EXPOSING Sleight of hand ( tutorial )

  1. Just received another email for sleight club members…
    I gotta repeat myself over and over again, but thanks for letting me part of your journey, Daniel!

    (I had to start the video over to hear you laugh again 😅)

    Stay safe my friend and keep it up. Don't forget to take some time for yourself every now and then.

  2. If I where to purchase one of your products. Where should I start? Thank You for all your gifts to the magic community.

  3. I don’t think this is exposure, because you are preaching to the choir. Before if you wanted to learn a magic,you would look for a book on magic. This is the media of today.

  4. First, as I sit here watching this vid I am playing with one of Mahdi's Hidden Leaves decks that you just reviewed. I love these decks and found them through your review. I am a big fan of non-indexed cards. Maybe it's because it always reminds me of the card games in the Westerns I watched as a kid.

    Second, I just ordered and am about to dive into Deceptions 4. The more I learn about your story the more I want to know.

    Third, I am really appreciating the evolution of your videos. The use of mirrors, willingness to take chances in content and style (the prat falls, brother! LOL) and next level editing techniques all make the vids always interesting. Nice use of 'windows' in today's installment.

  5. This tricks is finale… if you so this trick in the begining you can’t do other tricks… because how strong the effect is

  6. I think it's better to keep secrets off of Youtube. Keep serious work behind some sort of barrier where people have to commit to learn. Teach where people have invested to learn. I'm ok with exposing fun tricks people can do at parties (without experience) on this medium but serious work must be respected imo.

  7. If your up for some unsolicited advice. I'd suggest setting your camera at f8 or f11 and adjust your lighting level accordingly. Leave your AF off and pre-focus on your subject. All should be OK, hope it helps.

  8. great video as always. just a quick question out of the blue – what is the brand/model of your shades with golden hinges? (you were wearing these sunglasses in a lot of videos, Hand Tattoos one in particular). would really love to get me some, cheers!

  9. I don’t think it is ok to expose a magic trick, but it is fine to expose a sleight of hand technique. Sometimes the mechanics behind a move are more impressive than the move itself.

  10. I was trying this from the time I saw it on your video … Loved it n now I can get better at it … Thank you…
    The freaky thing about your videos are sometimes your talking n the reflection is doing something else 😂

  11. Angle Z was the first magic trick I paid for. MEMORIES
    Also don't think I didn't notice the mirror while you were talking. Nice touch, respect.

  12. there are a LOT soh moves that are so beautyfull and no one sees them because theyare used in magic as invisible controls or whatever. There are some moves that are NEEDED to expose to appreciate them fully.
    And soh in general is okay to expose if you ask me, since ppl will never connect certain moves with magic tricks, i.e. they will NOT know how its done even if they saw tousands of moves by themselves.

    Not to mention that even if someone knows method he can still appreciate magic. If you show mw 100 tricks I would probably be able to say the methods for 90 of them. But when I watch magic trick the last thing is thinking "how its done". That comes afterward if its a great trick or if its something Id be interested in performing, but while it lasts I loose myself into the experience.

  13. I just love your views on sleight of hand, and even more so, that you are willing to share it with us. Thanks Daniel!!’ Peace!

  14. In my opinion it is totally ok to expose the sleight of hands in the times when people can watch the tutorial to pretty much any magic trick. Sadly most of the content on youtube is filmed by total amateurs who just learned the secret and have nothing better to do than to film their terrible attempts performing it. That just ruins magic in my opinion. I still remember the times when we could watch magic just on tv and there was no internet and no youtube, you either had to figure it out yourself or buy the secret in a magic store (if they actually had it). But still I am glad you can learn the sleight of hands on youtube these days, I just don't like when people expose the secrets on youtube, sleight of hand is ok, but the in depth explanations and secrets should remain available only to people who actually want to perform and master them. And that you should pay for, not just watch free on youtube, otherwise there will be no "magic" left.

  15. I'm finally back. I had to disconnect from everything for a bit. The voices were getting louder and it was crowded in my head for a bit. But, the good thing about it is I can binge watch a bit. Thanks again for letting a guy like me into your world.

  16. Oh yeah boy sneaky moves love it 💝💝👍👍. Ya I think It's OK to expose slights of hand may be someone creates something new from it.

  17. Magic is not about the secrets. Magic is about the presentation.
    Everyone knows some kind of tricks but you I and everyone knows that not everyone is magician.so keep it up Daniel you don't know how much you inspired us. I don't know about anyone but personally for me you the great.

  18. Yes. Inspiration comes from all minds and not everyone can afford to distribute their magic for money, or start a small business owner and it. And also yes, there are thoughs young and old who can not afford to buy some of these materials. God bless Daniel.

  19. Thank you for the videos. My wife wonders why I sit in front of my computer with my headphones and not watching porn. Just sitting there with a deck of cards

  20. i think its good to show the skill level and the and the beaty in these techniques. cause if you are a good slight of hand artist nobody is ever going to see and apriciate your art.

  21. GREAT stuff and kudos to your video producer with his own sleights-of-camera and mirrors! WOW! Love it!

  22. Truly madness. You make it look so easy; the card glides back and sticks perfectly into tenkai . So amazingly smooth

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