Free Magic Card Tricks: Intermediate Level : Prearranging the Cards for Magic Card Tricks

Hi! Malik the Magic Guy with
Welcome to the second section on card magic. Now for what I’m going to show you, it’s
important that you’ve watched some of the first stuff we talked about; it seems basic,
but you should at least familiarize yourself with it, and it’ll make the other stuff
that I’m about to show you much easier. Now I want to talk to you about prearranging
your cards, setting them up before the trick starts, so that you have some sort of secret
sneaky preparation done. In a minute, I’m going to show you a trick that uses the 4
aces, and I’m going to have those setup ahead of time; and after the trick I’ll
show you what happens. But anytime you want to setup some cards ahead of time—like if
I wanted say these 3 cards for a trick, I could set those up in the deck ahead of time—keep
them in the box, and using the fake cut that I showed you before, the false cut, you can
keep the cards in order and keep the cards where you need to have them in the deck, you
can use some of the other false cutting ideas that I showed you. But anytime you’re going
to have cards ready to go in the deck in any sequence, that’s called setting up or prearranging
your cards. Right now we’re just going to work with some small ones; later on I’m
going to do a whole section on setting up the entire deck in sequence, so that you can
do some stuff with that. So that’s more on setting up and prearranging your cards,
and in a minute I’m going to show a really cool prearranged card trick.


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