Free Magic Card Tricks: Full Deck Arrangements : The Red & Black Separation Card Trick

Hi everybody! Malik the Magic Guy for
Now I’m going to show you a classic of magic. This is based on a trick called “Out of
This World,” by Paul Curry. This is a great, great trick; learn this, you’ll have a professional
level card effect in your repertoire. This is a great trick. Now, what it’s based on
is the fact that you can actually tell the colors of cards just by your intuition. Let
me give the deck a quick cut here, so we know that it’s nice and fair, okay. We can—like
this card is red, there’s another red one, there’s a black one, there’s another red
one, there’s a—that looks black I think, that one’s black as well, and this one’s
red. But see, the best part is people can do this without even knowing they know how
to do this. Since we’re going to create a red pile and a black pile for our friend
Mr. Hand, and we’re going to let Mr. Hand deal the cards onto whatever pile he thinks
they go with color wise. So, if you think it’s a red card you put it here, if you
think it’s a black card you put it here, deal them face down. Go ahead…you’re doing
great. You know what? Let’s stop there for just a moment, because I have a feeling you’re
doing really well, but you’re doing so well, I’m going to mix it up just a little bit
for you. We’re going to change this pile to black, we’re going to change this pile
to red, and what I want you to do is keep going with the rest of the deck, as fast as
you can deal the cards on whatever pile you think they go on, just like that. Use your
intuition, use your instinct; I think you’re doing great, I’m going to see in just a
minute how you did…okay, now let’s see how Mr. Hand did, we’ll turn these piles
this way so you guys can see. Now in this case, this is the red marker, so all these
cards should be red. And Mr. Hand did a great job; you can see they’re all red cards.
This is the black marker here; these should all be black, and again Mr. Hand is psychic—he
did a wonderful job. Let’s look at this pile. Same thing—there’s the black, there’s
the red. Let’s see how he did and once again. Mr. Hand did a perfect job separating the
cards. And I’m going to show you how to do that really great trick in just a moment.

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