Ellen Is Playing a Brand New, Hilarious Game!

It’s not only Oscar season,
it’s tax season as well. Nothing I can do about that. But I do know that TurboTax
makes it simple and convenient to do your taxes online
with the new TurboTax live. And I’m going to
show you what I mean in a new game called, Gross
income, or just plain gross. [MUSIC PLAYING] God, it took a long
time to set that up. That was– first I
need a contestant. Where is Sarah Gower? Come on down. [CHEERS] Sarah, first of all, where do
you live and what do you do? I’m from Nashville, Tennessee. Well from Michigan
originally, but I’m in medical device sales. Make up your mind. Where are you from? I’m from Michigan. I live in Nashville. Great. I like the hair flip
when you laugh too. All right, and what do you do. I’m in medical device sales. All right, good. I don’t know what that means. OK. So here’s how it works. I’m going to ask you a question. OK. And for every question
you get right, you’re going to reach
into that bucket. And if you get the
bucket with confetti, you’re going to win $10,000. OK. All right. OK. If you reach into
the wrong bucket, you’re going to
get something else. Which is the other
part of the title is– Will it ruin my shirt? It could be– Yes. OK cool. But if you get to $10,000,
you can buy another shirt. That true. That’s true. Worth it. And if you don’t,
you’re on television. OK. But don’t worry, I’m going
to give you a lifeline. With TurboTax live,
you have a tax expert by your side to answer
all your questions, and make sure your
taxes are done right. And you’re going to get your
very own expert for this game. Let’s meet our tax expert. This is Lisa right here. Hi Lisa. Hi Ellen. Hey Sarah. Oh she can see us? Yes. Oh wow. OK. Yes she can see you
and she can hear you. So if you have a question. If you don’t think you have
the answer, you can ask Lisa. She’s here to help
with all of your needs. Anything. That’s what’s great
about TurboTax. OK. Here we go. Oh I’ll put this on in a minute. You know what, put it
on now for the game. OK cool. OK. That works. That works. All right Sara, if Diddy needs
20 bottles of Sarak Vodka when he appears on our
show, can we deduct all of that as a business expense? Lisa can we? Lisa, what do you think? If Diddy needs 50
bottles of Sarak, you can deduct that as long
as it’s directly related to your business. Wow, that’s so great. I’m sweating. So basically, he
could ask for 20, and I could pretend
he asked for 50. And I’d did get the other 30. And we write it off. I learned how to
get some free vodka. All right good. All right. So you can go pick one of those. Go from the side over here. And then you’ll just reach down. Oh no. Whichever one you think. One, two, three, four, five. What do I? Three! Four! Two! [CHEERS] No. All right. Let that be a lesson. Don’t listen to them. Listen to yourself,
and listen to Lisa. All right. Yeah. All right. Good. See. See what happens. What is that? I don’t know. It could be toxic, I don’t know. All right. If you live on a boat, can you
still claim head of household, or should you claim
had a boat hold? Oh I don’t have a boat, so Lisa. Lisa, what do you think? You could claim
head of household as long as you’re not married,
as long as you provide support to a dependent and they
live with you more than half the year. So if you don’t
do that, you would have to claim head of houseboat,
not head of household. All right. All right, so
that’s your answer. Go pick another one. Good luck. Four! Two! Two! OK. Can’t see anything. This isn’t working out for me. Well don’t listen to them. You have to follow. Put that back on. OK. You have to follow your gut. I can’t see anything. It doesn’t matter. OK. All right. You don’t need to see,
you just have to listen. OK. All right. Portia and I don’t
have kids, hallelujah. But if we did,
what’s the age limit for claiming a kid
as a dependant. I would guess 18. You’d guess 18. Lisa is she right? Yes. Under 19 you can claim them. And if they’re a college
student, under 24. Wow. OK good. So under 19 or a
college student. [LAUGHING] Apparently I’m wrong too. Oh no. Look, we’ve narrowed it down. It’s getting closer
to the $10,000. What do you haven’t chosen
three or five, right. Nope. Two or five, all right. So you’re going to
choose two or five. It’s a busy time of
year for accountants. Who starred in the
movie the accountant? Ben Affleck. Yes. You are right. Yes. [CHEERING] Ten thousand dollars! Ten thousand dollars! If you want your taxes done
right, use TurboTax live! Their experts will
do everything. And TurboTax wants
to help everyone here do their taxes online. You’re all going home– all of you are going home
with Google Pixel book! [CHEERING]

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