Enduro vs SB165 vs Slayer vs Force 29 vs Mojo HD5 | Pinkbike Field Test

– Enduro bike Roundtable. (soft hand clap) Oh, that hurts. (loud hand clap) My finger hurts. (upbeat music) ♪ No, that’s too much ♪ ♪ I’ve been waiting something ♪ ♪ No, that’s too much ♪ ♪ I’ve been waiting something ♪ (laughter) – Hey everybody, I’m Mike Levy, we’re here at Pinkbike’s annual Field Test and it’s time to talk about enduro bikes. We got five of them here
that Kazimer and Jason have been testing. We got the GT Force 29. Ibis’s HD5. We have Specialized’s new Enduro. the Rocky Mountain Slayer,
and also Yeti’s SB165 with the coil sprung rear end. Which one of those monsters
did you like the most? – For me it’s gonna be
that Specialized Enduro. I mean, that bike, it’s super impressive, feels about as close to
downhill bike as you can get without a dual crown fork up front. Pretty light too,
pedalable, still not like a pedal all around all the time bike, but the bike park was pretty amazing. It’s fast, really fast. – Yeah, it feels like an enduro race bike. – Yeah, it almost feels like
more than enduro race bike. I feel like there’s some
courses or could feel like too much bike, but for something
where you just want to go all out speed and you could
hit anything you want, that’s definitely the bike. – Do you think that it’s
maybe to compromised, though? – No, but I think I’m glad
that they position it that way because like the previous
enduro was kind of like a lot of travel, but it didn’t really feel like a faster racy bike, just kind of like a big comfortable bike. This one’s like, Oh, this is
a serious bike to go fast on. – [Mike] Yeah. – And hopefully in the future, we get a shorter travel version of that, cuz that’ll be amazing. – All right Jason, what about you? – Fully agree, Specialized Enduro. It was, yeah. – Taking the easy route there agreeing with Kazimer – I know, I know it, but you know what, the bike was really good, and you know, in our testing grounds, the
Whistler Bike Park, the bike I had the most
fun smashing out laps on was the Enduro. It smoothed out a lot of the bumps, it was easy to go fast on
but once we got to like Dirt Merchant, A-line, it was still fun to get a ton of air on, hit those corners. Yeah, I was surprised, it
was really really good. – [Mike] Okay, would you
recommend it to somebody that maybe only rides park? – I would strongly recommend it to someone who only rides park. And if they ever found
themselves pedaling up a hill, they would get them to the top. – Okay, okay, okay. – What about the bike that you
want to spend more time on? That maybe it has potential. – I would have said the Slayer, but it’s in two pieces now so I can’t really do that anymore. I mean, the SB165, pretty fun bike, I had some great times here
at Pemberton and the park. Be kind of fun to mess around with the dual crown fork on that,
and that could be another good park bike, just to
see what it felt like. – What about you, Jason? – You know, I like the Yeti a lot too. I wouldn’t mind taking the Ibis home and seeing what it would be
like on our local trails, North Vancouver, you do you
have to pedal up, you know, it’s a fact of life. – [Mike] Yeah, would you walk
it, or would you pedal it? – I would pedal that bike. It pedals quite well, it does get you to the top efficiently, it
does have a bit more travel than your average trail
bike, so if you find yourself steeper gnarlier terrain,
it can handle it. – Now we’re going to talk
about least favorite. What is it? – I think Kaz and I have the
same least favorite here, it’s that GT Force, unfortunately. – Okay, why? – [Jason] You know, I
think the component spec really let it down. I think the frame, the
geo, it’s pretty capable, it felt, I actually got my
second fastest lap time, but I think it was because those brakes couldn’t slow me down. – It’s true. I mean, the bike is a lot less expensive than the other ones, but. – Yeah I’m glad they can have
that bike in their lineup, I’m glad it exists, I
just want to even better. Because like the concept
of a pretty value priced aluminum framed, enduro bike,
big wheels, it’s awesome. Like that’s the kind of like,
I’d be happy to have something with a more appropriate spec on it, and it’s right on time. Like I have nothing
against aluminum frames. I rode one a bunch last year
as my own personal bike. They’re great, but this one just didn’t do what I wanted it to. And the geometry is not
far off, like it’s fine. And we both had a good time riding it. – [Jason] For sure. – [Kazimer] But then as the
part started just not working like we want them to, and
the other little issues, – [Jason] And we did mention
in the judgment as well that, you know, picking one of
those lower spec models and kind of using the money you save from buying this more expensive version to upgrade the select parts you want. – [Kazimer] Yeah, it’s a
potential route you could go, for sure. – So enduro. We’ve got these bikes here that are obviously incredibly capable. Where do you think this
is going are they going? Are they going to get like
more focused on the down, are they going to get more capable? What do you think’s
gonna happen next year? – That’s kind of a tricky
category because this year we saw a bunch of longer travel bikes come out, we even saw some 27.5″ bikes come out. And then the racetracks are
getting rougher and rowdier, but then at a certain point,
do you have too much travel? I think that’s kind of
where we’re at almost. We’re getting close to the limit. I mean, I’m sure someone
will prove me wrong and come out with their 190
mil single crown bike someday. But I do think these are about
as far as you can push it before you get into
downhill bike territory. – Are downhill bikes even a thing anymore? – I love riding downhill
bikes, they’re super fun, been testing a bunch this
year but it’s even harder and harder to justify owning one, when you could own a bike like the Enduro and just pedal it everywhere,
and still ride the bike park and feel just as fast. – Yeti coming out with the SB165, touting it as a freeride bike, essentially. You know, we’re kind of going
back in time a little bit. And you have the Specialized
as more race oriented. And then you also have the
Ibis which is more of a long legged trail bike and, you know, they’re all into this one category enduro, it’s like, where’s it going to go? – Options galore for people. – For sure. – Really depends on what you’re,
like where you’re riding, and what your local terrain is like. Like, you were saying the Ibis is a good kind of all
rounder, where the Enduro and the Yeti, they
definitely need the more like hardcore terrain. – Yeah, yeah. Alright, so we’re going to
talk about enduro bikes, I think we also have
to talk about geometry. Some of these things are
getting pretty slack, what’s the head angle on that enduro, do you remember what that is? – Low positions like 63.9 degrees. – That’s slacker than downhill bikes, or as slack is downhill bikes, but slacker than downhill
bikes from not that long ago. – Yeah. – It’s pretty relaxed.
– Yeah. – Where are we going with this geo, are we going to see things get crazy long, steep seat angles, or is it
going to take some time still? – I think everything’s
kind of moving forward. I do think we’re going to reach that point where you can’t go longer
because you have to be able to reach the handlebars when
you’re sitting on the seat, and you can’t make a 95 degree
seat angle, there are limits. But it’s cool that the smaller companies have inspired the bigger
companies, and they’ve noticed, and kind of put out some bikes like this, and the geometry works. – Yeah. – One thing I think is cool is the return of longer chain stays, especially on bikes that are meant to go fast. For a while there was a trend
that the shorter chain stay the better, you need
that corner performance. But it turns out, it’s not as necessary, especially once you hit
these super fast speeds, it’ll corner just fine. But you also have that stability,
so, I like seeing that. One thing I’d like to see catch on is more companies do different chain stays for different sized bikes. I don’t think any of the bikes
in this category did that. They all maintain the
same chain stay length across all sizes. – For the record, we
only have one bike here out of all the Field Tests that does that, the Norco Optic. – Yeah, exactly. So I think that that’s
something that just makes sense. Like if you’re 6’5″, having your
back end to front end ratio be different than the
guy that’s, you know, guy or girl that’s 5’2″. It just seems like that
should be the way to go. – [Mike] Yeah, that makes sense to me too. – Head angles, same thing, I
think they’ll get a bit slacker but there’s going to be a limit again. Like, a bike can get too floppy
and just feel too sluggish. So, yeah. – I think we’re long past those days where you would kind of define a bike by its head angle, as well too. – Yeah, I think companies
are realizing you can, and some of the numbers
that first appeared in this category, and the
downhill bike category, they’re trickling down, now I trail bikes that have numbers that
few years ago be like Oh, that’s too slack, too
long, so it’s cool to see. – So, that’s it for enduro
bikes, if you have any questions, put them down below,
we’re going to answer them and stay tuned for more videos
from Pinkbike’s Field Test. (hip hop music)

  1. I am getting the sb165 for Christmas I got it so I am able to hit some massive hucks to flat and gap jumps as big as 45ft will I be impressed with that bike

  2. Can you tell me what you would say is the best 160 / 170 enduro bike that climbs really well.
    27.5 I would prefer. Or a 29er that will take 27.5 wheels.
    Thanks for your help

  3. at least be so honest and write that it is advertising and you will be paid for it, otherwise I can’t explain your amateur judgement

  4. the Spesh enduro took a beating for at least 5 or more years getting lukewarm reviews all over. that they have climbed back near the top in every review i've seen this year (not many yet) says a lot. people love to dump on Spesh, it must be an incredible bike.

  5. The Ibis is nowhere near as pretty as me.

    P.S. how the hell did the Santa Cruz Nomad not make this list? Also, why didn’t the Geometron (or Nicolai equivalent), which is known to be at the extreme end of geometry not make this list? How did this list come about? I know… too many questions.

  6. I'd be curious how the Kona Process 153 stacks up against that crowd. I'm guessing it's more of a freeride bike vs enduro racer, but what if you want to do both! That Enduro is getting glowing reviews everywhere, smashing job Specialized.

  7. What a trash pick of bikes. Looks like specialized payed you to bring trash to compare. What happened to the sb150? Or SantaCruz Megatower? Or Ibis RIPMO. Please compare apples to apples. What a bad comparison and review.

  8. if you want to have the most interesting review ever, you just have to test the commencal meta tr 29 cause it’s basically a 130mm of travel dh monster truck

  9. I don’t like any of those bikes. I mean sure, I would have any of them if given one. But I don’t think I would spend my own coin on any of them.

  10. @Pinkbike would you mind explaining what the blind pivot is on the Slayer? When I watched the review, I was a bit lost. Cheers

  11. Great reviews and analysis of the Enduro bike category.
    A few brands are evolving to 157mm drop outs and plus size tires and rims are definitely an advantage. Also many are doing the mixed wheel size bikes.
    I’m looking forward to more of your reviews

  12. As like any bike review everyone wants to compare this bike or that bike to the ones tested. Rather than test bikes with the same travel test bikes with the same suspension curves, geo and then travel. The enduro is the clear contender against the SB150, Megatower, Ripmo, firebird etc.. All of yetis bikes are listed "for fun" except for the SB150 which is listed for "racing". While you can race any bike there are certain characteristics that make a bike a race bike… I agree with others that we can do better than this in reviews

  13. How does the Specialized Enduro do against the Yeti SB150? Seems like the SB150 would have fit the "Enduro" category better than the SB 165.

  14. May I get an explanation as to why the Giant Reign 29 hasn't had much review coverage? Maybe they were unwilling to send a review unit…

  15. This is not a fair comparison. You call the category Enduro and include the Yeti, which is more a freeride bike, and you choose a lower spec GT and complain about the components. If you are going to actually compare Enduro bikes, choose bikes built and marketed as Enduro bikes, and select bikes at the same price point. You are comparing bikes that aren’t comparable. It’s just meaningless. Same thing with the other categories.

  16. Obviously these bikes are expensive but it would be nice to see more bikes although I am glad you had the specialized and the yeti

  17. Thank you for the reviews guys! Impressive riding. too bad about the slayer as i am sure it rides great. I take it that enduro races are basically long downhill runs which explains why Sam Hill dominated as soon as he got into it.

  18. The sad thing though is that a lot of people will buy into hypes and get the wrong bike for their own needs. Either just get a bike to look cool, or getting a bike thinking you are way waaaay better than you really are. Either way it's a fail.

  19. I got into downhill racing last year on my 27.5 enduro bike and I’m looking to take it a bit more seriously this year. I want to upgrade to a longer 29er bike this year as I am a 6’5 giant and feeling a little cramped/ limited on my current bike. I know that the rider makes more of a difference than the bike, but in a sport that comes down to less than a second I want to get the best tool for the job, I can really only afford a one bike setup and could make a dh bike as my only bike work but a bike like the 2020 enduro would be much better on days outside the park. How much of a difference does a dh bike make over the enduro and would the enduro be at all limiting in a dh race situation?

  20. Could someone for the life of god please share a link to the online Yeti Suspension setup guide!? I've been looking for hours, Many Thanks!

  21. I’ve got a HT with really short chain stay (430) and a FS with long chainstay (450); my biggest learning is that in everything except switch-backs a long chainstay bike is manouvreable enough.

  22. GT was the worst because it didnt do what you wanted it to do? Weird, as it was the second fastest for both testers. What do you want it to do? Make your dinner!

  23. Every time I've seen a normal guy riding park on a non-dh bike, they are getting pummeled. Maybe I'm behind the times and this Specialized isn't a compromise…

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