the Wonder Loom

Hi this is Made By Mommy, Rainbow Loom Band Designs. This is Kim from Made By Mommy and today I’m going to teach you how to make one of my easiest charms, the banana To make the banana you will need 10 yellow loom bands and two brown loom bands To begin take a single brown rubber band and place it across two pegs then take two yellow bands and stretch them
across the next two pegs then take three yellow rubber bands together for the next position and that’s what makes the center of the banana look thicker then the ends. The next pegs need three yellow bands again and then switch to two yellow bands For this last peg, take a single brown rubber band and wrap it around that peg three times Like that. Then take your hook and stretch back the tripled over band to catch the two yellow underneath and bring them forward then catch all three at once for the next position
and bring them forward as well and keep going and when you get to this last position catch the brown loom band on this side and we’re going to create a
slip knot by pulling this side of the band through the center of this side Then we’re ready to take a whole charm of the loom. If you’re going to attach this charm to a bracelet then leave this loop out so that you can connect it But if you want to you hide the loop put your hook back into the body of the banana, catch that brown band and pull it through and wrap it around and you’ll probably need to do that
twice to make the rubber band go away completely.
I hope you enjoyed making this the banana with me today if you did please check out my channel
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to make tray out of duct tape. I also have charms posted for the entire alphabet all the numbers, lots of pencil huggers, and animals lots of fun projects so if you haven’t
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looming with me today and I hope to see you on my channel again soon. Bye Bye!

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