Free Magic Tricks for Parties : Simple Magic Tricks Revealed : How to Force a Card Trick – Part 2

Hey, it’s Tim Mannix, Magician, back again
on behalf of Expert Village. Let a little time elapse. That is why magicians will often
recap. We go back over what just occurred so that the person can’t back track in their
mind and say wait a minutes, what happed. You shuffled it as much as you wanted. Isn’t
that right? They will say sure. Great. I want to be sure this is fair. Would you please
(now all you are going to do is hold the top and the bottom) and you are going to ask the
spectator to remove that block of cards. Would you please pull out the middle pile and just
look at the bottom card of that pile. Okay. That is the card I want you to remember. That
is the selected card. Okay. Great. Now from this point on, they think they have selected
a card at random. They shuffle the deck and divided into three piles on their own and
they don’t know the difference. They don’t know that you forced this card upon them.
Okay. Now what we call a card revelation and that is another magician’s term that is
when we reveal the selected card. Now sometimes we have a version in a pretty frame, sometimes
we have written it on a note and passed it to the audience, this is my prediction. Please.
It is now in a sealed envelope. We can reveal a card in a hundred ways. You are just going
to look through the cards and find an 8 of Hearts and look at them and really study them.
Look in their eyes. It is kind of like you are trying to read all showmanship. I think
the card you selected was the 8 of Hearts. Was it and of course, they will say Yes. They
will think you are amazing. Don’t tell them otherwise. Remember a good magician never
reveals his secrets and that is how you force a card and then reveal it.

  1. k you manipulate the tricks to work for you.. do you ever think not everyone deals the same.. or if they cut the deck and place the 8 of hearts in one of the other piles.. foolish

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    ¸„ø¤º°¨Paste “°º¤ø„¸ OK
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