Hi everybody! Malik the Magic Guy for expertvillage.com.
Now I’m going to teach you another concept about handling cards that’s going to help
with the trick I’m going to show in a minute. Now there’s two things you can do with cards:
you can peel cards off a pile onto the other side of the deck like this—you can either
turn them over using the deck—or you can just peel them like this, but in the minute
I’m going to teach you a trick that uses this idea right here. So you peel the card
almost all the way, and then use the rest of the packet here to flip it over. You’re
going to start with the cards held along the short edges by the finger and thumb, with
the index finger on top. We can just cut off a section of cards here, and you can peel
just like that and flip the card over, okay. I’m also going to teach you a little bit
about adding on cards. Now let’s say we have a packet of cards here, and then we’re
going to add a few on, so let’s say 3 cards. Now what you want to do is hold these cards
separated from the rest of the deck, kind of like this. Now, I’m using the flesh of
my hand here and my fingers along the edge to hold these cards separated. This is called
holding a break, and there’s a lot more advanced work on this when you get more into
advanced card magic, but for now, the trick that I’m going to show you, this will be
fine. What you would do is you’ll come over, put those cards on top and then pick them
up again, and you would have taken the cards that were above that section you were holding.
So let’s review that one more time: you have some cards held with the separation or
a break, you take another packet of cards, we put it on top, and then holding those together,
we can steal off or add on the cards that were just held over the break. And using those
two ideas, I’m going to teach you another trick in just a minute, another version of
the 4 ace trick.

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