Friday Card: King of Cups

Hey everybody, it’s Anna. Welcome to the
Friday card in this week’s Tarot Story. We have the King of Cups. This is our
third Cups card in a row and Cups are connected to being connected to others,
following our emotional truth, and listening to our intuitive wisdom. The King in the court cards is the authority figure of this all. He knows
what’s going on, he knows how to work things, he’s the one in charge. This
King you can see is on his throne and the throne is on a rocky sea, but the
throne stays stable. That indicates to us that even though there might be
emotional turmoil around this King he knows how to receive that turmoil and
process it, analyze it. synthesize it, they can get to the truth of
transformation or healing. Yesterday’s card was the Two of Cups and
it’s about partnering with somebody else and being vulnerable and open to
somebody else, letting them see you as you really are; and how when we do that
it taps us into the possibility of unconditional love. At the same time
though it also taps us into feeling anxious and nervous, and it can create
all this emotional turmoil inside of us – especially because many of us have
experiences in the past where we’ve been hurt or judged or abandoned or betrayed. So when we’re in the middle of that kind of partnership we’re
really engaging a lot of these old stories and we can feel overwhelmed with
emotion. So our ego-minds would probably rather us play it safe and not partner
with anybody, not share these things with anybody because it wants to stay stable
and calm. This card reminds us that just because we have a lot of emotional
turmoil does not mean we will be overwhelmed. There is a part of us that
knows how to stay solid and calm is not afraid of emotion; but knows how to
receive it and lovingly calm it and mellow it to find transformation and
healing at the bottom of it. When we are in touch with the King of Cups
inside of ourselves we do not have to be afraid of emotion. We do not have to hide
from it or adapt our lives to try to stay calm
and solid. We can trust that whatever comes emotionally for us there’s a way
through it that leads us to greater power and greater abundance. So we’re willing to take the risk because turns out the risk is not that
high after all. We are not going to be overwhelmed. We’re not going to be
destroyed by their rocky seas of our emotions. Our emotions are only there to
guide us into deeper truth, deeper learning, and deeper understanding of
ourselves and others – and really to create a platform for really powerful
compassion that actually just transforms the world when we use it. I hope that’s
helpful. See you next time. Bye!

  1. Love your readings. My husband and I watching them. You should do a video that shows off your beautiful wall behind you. Happy holidays. Xoxo

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