Free Magic Card Tricks: Full Deck Arrangements : Red & Black Deck Setup for Card Tricks

Hi everybody! Malik the Magic Guy for
I want to show you another basic way to do a full deck setup. You don’t have to use
ace through king; you can actually use a setup like this, where you can put all the black
cards in one half of the deck, and then all the red cards in the other half of the deck.
And this will allow you to do some other really cool tricks. Now let me show you a way to
do this kind of quickly from a shuffled deck. Let’s say you have a, get the cards kind
of mixed together and you want to separate them. What I’m going to do is just—this
is called up-jogging—I’m going to just separate all the black cards and the red cards,
by pushing the black cards up and red cards down, just like this. With a little bit of
practice, you can learn how to do this pretty quickly, and then you just separate these
like this. And for most tricks we’re going to do, it doesn’t matter which ones are
on top and which ones are on the bottom. But this is another full deck setup that you can
use, and it works really nicely with your false cuts like I showed you before. A lot
of professional level card magic will use this setup, so don’t discount this cause
it’s simple; you can do a lot of powerful stuff with this, and I’m going to show you
a few things to do in just a few minutes.

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