Free Magic Card Tricks: Full Deck Arrangements : Explanation of the Red & Black Location Trick

Hi! I’m Malik the Magic Guy for
Now let me show you how to do that cool card location using a full back red black setup.
Now this seems like a lot of work to do for just finding a card, but this is a really
cool way to do this trick, and if you’re already doing other tricks with the red-black
setup, this is a nice one you can start with. So you want your deck setup just separated
into reds and blacks, the suits don’t matter. Now when I pull out of the box, I’m going
to do one of the false cuts I showed you. If you know how to do a false shuffle, you
can do that. And then what I’m going to do is go through the cards, and I’m going
to split the deck right in half, and I’m going to put the halves down in front of Mr.
Hand. Now I’m going to let him point to the one he wants to take, so go ahead Mr.
Hand point to the one you want to take. He’s going to take this one; I’m going to take
this one. I’m going to spread my cards out like this, and then I’m going to spread
Mr. Hand’s cards out, and I’m going to let him take one from his half of the deck,
any one he wants. I’m going to have him look at it, show it to the camera…and then
I’m going to have him put the card back in my half of the deck, anywhere he wants
to put it. And I can even let him gather the cards up if I want. Now this is what happened;
he took one card out of the red half of the deck and stuck it in the black half of the
deck, so it’s really easy to find which card is his, because it’s the only one that’s
the wrong color. Because what I gave him was the entire red half of the deck, he just didn’t
get to see that. So let’s review that one more time. We’ll do it with the cards faced
up so they can see. So Mr. Hand is going to pick a half of the deck, he was going to pick
this one, we’re going to spread this faced down, and then I’m going to have all the
red ones here, I’m going to spread mine faced down, he’s going to take a card from
his half, replace it in my half, and no matter which half I have, I’m going to have cards
all one color except for one, which is going to be the one that Mr. Hand selected. So that’s
an easy way to find a card using a red-black setup and a false cut.

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