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Surprise! Alright so guys I know I said
that I was going to be shutting down this channel for the next two weeks, that
was largely because I thought I would have a baby by now, but I don’t. So I
figured since I have not had this baby yet and since it doesn’t even seem like
there is like the most remote possibility that it’s happening anytime
soon even though I’m within like 24 to 48 hours of my due date depending on
which of my due dates you go by, I thought I’d just go ahead and shoot a
first-look video today of the new print release coming out from Jujube called
Sushi Cars. This print is gonna be available at
Unfortunately with this release we are only carrying the TokiDoki print. You
might have noticed that this is like a mammoth release from Jujube. There’s the TokiDoki release coming out that’s Sushi Cars, that’s what we have. Then there are
camera bags, there is a pump bag coming out and then a whole line and have a
totally different print, as well. So because we kind of knew that I was going
to be within just a few days of having just given birth, we decided to only
carry the TokiDoki print this time. At this rate, it’s not even looking like the
baby is gonna be here by the time the release happens ,which is February 6th. So
who knows maybe I’ll still be pregnant, but anyway we decided that it would
probably be best just as a family even with the help that we’ve hired to help
us out with releases like this it was just gonna be a little bit too much to
try to ship out and process orders and all that stuff that goes along with a
really huge release. So since we know that we have customers who prefer to
shop first with us, we did go ahead and buy some of the TokiDoki items so that
we would have them here for you if you wanted to use your loyalty points or
flex pay or anything like that that we offer on the site. The good news is
this is not a super limited release, so if you don’t catch the TokiDoki print on
our website or if you are wanting some of the stuff that we’re not carrying,
like the camera bags or the black matrix print and things like that you will be
able to score them on the JuJuBe website.
It shouldn’t be a
problem, so with all that said I’m gonna jump right into the first look. I am NOT
going to go through every single bag today because a) Sara is not here
and b) I am super duper pregnant and I just don’t want to unpack and repack
every single bag style that came out in this print. I’m gonna show you some of
the things that I think you’re probably most excited to see, especially the new
bags that are coming out ,so I’m gonna cover all of those. If there’s
something that you’re looking for that you don’t see in this first look make
sure that you’re following all of the new Jujube content creators on their
social media because they’re gonna be going over those prints, as well and they
always make fabulous content. Let’s jump right into it. Okay so the first
thing that I want to show you is the Be Sporty. I’m showing you this one
because the Be Sporty really only comes out whenever there is a TokiDoki release, so
it’s always exciting when the Be Sporty is available because this is one of my
favorite bags. You know as I’m looking at this print for the first time I’m
loving how much this reminds me of Super Toki. Now I think that people who didn’t
love Super Toki are probably still going to love this one just because the color
palette is so different. This is a much brighter, colorful print I think it’s
more cheerful than Super Toki was, so if Super Toki wasn’t your thing, I get it.
What I loved about Super Toki was the high contrast of the print there
were so many dark blacks and then rich creamy colors. Creamy? Not creamy. They’re
like rich bright colors and this print really seems to have that going on, as
well. I haven’t had a whole lot of time yet to look at the print and figure out
what my favorite print placement is, but I have to say I love this pink unicorn
here. It’s just gorgeous and so feminine. Now that I’m having a little girl, I
can very much appreciate the girly looking features of a print. Here is the
back of the Be Sporty. It does come with black seat belt straps, which i think is
awesome. I loved the black straps in Super Toki cuz it was a really nice pop and it
just seems to go really well with the print. I think they made a great choice
doing the the black straps. Now the new Jujube prints that are coming out do
have the metal hardware, which i think is awesome. I love the metal hardware so
very much. If you bought anything from Toki
Pops you probably remember that was the first print that had this new
zipper pull. Instead of being the old Jujube ones, it’s kind of a
diamond-shaped character. On the back here it says TokiDoki by Jujube
so these are super, super cute zipper pulls and you’ll find these on pretty
much all of the pulls on the big bags. I don’t think it’s on all of the
accessories, but we’ll see that in a minute.
Alright so let’s take a look at the interior. Oh, oh that’s a bright green. I
did not know that this was this bright. Well this is like um this kind of
reminds me of iconic it might actually be the same color if not the same, it’s
very very close. I must have been super out of the loop you guys cuz I haven’t
even seen the inside of this bag. Well there’s no doubt that you’re going to
really easily be able to see inside of your bag with this lining color because
it’s bright, super bright. Let’s look at the inside here, so you can see now the
Be Sporty. I always tell people it packs up a lot like a Be Light. If
you just put backpack straps on a Be Light that would be the Be Sporty. I’m
gonna really, really struggle here to get this for you to see okay yeah so there’s
sort of a clip of the inside. It’s basically just a hollow cavernous kind
of internal structure and there are mesh pockets on either side. Like I said, it
does pack up a lot like a Be Light, but at least with the mesh in there, if
there’s anything that you kind of want to keep from being jostled around in
your bag then you can stick it down in those mesh pockets. That’s the Be Sporty. I think this print is super, super cute on this bag. Now let’s look at
something else. I’m gonna move on to the Be Right Back now because now that I
know about that internal lining color, I am so excited to see what the mommy
pocket of the Be Right Back looks like. You guys know the Be Right Back is my
favorite JuJuBe bag by far just because it’s so much fun to pack up. It’s
got great internal structure in it and I just love a really great backpack style
bag. I’m really loving this like checkerboard kind of piping. Is it piping?Whatever this is, I love it. It really is a cool pop on this bag and I
didn’t notice it that much on the Be Sporty. I’m really only seeing
it on the Be Right Back and it is super cute. You even get a little bit of it on
the inside of this grab handle, which i think is a pretty cool touch. Let’s
open up this mommy pocket and see what it looks like. Okay, that’s darling, that
is really cool. What I like about this color is I think
it’s very gender-neutral. I think that bright pop of green looks great for boy
moms who kind of prefer to have something a little less girly, but I
think it looks great for girls, too. All of this print here on the printed
pocket sitting next to that beautiful lime-green is really, really cool.
Again we do have those really cute new zipper pulls here. You get two of them so
they go all the way around and holy moly, look at that. That is so cool! I am loving
this checkerboard stripe that’s going all the way around. That’s like I don’t
think Jujube has ever had a print that did that with the cool little extra
lining there around the inside and that is just really awesome. It’s also down
here on the other mesh pockets here in the front, so it goes all the way around
the inside of the bag, which is fantastic. I think that’s really cool that they’re
doing that actually because you know the Be Right Back is the only bag that’s a
little bit boring on the inside, in my opinion. So this really makes the inside
of the bag much more interesting and just dynamic, it looks so cool. While I’ve
got this out I’m gonna go ahead and say that I think this is a great print
that’ll look pretty good on just about any of the bag styles. You all remember
how Unikiki 2.0 was when you had that really, really huge print that could look
kind of bad on a bag like this. That has lots of broken up pieces of material. It
basically meant that sometimes you could get really horrible print placement
where you didn’t even get a whole full character on the front of your bag, but
this is one of those prints that’s big enough that you can see it really well
from far away. Like it reads well from a distance, but it’s still small enough
that you’re guaranteed to at least get a few characters even on the small
swatches of the bag, which is great. Alright, so let’s go grab something else.
Here is the HoboBe. I always love showing this bag with the TokiDoki
releases because everybody loves the HoboBe
in the Toki prints and this one does not disappoint at all.
I’m really liking the way that this print reads on the HoboBe. It just comes
across really well. Like I was saying before, you get all kinds of really great
characters even on a small bag like this. Again the bottle pockets have that
awesome checkerboard, which just pops off of the print so well and I think that’s
just about the only place on the outside of the bag that has the checkerboard. You
do have that green interior lining on the inside of the mommy pocket. This
mommy pocket doesn’t open a whole lot, so it’s kind of hard to show you how it
looks down in there. But for those of you who are good at packing up the HoboBe
mommy pocket, I think you will like that really pretty bright interior lining. I
don’t know how to pack the mommy pocket on a HoboBe. I cannot do it, so I don’t
know. You guys who do it, you guys have like voodoo powers. I don’t know how you
do it. Here’s a peek into the inside of the HoboBe and unlike the Be Sporty
where I couldn’t get you a good view, here can really see how that black
mesh really plays off of the interior lining. Look you get the checkerboard
right in there. That is so cool. That’s my favorite part
about this print actually, is that really cool checkerboard that goes all the way
around. It just really pops. I have a feeling the HoboBe is going to be
popular in this print. I don’t know why. I just think this is gonna be something
that will sell out fast even though this is not a super limited print. Just
keep that in mind if you’re looking for a HoboBe. You should probably score one
while you can. Next we’re gonna take a look at one of
the unstructured bags, so that you can get an idea of what the whole print
looks like. The Super Be is really the best bag for showing you just how
great the print looks because you get a whole swatch of it here. Anyway I have
been using the Super Be non-stop for my son and for myself lately, so I switch
it out between being a diaper bag and a mommy bag. But I think this is gonna be a
really great bag when my daughter gets here and I’m packing a ton of baby stuff,
as well as toddler stuff. I’m really really loving the Super Be right now and
it could not look cuter in this print. I do kind of notice that you get really
small checkerboard patterns on the Super Be. It’s not big and bold like it is on
some of the other bags. I don’t know how I feel about that. I
actually kind of wish that this little strip right here, which is often upside
down on a lot of the Super Be’s, but it is upright this time, I wish that that
was just checkerboard. That to me would be really cool. Here’s the back of the
bag and of course I’m sure you want to see what that pretty interior lining
looks like on a big bag like this. I wonder if it’s gonna be overwhelming. I’m
not sure. Okay, okay, so there’s the best I can do with the inside of the
bag. I’ll probably do some b-roll footage and try to get that a little bit better
for you, but I actually don’t think that that’s super overwhelming. I think it
works. I always feel like I see that with the Super Be. I’m always like oh the
internal lining is gonna be overwhelming and then I end up loving it. So I think
that this looks, oh, look you do get the the bright green key leash. That’s gonna
look cool if you hobo it the way that I like to do. Are you guys getting tired of
seeing me do this in every one of my first look videos? I just love that that.
Looks so cool with the bright green key leash and the hobo Super Be. Oh my gosh,
I love that. Alright, so I’m gonna really quick show you one accessory and then
I’m gonna jump into the new bag styles that are coming out in this print. Okay
it feels good to hold a smaller bag because it was getting really hard to
try to get those big bags in the frame. Alright, this is the Be Set. I’m
showing this accessory just because everyone always wants to see what the
Be Set looks like in these new prints. I’m liking it. I’m liking it on the
Be Set. You can tell in the smaller bags that this is still kind of a large
print. As you can see here you don’t get as much of that really eye capturing kind
of look and feel that you get on the bigger bags, but that’s okay. These are
going inside of your bags anyway you don’t really get any of the racing
stripe on the outside or the checkered or kind of thing, which that’s fine. You
do get it along the inside lining though. Look at that, that’s cool. I’m really,
really loving that about this print. Now let’s see, you do have a printed long
strap. I was hoping maybe that was going to be in the checkerboard racing stripe
thing, but it is not. Here is your medium Set Piece. Of course the medium piece and the small piece do not have the new big diamond shape zipper pulls.
They just have the standard Jujube pulls, but you do get the really
interesting new zipper pulls on the large set piece. So here’s the medium
piece and of course on the inside of that we get the small set piece. Oh
look at that placement. That is cute and again, unlike the large and the medium
set pieces, the small set piece does not have that really pretty metal plate. It
just has the little cloth tab on the side and actually I like that about the
small set piece just because I think that that big metal plate would take up
too much real estate on this piece and you wouldn’t be able to see the print.
Quickly here’s the inside, so cute. Oh and then of course you do get your small
strap or short strap rather and this is also printed not in the checkerboard. I
have three new bag styles that I’m showing you today. This first one is newish. There have only been a couple of releases that had this bag in it. This
one is called the Be Sassy. It’s a smaller version of the Be Classy.
What I like about this is they actually did this one in the full print this time.
In the past they’ve had like a grayish kind of bag and then you got the print
actually in the heart shape skull and crossbones thing that goes on the front
like the TokiDoki logo. But I think this one looks really great in the full print,
especially if you really love this print. I think you’re gonna be happy to
get the Be Sassy that shows the entire print and not just a tiny little piece
of it. So I have not used the Be Sassy before but best I can tell it’s an exact
replica of the Be Classy. It’s still got the rolled handles just like the
Be Classy. It’s got pretty much the same mommy pocket and look at how cute that
is. I just am dying over this. That looks so
awesome. I love the attention to detail that Jujube gives to stuff like this.
Just really, really thinking about how to make stuff pop on these bags. Again just
like the Be Classy, you do get bottle pockets on either side
and it’s a black felt lined pocket. That’s interesting. I
don’t know if it was like that in the other releases of the Be Sassy. I’m
actually not sure, but this actually feels more like the inside of a tech
pocket instead of a bottle pocket. Let’s see if the other one is the same. Yeah so
you kind of have two tech pockets here. I’m guessing you can still use it like a
bottle pocket, but it kind of looks like Jujube is wanting you to use it more
like a tech pocket. I can already think of this actually working as a great
camera bag, so if you don’t like the new camera bag styles that are coming out
with this release you might consider using a Be Sassy as a camera bag because
this would be a great place to put things like extra lenses that you really,
really don’t want to get scratched. I think they fit really well in there. In
fact, here’s one of my spare lenses. I’m gonna stick this in here and see if it
fits. Oh yeah so just something to consider. It might work as a cool
camera bag if you’re into that kind of thing. Here’s the inside of the Be
Sassy. Again, it’s totally identical to the Be Classy. So if you’re one of those
folks who finds that the Be Classy is just a little bit too big for you, but
you like the design and layout of it, you might really like the Be Sassy. I
never tried it just because I did not like the gray with a little bit of the
print in the little icon image that they put in the front, but now that I’m seeing
it like this, I’m actually really liking this bag. Okay so here we have the Be
Packed. This is a brand new bag style from Jujube. It’s designed to be sort of
in between these Be Right Back and the Mini Be. So the backpack straps are a
little bit more like the Mini Be straps than the Be Right Back
straps. They’re a little bit more straight. They have more of a curve
to them than the Mini Be does, but it doesn’t have that great kind of
ergonomic shape of the Be Right Back. But you do get that nice memory foam padding
here on the back to make sure that your back stays nice and cool and comfortable.
Like I mentioned, you do only get one bottle pocket and it’s mesh, which I love
mesh bottle pockets. I just I think that they look cool for some reason
and you have nothing over here on this side. You do get a mommy pocket here on
the front. It’s very, very simple. You just have one kind of small mesh opening here
and a little bit larger mesh opening here and then a big space down here for
tossing in anything that you don’t mind if it moves around a little bit in your
bag. That’s really the only external structure that I see. Oh no, I take that
back. Just like the Be Right Back, you do have a tech pocket up here in the top
for placing a cell phone or a camera lens or anything like that that you don’t
want to get scratched. Let’s take a peek at the inside. Oh that’s interesting,
so the zippers do not go all the way down the way like they do with the Be
Right Back. So even though you would not call this bag gusseted, there’s no
gussets here, you do get sort of some resistance, so the bag does not flop open
the way that a Be Right Back would. I have to show you this because you know
already that I love that checkerboard and it goes all the way around the top
and bottom. When I hold it like that it looks like an alligator. So you do get
a little zipper pocket here in the front just for tossing any small things. That
probably a good place for like boogie wipes and Kleenex and things like that.
I have no clue what this is for. There doesn’t appear to be any kind of opening
to get into this, so if someone, maybe one of the content creators, would like to
comment below and tell me what the heck this is for, that would be great because
I don’t really know. Maybe it’s I know maybe it’s for putting like a
laptop or something and protecting it. Cuz you do have a little bit of a pocket
right here, so maybe this is just extra padding for your laptop. I don’t know,
we’ll have to see. Okay, so I’ve just poofed this out about
as far as it’ll go and I can already see that this is gonna be a bag that carries
more than the Mini Be, but not as much as like the Be Sporty or the Be Right Back.
You do have a lot of space down in there and you can see the bottom.
It’s relatively thick yeah so it’s I mean I think describing it as being
right in the middle of the Be Right Back and the Mini Be is probably a pretty
pretty perfect description of it. It’s super cute.
I love the look and feel of it. I love that you get the lightweight kind of
feeling of a Mini Be, but you also get a little bit extra space like you would
in the Be Right Back. I don’t know that’s pretty cool. The last thing that I’m
showing you today is the Be Dapper. This is meant to be like a men’s train case,
so it’s kind of like the brother bag to the Be Ready. Although if you’re not a
guy, I think you’ll probably still love the design of this because it’s super
cute. You can toss make up in here or maybe planning supplies or camera gear. I
don’t know the possibilities are endless or you can get one for your husband and
tell him, hey you’re gonna pack up in Toki this time. You get a long a zipper
here on the front and oh that’s really small. So this might be a great place for
putting brushes and things like that or anything that you’re kind of grabbing
for quickly like maybe your eyeliner or if you have your favorite lip glosses
that you can stick in there. It’s not really going to be deep enough to put
much in terms of makeup like a big palette or blush or something like that
but for brushes or lip glosses in. That’d be a great spot. I love that you do have
this grab handle here for easily pulling this out of your bag. I can already see
packing this up inside of a Be Light maybe with bottles and things. But
if you put this up vertically inside of a Be Light I think you can use that grab
handle to really easily pull it out, which is fantastic. We have a zipper here
across the top and let’s see what the inside looks like.
Okay, so unlike the Be Ready, which does have some little mesh compartments on
the inside and ways to help you organize, this is just plain and simple. A big
opening for you to put anything in there that you might think of. I did just now
notice that this zipper goes all the way down on one side, but not on the other. So
it goes about halfway down on this side where you have the grab handle and all
the way down over here, which does help the bag open up really, really nice and
wide. I don’t know, I know this is made to be like a men’s train case, but I’m really
thinking about using this for planning supplies. Especially if you like to use
like some of the recollections packets of stickers and things like that from Michaels. I think those are gonna fit really well in here along with pens and washi
tape and stuff like that. So even if your husband isn’t really on board with using
this for his travel supplies, I think there’s gonna be lots and lots of
opportunities for you to use this for different things, whether in your diaper
bag or just organizing other stuff that you have around your house. Alright, so
that’s all I’m going to show you today. We do have the full line of stuff. It’s
all sitting right over here, but I just can’t, I can’t today. So once again this
print is going to be releasing on February the 6th at 12 o’clock a.m.
Pacific Standard Time. If you’re like me on the East Coast and you’re on Eastern
Standard Time, that’ll be 3 a.m. If you’re Central it’ll be 2 a.m. and if
you’re Mountain Standard time it’ll be 1 a.m. If you have any questions leave
them in the comments below. If you like this video make sure you subscribe to
this channel because I do always put out first-look videos when there’s a new
print coming out. Next time I won’t be 4800 weeks pregnant and I’ll actually
go through all the bags for you. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. If you
think of it send some birthing dust my way, so that I can get this baby out and
with that I will let you go. Bye Bye

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