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my  name is Vikrant! and today we’ll see 2nd part of the TOP 50 OFFLINE STRATEGY GAMES
FOR ANDROID! So you ready guyz? Lets Get Started!!! So first up we have, The Anomaly 2.Which is
not a typical Tower Defending game, instead we can call it a tower defense vs tower offense
game where your enemy ships are loaded with the weapons too! Developed by the 11bit studios
it has a big size of 1.2GB which provides some of the coolest graphics available for
a TD Game! and Next up we have one of the hardest games
on the Android, Out There: Omega Edition. Its a Paid a game with a size of 306mb developed
by The MiClos Studios. Here You explore the mysterious stars and planets,meet crazy new
alien spacies and manage your valuable resources just to save your existence in this big dark
universe!!! And now lets get into some supercool monkey
business! Bloons TD 5! A 87MB TD developed by the NinjaKiwi Studios!
Its a really fun to play game where you set and upgrade your ninja monkeys to pop those
dangerous….ah balloons!!! Its an awesome paid game without blood gore
or violence! And Next up on our list is… Defense zone
2, a 190MB paid game developed by the Artem Kotov Studios!
It provides A great diversity of weapons and landscapes which gives you a great freedom
of the choice of battle tactics. Its a pretty hardcore game with moderate graphics and exciting
Gameplay! And Now!!! its time for a cool Military Turn
based game, Frozen Synapse: Prime In this 206MB paid game where you control
a team of elite futuristic soldiers for your mission. You need to plan out your next moves
in advance and push you tactical skills to their limit! At the end of your turn you also
get to see your plan getting executed in awesome 3d Graphics!!! And nextup we have…The Epic War 2!
a 241 mb TD developed by AMT GAMES  PVT LTD The visuals are a mix of Starcraft and Fallout in
terms of futuristic elements mixed with a post apocalyptic setting which is a quite
fun to play experience. It also has a neat balance between simplicity and difficulty! And Now, Time For The Final Game Of this part.
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3 is coming out soon! So lets take a look at this Masterpiece!
“The Skulls of the shogun”! An epic 509 MB Fast-paced turn-based strategy
adventure game supercharged with fighting-game flare and stuffed with serious sense of humor!here
you basically join the gang of dreaded magical monks and samurais and leave for a exciting
journey where you must Fight against the dangerous enemies.. and yeah eat their skulls too!!! So that’s all for today guyz. I hope you enjoyed
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