Four Leaf Clover Loom Band Charm – made without the Rainbow Loom – using only a Paperclip

Today I’m going to show you how
to make the four leaf clover charm. Credit for the design at this charming
goes to MadeByMommy on youtube however I’m going to show you a different
way to make the same charm need to decide which color or
colors of bands you want to use. You need 13 bands and I’m going to
use some new bands that I am considering adding to our Amazon store called “white
dot”. Send us comments and let us know if you
want us to carry these style bands. Next are the tools to make the project
I’m going to use just a simple paper clip that I have bent. So.. now to start on our project! The first step is to take the paperclip
and put 2 bands on the hook.. Then we’ll take a single band and wrap it
around the paper clip 4 times then slide the wrapped bands down around
the two bands til its in the middle. We need to do this four times to cover
all four sides of the clover So we take two more bands put him on the
paperclip then wrap one band around the paper clip
4 times and slide it down to the middle Now that you have all 4 pieces ready… it’s time to assemble! I’m
going to grab my long paperclip and slip a single band onto the hook
and I use a clip to help hold pieces on. Then I will thread pointed end of the
paper clip through the loops on our side pieces. Make sure to get all 4 loops on the paper clip. Once all
4 pieces are on the paper clip you can slide them down over the hook and onto our single band. Now will make a small opening in the
band and slip it over the clip to make a slip knot and
also a loop to hold our charm. Pull the band tight and you’re done! I hope you enjoyed our
project. Please comment below and let us know
what you think of these “white dot” bands and don’t forget to subscribe to us
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